Peter Wright couldn't hold back the tears after winning the World Matchplay
Peter Wright couldn't hold back the tears after winning the World Matchplay

Darts results: Tearful Peter Wright beats Dimitri Van den Bergh 18-9 to win World Matchplay at Winter Gardens

Peter Wright won his first World Matchplay title by defeating defending champion Dimitri Van den Bergh 18-9 with a dominant display at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

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An emotional Snakebite, who dedicated the 18-9 victory to his wife Jo in a tear-jerking speech, becomes just the fifth player in history behind Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Rob Cross to complete a World Championship-World Matchplay career double - but it's perhaps more remarkable that he's won both a year either side of his 50th birthday.

Wright first hit our TV screens way back at the Lakeside in 1995 but after an early exit to Richie Burnett he subsequently turned his back on the game for 12 years before relaunching himself as a professional darts player thanks to support and encouragement from his wife and that has continued to spur him on to greatness throughout his career.

She was back in the crowd for the first time this week following her recent back surgery and there was hardly a dry eye in the house during his victory speech, as beaten Van den Bergh also broke down in tears at the sight of his 'adopted' father and former landlord with the Phil Taylor Trophy in his hands.

The defending champion, who was bidding to become just the fourth player to retain it, has always attributed a huge part of his transformation into a major winner down to the three months he spent at Wright's house during the first lockdown, but the master joked earlier this week that he didn't teach his apprentice all of his mastery. And so it proved in emphatic fashion on Sunday night in front of a bouncing Blackpool crowd.

Last month Snakebite bullishly predicted he'd win both the World Matchplay and World Championship this season - albeit only advising punters to stake ยฃ1 or 50p at odds of around 88/1 - and having completed part one in brutal fashion, he's now 6/1 third favourite behind Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price to win his second world title at the Ally Pally.

If the world number two can keep reproducing the kind of magic we've seen all week for the rest of the year then he may well have to start as favourite. The 2017 runner-up, only dropped 33 legs across all his matches which were all one-sided affairs (10-3 v Noppert, 11-5 v Cullen, 16-7 v Smith, 17-10 v MVG) while his average of 105.9 against Van den Bergh meant he finished on a stunning 104.91 for the tournament.

"That one was for Jo [Wright's wife]," said Wright. "She's been through a lot over the last year or so, but she insisted she would be here for the final.

"Iโ€™ve backed up what I said to everyone a month back. A lot of players have commentated saying I should leave the talking to my darts and thatโ€™s what Iโ€™ve done.

"I used to watch the World Matchplay as a kid and now my name is on the trophy forever and thatโ€™s special. It was amazing to lift that trophy in front of this amazing crowd.

โ€œAs soon as I walked on, the crowd were behind me and it was a real goosebumps moment, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck."

Wright's performance wasn't quite as impressive as the mesmerising 110.37 against Van Gerwen last night but it was plenty good enough to pile too pressure on the Belgian, who wilted on his doubles throughout the contest.

The fact he averaged as high as 100.88 despite his checkout percentage of 27.27% was testament to his plucky heavy scoring, which featured 11 maximums, while Wright pinned 18 of his 31 doubles (57.06%), including an 84 checkout on the bullseye, and fired in 10 180s.

This was Van den Bergh's first defeat in the competition having lifted the trophy on his debut in the behind closed doors setting of Milton Keynes but having thrilled the fans this week with a string of sensational displays himself, there can be little doubt he'll be gracing occasions like this many more times in the future.

The 27-year-old, who had beaten Devon Petersen (10-5), Dave Chisnall (11-7), Gerwyn Price (16-9) and Krztsztof Ratajski (17-9) to get this far, averaged 100.16 for the tournament and his 49 maximums was the third highest ever behind Adrian Lewis (56 in 2013) and Gary Anderson (52 in 2018) but his 180s per leg ratio was far higher.

Wright's winnings of ยฃ150,000 sees him close the gap on Gerwyn Price to ยฃ181,750 at the top of the world rankings while Van den Bergh's ยฃ70,000 lifts him up three places to number five behind Van Gerwen and James Wade.

"Every game Iโ€™ve played, Iโ€™ve dug deep and played my best but tonight Peter was just outstanding," said Van den Bergh.

"Of course it was a disappointment [to lose] but I can say that I gave everything and never gave up.

"I said to Peter that Iโ€™ll be back stronger. Iโ€™m number five in the world and Iโ€™m only 27, so Iโ€™ve got time on my side."

Peter Wright's route to World Matchplay glory

  • Rd 1: 10-3 v Danny Noppert
    Average: 99.75
    180s: 3
    Doubles: 10/19 (52.63%)
    100+ Checkouts: 121, 105
  • R2: 11-5 v Joe Cullen
    Average: 105.46
    180s: 7
    Doubles: 11/20 (55%)
    100+ Checkouts: 106, 103
  • QF: 16-7 v Michael Smith
    Average: 100.37
    180s: 9
    Doubles: 16/43 (37.21%)
    100+ Checkouts: None
  • SF: 17-10 v Michael van Gerwen
    Average: 110.37
    180s: 12
    Doubles: 17/37 (45.95%)
    100+ Checkouts: 149, 121, 121
  • F: 18-9 v Dimitri Van den Bergh
    Average: 105.9
    180s: 10
    Doubles: 18/31 (58.06%)
    100+ Checkouts: None, highest 89

Dimitri Van den Bergh 9-18 Peter Wright: Leg-by-leg report and statistics


  • Van den Bergh: 100.88
  • Wright: 105.9


  • Van den Bergh: 11
  • Wright: 10


  • Van den Bergh: 9/33 (27.27)
  • Wright: 18/31 (58.06%)

Highest Checkouts

  • Van den Bergh: 105
  • Wright: 89

  • Leg 27 (Wright throwing first)
    It's all over as Wright pins double nine to win his maiden World Matchplay title with a 13-darter!
    Van den Bergh 9-18 Wright
  • Leg 26 (VDB throwing first)
    Van den Bergh saves the match with a 105 checkout - the first above 100 tonight - as Wright waited on double 16 following three successive 100+ visits but it's all about adding respectability to the scoreline now.
    Van den Bergh 9-17 Wright

FIFTH INTERVAL: Van den Bergh 8-17 Wright

Sky Bet latest odds: You can't back Peter Wright now but Van den Bergh is 100/1 to pull off a miracle. The 180s market is level pegging and they can both be backed at 2/1 apiece, with the tie 5/4. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Van den Bergh: 100.62
  • Wright: 104.99


  • Van den Bergh: 10
  • Wright: 10


  • Van den Bergh: 8/32
  • Wright: 17/29

Highest Checkouts

  • Van den Bergh: 96
  • Wright: 89

  • Leg 25 (Wright throwing first)
    Wright's throw is put under pressure by three big 100+ visits but a pair of 140s of his own is followed by an 84 checkout on the bullseye as Van den Bergh waited on 40 to pull a consolation leg back.
    Van den Bergh 8-17 Wright
  • Leg 24 (VDB throwing first)
    Van den Bergh starts the next leg with back-to-back 180s but Wright follows up his opening 134 with a maximum of his own to stay right in contention. The defending champion can't complete the nine and leaves himself 82, which he's unable to take out and then blows another three in trying to finish from 40. Wright then cleans up for a 14-dart break. Just tow legs to go.
    Van den Bergh 8-16 Wright
  • Leg 23 (Wright throwing first)
    Van den Bergh needs something special - and then some - but he nearly does it with back-to-back 180s at the start of the leg before a visit of 125 leaves him 16. However he misses all three darts at doubles to leave himself on double one and the the door open for Wright, who then can't finish 120. Van den Bergh can't get out of the madhouse and watches Wright complete a killer of an 18-dart hold.
    Van den Bergh 7-15 Wright
  • Leg 22 (VDB throwing first)
    Van den Bergh's throw was always under pressure in this leg and after spurning one attempt at double 12, for a 97 checkout, Wright punishes him from 62 to complete a 15-dart break. Surely there's no way back.
    Van den Bergh 8-14 Wright
  • Leg 21 (Wright throwing first)
    An easy hold for Wright to calm any sign of nerves as a ninth 180 followers a pair of 140s en route to an 11 darter, with VDB back on 242.
    Van den Bergh 7-13 Wright

FOURTH INTERVAL: Van den Bergh 8-12 Wright

Sky Bet latest odds: Peter Wright is now 1/16 to close out the match while Dimitri Van den Bergh is just about clinging on at 7/1 in his attempts to pull off an incredible comeback. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Van den Bergh: 100.91
  • Wright: 104.17


  • Van den Bergh: 6
  • Wright: 8


  • Van den Bergh: 8/22
  • Wright: 12/22

Highest Checkouts

  • Van den Bergh: 96
  • Wright: 89

  • Leg 20 (VDB throwing first)
    The defending champion's sixth 180 follows visits of 100 and 140 to get his average over 102 but he has to survive Wright's 170 checkout attempt before holding his nerve on the awkward double 13 with his last dart in hand.
    Van den Bergh 8-12 Wright
  • Leg 19 (Wright throwing first)
    Wright takes out 80 under pressure for a 15 darter while Van den Bergh waited hopefully on 64 to claw another leg back. Just six away from his first World Matchplay title now.
    Van den Bergh 7-12 Wright
  • Leg 18 (VDB throwing first)
    Van den Bergh immediately responds to Wright's eighth 180 with his fifth to leave 84, which he takes out to complete a much-needed hold in 12 darts. Snakebite had also left himself 84 and you wouldn't have backed against him to finish it.
    Van den Bergh 7-11 Wright
  • Leg 17 (Wright throwing first)
    Wright's seventh maximum pretty much snuffs out any chance VDB had of breaking as he then pins double 16 for a 14-darter.
    Van den Bergh 6-11 Wright
  • Leg 16 (VDB throwing first)
    Pumped up celebrations from Van den Bergh, who holds his throw under immense pressure with a 96 checkout that completes a 15-darter. Wright was waiting to pounce on double tops so nothing VDB does is coming easy right now.
    Van den Bergh 6-10 Wright

THIRD INTERVAL: Van den Bergh 5-10 Wright

Sky Bet latest odds: Peter Wright has drifted slightly to 1/20 from 1/33 while Dimitri Van den Bergh is now 8/1 from 10/1 since the previous interval. Still asking a lot though to put it mildly. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Van den Bergh: 100.12
  • Wright: 104.17


  • Van den Bergh: 4
  • Wright: 6


  • Van den Bergh: 5/16
  • Wright: 10/20

Highest Checkouts

  • Van den Bergh: 94
  • Wright: 89

  • Leg 15 (Wright throwing first)
    It's probably far too little too late but a huge show of relief from Van den Bergh as he nails the pin for an 87 checkout that breaks the Wright throw. Snakebite had left himself 24 after a superb visit of 134 and looked almost certain to go 11-4 up.
    Van den Bergh 5-10 Wright
  • Leg 14 (VDB throwing first)
    Snakebite knocks the stuffing out of Van den Bergh with visits of 140, 180 and 145 before double 18 seals a superb 10-darter for yet another break. This is bordering on unplayable.
    Van den Bergh 4-10 Wright
  • Leg 13 (Wright throwing first)
    Normal service resumed - just - as Wright pins double 18 for a nervy 15-darter as Van den Bergh waited to come back on 63 following three 100+ visits which means he too is averaging over 100 now.
    Van den Bergh 4-9 Wright
  • Leg 12 (VDB throwing first)
    This is much better from Van den Bergh, who follows up an opening visit of 100 with his fourth 180 of the match before a score of 127 leaves him 94, which he takes out for a classy 12-darter.
    Van den Bergh 4-8 Wright
  • Leg 11 (Wright throwing first)
    Wright surprisingly spurns two darts at doubles before Van den Bergh fails attempt to take out 134 for a much-needed break. However he gets another chance after Snakebite misses all three outside of double five and this time he takes it with a last dart in hand on double 16.
    Van den Bergh 3-8 Wright

SECOND INTERVAL: Van den Bergh 2-8 Wright

Sky Bet latest odds: Peter Wright is now 1/33 favourite to win his first World Matchplay while Dimitri Van den Bergh is way out at 10/1 to mount a stunning comeback. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Van den Bergh: 99.55
  • Wright: 105.54


  • Van den Bergh: 3
  • Wright: 4


  • Van den Bergh: 2/12
  • Wright: 8/11

Highest Checkouts

  • Van den Bergh: 48
  • Wright: 89

  • Leg 10 (VDB throwing first)
    Relentless darts from Wright is strangling Van den Bergh up on the oche. A fourth maximum sandwiched between 140 and 105 sets up a 12-darter with a 76 checkout while his opponent was still back on 150. Sensational darts and surely there's no way back for the defending champion now.
    Van den Bergh 2-8 Wright
  • Leg Nine (Wright throwing first)
    Van den Bergh fails to take out 132 after a sloppy first dart at the bullseye and Wright cleans up 80 in two darts to complete a 14-darter that puts him in an ominous position right now.
    Van den Bergh 2-7 Wright
  • Leg Eight (VDB throwing first)
    Wright's third 180 of the match sets up a second break of throw for Snakebite and suddenly he can't seem to miss a thing. He's 6/8 on his doubles and now averaging 104. Already it's a long way back for the defending champion.
    Van den Bergh 2-6 Wright
  • Leg Seven (Wright throwing first)
    Opening visits of 137 and 132 help Wright control the leg only for VDB to throw his third 180 to leave 72 for the break. However, before he gets a chance at taking it out, Snakebite finishes 89 in two darts for a 5-2 lead.
    Van den Bergh 2-5 Wright
  • Leg Six (VDB throwing first)
    Wright throws his second 180 of the match to put pressure on Van den Bergh's throw but the second maximum of his own - which followed visits of 140 and 134 - pave the way for a classy 12-darter to cut the gap. Wright was waiting on 60 though in the best leg of the match so far.
    Van den Bergh 2-4 Wright

FIRST INTERVAL: Van den Bergh 1-4 Wright

Sky Bet latest odds: Peter Wright is now 1/5 favourite to win his first World Matchplay while Dimitri Van den Bergh is 10/3 to defend it. Still a long way to go. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Van den Bergh: 91.60
  • Wright: 92.85


  • Van den Bergh: 1
  • Wright: 1


  • Van den Bergh: 1/10
  • Wright: 4/7

Highest Checkouts

  • Van den Bergh: 36
  • Wright: 44

  • Leg Five (Wright throwing first)
    Three 100+ visits helps Van den Bergh reach a finish first on the Wright throw but he spurns all three darts at double 16 as Wright punishes him to open up a three-leg lead at the first interval.
    Van den Bergh 1-4 Wright
  • Leg Four (VDB throwing first)
    Finally the defending champion is up and running with a 14-darter thanks to successive visits of 100, 140 and 134 before closing it out on double 18 so could this kick him into life.
    Van den Bergh 1-3 Wright
  • Leg Three (Wright throwing first)
    Van den Bergh can't punish Wright for a missed dart at double 16 in another nervy leg as he misses the bullseye for an 84 checkout and Snakebite returns to complete a 16-darter. Wright is currently averaging in the low 90s and Van den Bergh is in the mid 80s.
    Van den Bergh 0-3 Wright
  • Leg Two (VDB throwing first)
    A sloppy leg from both players was going the way of Van den Bergh before he missed four darts at double - including his first dart of a visit inside of double one - and Wright capitalised for a 20-dart break of throw.
    Van den Bergh 0-2 Wright
  • Leg One (Peter Wright to throw first)
    Peter Wright throws a 180 with his second visit of the match and Dimitri Van den Bergh responds with one of his own straight after! Neither player could take out a big checkout as Snakebite finally pinned double 12 with the last dart in hand for a 15-darter.
    Van den Bergh 0-1 Wright

2045: The players have now made their entrances in front of a packed house, with Van den Bergh even conducting the crowd as his great friend Wright came out on stage. Now we're ready for what promises to be an unforgettable final to begin...

2020: Time for a short break before the final gets under way but in the meantime I've got a competition running on Twitter where you can win a World Matchplay programme signed by Dimitri Van den Bergh and Peter Wright (and Michael van Gerwen for good measure!). You only need to retweet to enter and I'll draw the winner tomorrow night.

2015: Anyone who followed my otherwise woeful pre-tournament betting preview - in which all my outsiders got knocked out in round one - will be rooting for headline tip Dimitri Van den Bergh at 14/1, but what about some bets for tonight's match?

Well, rather than pasting in my entire final preview, here are my tips below and if you want to read the reasons why, then just click here. Scoreline predictions are very hard in such a long match but for what it's worth, I'm going for 18-16 in Van den Bergh's favour.

  • Van den Bergh to win the match, score over 11.5 180s and checkout over 123.5 at 9/2 (Sky Bet)
  • Wright to score over 11.5 180s and checkout over 130 at 3/1 (Betfred)
  • VDB to win, hit most 180s & Wright to hit highest checkout at 6/1 (Sky Bet)

2010: As for the chances of a nine-darter tonight, you can get 10/1 with Sky Bet on either player managing it (or 100/1 that they both do!) but if you want to be more specific, VDB is 25/1 and Wright is 16/1.

There have been seven in World Matchplay history but none of them have come in the final. Let's remind ourselves of the most recent from Gary Anderson back in 2018...

2005: With time running out before the final, let's quickly run through the overall tournament stats...

(Van den Bergh stats listed first on the left)

  • Tournament Average: 99.95 - 104.57
    Tournament Best: 103.68 (v Chizzy) - 110.37 (v MVG)
  • Total 180s: 38 - 31
    180s per leg ratio: 0.45 (85 legs) - 0.40 (78 legs)
    Most 180s in a match: 14 (v Chizzy) - 12 (v MVG)
  • 100+ checkouts (Highest): 5 (128) - 7 (149)
    Most 100+ checkouts in one match: 3 (v Ratajski) - 3 (v MVG)
    100+ checkouts to win legs ratio: 0.06 - 0.09
    Checkout % overall: 37.50% (54/144) - 45.38% (54/119)
    Best match checkout %: 45.95% (17/37 v Ratajski) - 55% (11/20 v Cullen)
  • Legs won/lost: 54/31 - 54/24

It's no surprise these two players have the highest tournament averages and although there's quite a big difference between the pair, you've got to bare in mind the higher figure was somewhat inflated by that stunning 110.37 against Michael van Gerwen in the semi-final.

Van den Bergh 'only' managed 98.51 against Krzysztof Ratajski, whose wasteful finishing played no small part in the Belgian roaring back from 6-2 down to win 15 of the next 18 legs and book his place in tonight's final.

Dancing Dimitri averaged over 102 against both Gerwyn Price and Dave Chisnall so if he can get to those levels - and preferably exceed them - then he'll be a real match for Wright, who can't surely go as high as 110 again. Or can he?

Here's a few more stats in graphic form from Carl Fletcher, who has been writing half of our daily previews during the tournament. You can follow him on Twitter at @CarlyFletch for more darts stats.

World Matchplay statistics courtesy of Carl Fletcher and Darts Tracker
World Matchplay statistics courtesy of Carl Fletcher and Darts Tracker

World Matchplay statistics courtesy of Carl Fletcher and Darts Tracker
World Matchplay statistics courtesy of Carl Fletcher and Darts Tracker

2000: As for Peter Wright's route to the final, it's been one-way traffic in every game although it was only his magical performance against Michael van Gerwen that he didn't seem to brand 'rubbish'!

Snakebite has sucked the life and spirit out of his opponents with some sensational finishing throughout and few words other than majestic and spectacular would do justice to his display against MVG.

There was a spell in the match when he won four legs in a row in just 45 mesmerising darts as he stormed into a 10-4 lead and while MVG did mount a high-quality comeback to trail 10-8, Snakebite soon hit the turbo blasters again. The only thing missing was a nine-darter, but he came close to that as well.

1955: So how did both players reach their second World Matchplay finals? Let's start with Dimitri Van den Bergh...

Dimitri Van den Bergh has pretty much made a mockery of the notion that debutants struggle with the unique Winter Gardens atmosphere and heat. No player has ever lifted this prestigious trophy on their first outing in Blackpool - apart from when Larry Butler won the inaugural event back in 1994 - although Ronnie Baxter and James Wade both managed to reach the final on debut in 1998 and 2006 respectively.

The defending champion's toughest clash in terms of scoreline came against Dave Chisnall when he hit a second-round record number of 180s with 14, but his most impressive was the manner in which he blew Gerwyn Price away in the quarter-finals before giving the Iceman a taste of his own medicine with the celebration.

Van den Bergh never really looked fazed when trailing Ratajski 6-2 in the semi-finals as he remarkably won 15 of the next 18 legs - but this was mainly down to his sublime finishing, which included three 100+ checkouts, compared to his opponent's wastefulness rather than a barrage of high scoring.

1945: Right, here's the head-to-head record between the pair and believe it or not, they've only faced each other 12 times since their first in 2015 although we have to assume they racked up a lot of battles in Wright's house last year!

Interestingly, of the five occasions Wright has beaten Van den Bergh - including at the World Cup of Darts in 2019 - he has gone on to win that tournament, although none have been the final.

Slightly more importantly, Wright batted away VDB's 106 average to win their most recent meeting in the Premier League back in May so maybe that's a tiny factor to bare in mind.

1930: We've already mentioned what Dimitri Van den Bergh is hoping to achieve tonight but what about Peter Wright?

Snakebite is chasing his first ever World Matchplay title in his second final having been denied by Phil Taylor in his farewell final back in 2017 - but he's become a far greater force since then.

That said Wright needed to wait three years before he started to add to his solitary major - the 2017 UK Open - but he did so with the biggest of the lot on New Year's Day 2020 against Michael van Gerwen at the Ally Pally.

He subsequently picked up the Masters crown before Covid ruined his coronation season but he did treat a small crowd to European Championship glory back in October when he was pretty much unplayable all weekend.

His world title defence ended early and his slow start to the Premier League cost him the chance to reach the play-offs - but he's picked up three Pro Tour titles, including the most recent earlier this month against MVG, to get his year back on track.

Wright's confidence was never really affected and last month told punters to put a pound on him winning the World Matchplay and World Championship double at around 80/1. Those odds are now 14/1!

Here's a quick look at both players' career highlights...


  • Career highlights: World Champion (2020), Masters champion (2020) European champion (2020), UK Open champion (2017), World Cup (2019), three televised World Series titles (German 2017 & 2019, Melbourne 2018), runner-up in 17 televised events including 10 established majors.
  • Senior Career PDC titles: 37
    Major PDC Titles/Finals: 8/25
  • World Matchplay best: Runner-up 2017
  • Pre-tournament Sky Bet Odds: 8/1


  • Career highlights: World Matchplay champion (2020), Two-time World Youth champion (2017, 2018)
  • Senior Career PDC titles: 2
    Major PDC Titles/Finals: 1/1
  • World Matchplay best: Champion 2020
  • Pre-tournament Sky Bet Odds: 14/1

1915: Good evening and welcome to our live blog of the Betfred World Matchplay final, as Dimitri Van den Bergh bids to become just the fourth player to defend the title after Rod Harrington, Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen.

Twelve months on from lifting the Phil Taylor Trophy on his tournament debut behind closed doors in Milton Keynes, the Belgian sensation will look to thrill a bouncing Winter Gardens for one last time this week after a string of sensational displays helped him get this far on his Blackpool debut.

Standing in his way is his former housemate Peter Wright, who is marginal favourite to come out on top in this 'master v apprentice' affair that promises fireworks and drama.

Everyone knows the story of how the Dream Maker spent the first lockdown at Snakebite's mansion/palace last year and learned so much from the former world champion in a bid to reach the next level in his budding career.

Few expected him to do it in the second most prestigious major of the lot that same summer. On his tournament debut, unseeded and as a 100/1 pre-tournament outsider. Oh, and he had to beat Gary Anderson in the final to do it.

"I've been accepted by the whole family as their adopted son. I've learned a lot from Peter Wright.

"Everybody knows I have stayed with him for three months, he took care of me for three months and then all of a sudden, I get to the World Matchplay on my debut and I manage to win it."

Since then his career has continued on a consistent upwards curve and he narrowly missed out on a place in the Premier League Play-Offs in his debut campaign earlier this year.

Already this week he's wiped the floor with world number one Gerwyn Price but how will he fare against Snakebite, who was phenomenal last night in pummelling Michael van Gerwen.

The final begins at around 2030 BST so between now and then we'll run through the routes to the final, tournament statistics, head-to-head records and some predictions.

Before we get into the present, here is quick look at the previous finals in the tournament history...

World Matchplay: Past finals

  • 1994 - Larry Butler 16-12 Dennis Priestley
  • 1995 - Phil Taylor 16-11 Dennis Priestley
  • 1996 - Peter Evison 16-14 Dennis Priestley
  • 1997 - Phil Taylor 16-11 Alan Warriner
  • 1998 - Rod Harrington 19-17 Ronnie Baxter
  • 1999 - Rod Harrington 19-17 Peter Manley
  • 2000 - Phil Taylor 18-12 Alan Warriner
  • 2001 - Phil Taylor 18-10 Richie Burnett
  • 2002 - Phil Taylor 18-16 John Part
  • 2003 - Phil Taylor 18-12 Wayne Mardle
  • 2004 - Phil Taylor 18-8 Mark Dudbridge
  • 2005 - Colin Lloyd 18-12 John Part
  • 2006 - Phil Taylor 18-9 James Wade
  • 2007 - James Wade 18-7 Terry Jenkins
  • 2008 - Phil Taylor 18-11 James Wade
  • 2009 - Phil Taylor 18-4 Terry Jenkins
  • 2010 - Phil Taylor 18-12 Raymond van Barneveld
  • 2011 - Phil Taylor 18-8 James Wade
  • 2012 - Phil Taylor 18-15 James Wade
  • 2013 - Phil Taylor 18-13 Adrian Lewis
  • 2014 - Phil Taylor 18-9 Michael van Gerwen
  • 2015 - Michael van Gerwen 18-12 James Wade
  • 2016 - Michael van Gerwen 18-10 Phil Taylor
  • 2017 - Phil Taylor 18-8 Peter Wright
  • 2018 - Gary Anderson 21-19 Mensur Suljovic
  • 2019 - Rob Cross 18-13 Michael Smith
  • 2020 - Dimitri Van den Bergh 18-10 Gary Anderson

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