Royal Ascot
16th June 2021

Sky Sports Racing
Going: Good to Firm
14:30 Queen Mary Stakes (Fillies' Group 2)
Full Racecard
5f(Class 1)2yo1st£47,360.002nd£17,912.003rd£8,952.004th£4,472.00
4(21)1ChouxD59-0 T: P D Evans J: S W Kelly
6(13)13CrazylandBFD59-0 T: C G Cox J: Hector Crouch
9(3)1Get AheadCD59-0 T: C G Cox J: A Kirby
10(8)3312Harmony RoseBFD59-0 T: K J Condon J: S Foley
13(5)4Mas Poder59-0 T: K A Ryan J: C T Keane
20(11)2VertiginousBF59-0 T: B J Meehan J: M Dwyer
22(16)1Yett1D59-0 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
Twilight Gleaming (9/4), Artos (8/1), Quick Suzy (8/1), Desert Dreamer (9/1), Yet (10/1), Illustrating (11/1), Nymphadora (12/1), Get Ahead (16/1), Beautiful Sunshine (20/1), Choux (22/1), Mas Poder (25/1), White Jasmine (25/1), Eve Lodge (25/1), Orinoco River (28/1), Cheerupsleepyjean (50/1), Crazyland (50/1), Vertiginous (66/1), Harmony Rose (80/1), Misty Ayr (80/1), Poppy Petal (80/1), Jazzy Princess (100/1), Coup De Force (100/1)
15:05 Queen's Vase (Group 2)
Full Racecard
1m 6f 34y(Class 1)3yo1st£118,400.002nd£44,780.003rd£22,380.004th£11,180.00
2(7)57041-1Benaudt69-0 T: J P O'Brien J: C T Keane
5(10)523-211Golden FlameD69-0 T: C & M Johnston J: A Kirby
6(3)21Kemari69-0 T: C Appleby J: W Buick
9(6)621-23Pied Piperp169-0 T: J & T Gosden J: R Havlin
10(14)1212-95Recovery Run69-0 T: A M Balding J: David Probert
11(4)4-23Ruling69-0 T: J P O'Brien J: Oisin Murphy
12(12)21Stowellt1C69-0 T: J & T Gosden J: L Dettori
13(8)1-354Taipanb1BF69-0 T: Mrs J Harrington J: S Foley
14(5)2-12WordsworthtBF69-0 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
Wordsworth (10/3), Kyprios (9/2), Kemari (15/2), Arturo Toscanini (8/1), Taipan (8/1), Dancing King (8/1), Ruling (12/1), Stowell (12/1), Law Of The Sea (16/1), Zinc White (25/1), Benaud (25/1), Golden Flame (25/1), Recovery Run (40/1), Pied Piper (80/1), Dirham Emirati (150/1)
15:40 Duke Of Cambridge Stakes (Fillies' & Mares' Group 2) (Str)
Full Racecard
1m(Class 1)4yo+1st£82,880.002nd£31,346.003rd£15,666.004th£7,826.00
1(8)1114-44Champers ElyseesBFD79-5 T: J P Murtagh J: Ben Coen
2(7)4166-12Lady BowthorpeCD89-3 T: W Jarvis J: K Shoemark
4(11)72500-2AgincourttD99-0 T: D O'Meara J: D Tudhope
7(3)1/1545-2FooraatD79-0 T: R Varian J: Andrea Atzeni
8(12)1871-54Indie AngelpBFD79-0 T: J & T Gosden J: L Dettori
10(5)417416-OnassisCD79-0 T: C Fellowes J: Hayley Turner
11(10)131-241Parent's PrayerD79-0 T: A Watson J: Hollie Doyle
12(6)52515-5PostedD89-0 T: R Hannon J: W Buick
Queen Power (11/4), Lady Bowthorpe (7/2), Double Or Bubble (7/1), Champers Elysees (10/1), Parent's Prayer (10/1), Lavender's Blue (10/1), Onassis (16/1), Bounce The Blues (16/1), Valeria Messalina (22/1), Agincourt (22/1), Indie Angel (22/1), Fooraat (25/1), Posted (33/1)
16:20 Prince Of Wales's Stakes (Group 1) (British Champions Series)
Full Racecard
1m 1f 212y(Class 1)4yo+1st£396,970.002nd£150,500.003rd£75,320.004th£37,520.005th£18,830.006th£9,450.00
1(3)44132-1ArmoryD79-0 T: A P O'Brien J: J A Heffernan
2(2)2250-22Desert EncounterhCD129-0 T: D M Simcock J: Andrea Atzeni
4(5)225-173My Oberonp179-0 T: W J Haggas J: Tom Marquand
5(7)31/41-22SangariustBFCD89-0 T: Sir Michael Stoute J: C T Keane
6(1)861131-AudaryatD88-11 T: J R Fanshawe J: W Buick
7(6)513/111-Love78-11 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
Love (11/10), Lord North (2/1), Armory (5/2), My Oberon (17/2), Sangarius (9/1), Audarya (10/1), Desert Encounter (25/1)
17:00 Royal Hunt Cup (Heritage Handicap) (Str)
Full Racecard
1m(Class 2)3yo+1st£64,800.002nd£30,420.003rd£15,216.004th£7,608.00
1(7)6330-13Bell RockpBFD89-10 T: A M Balding J: William Carver(5)
2(21)1101-14HaqeeqyBFD79-8 T: J & T Gosden J: Jim Crowley
3(13)31-1969BowermanD109-7 T: A McGuinness J: R P Whelan
4(14)093365EscobartCD109-7 T: D O'Meara J: D Tudhope
5(10)0572-25What's The StorypD109-6 T: K Dalgleish J: J Fanning
6(25)1236-22BrunchBFD79-5 T: M Dods J: Callum Rodriguez
7(2)448532Beat Le BonD89-4 T: R Hannon J: Hollie Doyle
8(24)75106-2MaydannyD89-2 T: C & M Johnston J: Dane O'Neill
9(30)322-181Grove FerryD79-2 T: A M Balding J: David Probert
10(23)13-1414Power Of Statest,vD89-2 T: H Palmer J: James Doyle
11(29)132-901AscensionD79-1 T: R Varian J: David Egan
12(28)5-70741Trais FluorsD109-1 T: M R Channon J: S De Sousa
13(11)91283-2LucanderBFD79-0 T: R M Beckett J: Rob Hornby
14(26)6/11592-Magical MorningD79-0 T: J & T Gosden J: L Dettori
15(15)2D18-37Matthew FlindersD79-0 T: E Walker J: Oisin Murphy
16(9)1239-21Finest SoundtD79-0 T: S & E Crisford J: Andrea Atzeni
17(8)259-104Eastern WorldBFD79-0 T: C Appleby J: W Buick
18(32)30-6622Fame And AcclaimD79-0 T: J L Eyre J: Lewis Edmunds
19(27)1231-13Astro KingD78-13 T: Sir Michael Stoute J: R L Moore
20(12)823-125Bugle Major98-13 T: R Hughes J: P J Dobbs
21(20)12425-4Cliffs Of CapribCD108-12 T: J A Osborne J: D C Costello
22(22)3122-14LayfayettepD78-11 T: N Meade J: C T Keane
23(6)13-135Irish AdmiralBF78-11 T: W J Haggas J: Tom Marquand
24(18)90-3602HortzadarD98-11 T: D O'Meara J: J P Spencer
25(33)8501-70OuzoD88-11 T: R Hannon J: S M Levey
26(17)879-260TestonpD98-10 T: I Furtado J: Jason Hart
27(16)150-644Revichb1BFD88-10 T: R Spencer J: Hayley Turner
28(4)12-334Real Worldp178-9 T: S bin Suroor J: Marco Ghiani(3)
29(5)55-1297Fantasy BelieverD78-8 T: C Hills J: K Shoemark
30(3)618318Pepperoni Petep,tD88-8 T: Mrs J Harrington J: S Foley
Astro King (11/2), Matthew Flinders (7/1), Haqeeqy (9/1), Brunch (9/1), Finest Sound (11/1), Magical Morning (12/1), Maydanny (12/1), Grove Ferry (12/1), Irish Admiral (18/1), Real World (18/1), Eastern World (20/1), Layfayette (20/1), Trais Fluors (28/1), Beat Le Bon (28/1), Ascension (33/1), Ouzo (33/1), Cliffs Of Capri (40/1), Escobar (40/1), What's The Story (40/1), Bell Rock (50/1), Lucander (50/1), Fame And Acclaim (50/1), Revich (66/1), Hortzadar (80/1), Bowerman (80/1), Power Of States (100/1), Pepperoni Pete (100/1), Bugle Major (150/1), Teston (150/1), Fantasy Believer (150/1)
17:35 Windsor Castle Stakes (Listed)
Full Racecard
5f(Class 1)2yo1st£38,480.002nd£14,554.003rd£7,274.004th£3,634.00
3(13)521Amalfi Coastt159-3 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
5(4)1ArmorD59-3 T: R Hannon J: P J Dobbs
7(20)1Bicep59-3 T: A Watson J: K Shoemark
8(17)15Bond ChairmanD59-3 T: B Smart J: G Lee
9(3)12BoonieBFD59-3 T: K A Ryan J: A Kirby
11(25)611Dig TwoD59-3 T: H Palmer J: James Doyle
12(10)16Dusky PrinceD59-3 T: A Watson J: L Morris
16(15)Kaboo59-3 T: K R Burke J: C Lee
17(14)315Lord Gorgeousb1D59-3 T: J P Murtagh J: Ben Coen
18(11)329PoderosoBF59-3 T: C Hills J: C T Keane
19(6)232RobastaBF59-3 T: A M Balding J: W Buick
23(5)12Superior ForceBFD59-3 T: G Boughey J: S De Sousa
27(24)72Guilded58-12 T: K R Burke J: D Tudhope
28(12)1Ruthinb1,t1D58-12 T: Wesley Ward J: L Dettori
Ruthin (3/1), Dig Two (7/1), Kaboo (15/2), Golden Bell (8/1), Armor (9/1), Tipperary Sunset (10/1), Amalfi Coast (14/1), Ernie's Valentine (16/1), Superior Force (18/1), Boonie (18/1), Spring Is Sprung (20/1), Chipotle (22/1), Flaming Rib (22/1), Barging Thru (28/1), Albion Square (33/1), Silks Pass (40/1), Admiral D (50/1), Home City (50/1), Robasta (50/1), Guilded (66/1), Bicep (66/1), Bond Chairman (66/1), Amazonian Dream (80/1), Lord Gorgeous (125/1), Poderoso (125/1), Royal Emerther (125/1), Dusky Prince (150/1), Freyabella (250/1)
18:10 Kensington Palace Stakes (Fillies' & Mares' Handicap) (Rnd)
Full Racecard
7f 213y(Class 2)4yo+1st£33,501.002nd£15,710.003rd£7,858.004th£3,926.005th£1,963.006th£982.00
1(17)2123-11Lights OnCD79-10 T: Sir Michael Stoute J: R L Moore
2(12)7635-64Tomorrow's Dreamp,tD79-10 T: W J Haggas J: Tom Marquand
3(4)1/22415-WaliyakBF79-8 T: R Varian J: David Egan
5(8)3131-42DreamloperBFCD79-8 T: E Walker J: Oisin Murphy
6(9)8730-11So I Told YouD79-7 T: J P O'Brien J: D McMonagle(3)
7(5)511677Pholasp1,tD79-4 T: G Boughey J: Hollie Doyle
8(14)2/142-17MostlytBFD79-2 T: J & T Gosden J: L Dettori
9(11)79960-6Apricot Moont1D79-2 T: G Boughey J: D Tudhope
10(15)76391-1Declared InterestD79-1 T: R M Beckett J: Rob Hornby
11(6)6484-36Separate78-13 T: Miss J A Camacho J: S M Levey
12(16)7556-31Caspian Queen78-13 T: S P C Woods J: James Doyle
14(18)212-324Quickstep LadyBF78-11 T: A M Balding J: David Probert
15(13)5/8323-1DalanijujoD78-9 T: M R Channon J: W Buick
16(10)22156-1Lola Showgirl78-7 T: D Loughnane J: Laura Pearson(5)
17(2)11-22Ffion78-7 T: D Loughnane J: R Kingscote
Dreamloper (4/1), Lights On (5/1), Stunning Beauty (7/1), Waliyak (9/1), Ffion (10/1), Declared Interest (11/1), Lola Showgirl (12/1), Mostly (12/1), So I Told You (14/1), Dalanijujo (18/1), Caspian Queen (22/1), Apricot Moon (33/1), Tomorrow's Dream (40/1), Angel Of The Glen (50/1), Quickstep Lady (50/1), Miss Mulligan (50/1), Pholas (50/1), Separate (80/1)

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