C D Hayes

DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
23/11/201/14Ms ThompsonFLATDundalk, 1m 2f 150y, Standard10/3
23/11/201/14Chateau MusarFLATDundalk, 1m 2f 150y, Standard10/3
23/11/202/14S'all Good ManFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard18/1
23/11/203/12TynamiteFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard7/1
23/11/208/14Rich Law No LawFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard15/2
23/11/2012/14Lightening RidgeFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard125/1
20/11/206/14BluepowerFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard17/2
20/11/2010/14MorroneFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard11/1
20/11/205/14Teddy BoyFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard7/1
20/11/2013/14UndercommunicationFLATDundalk, 1m 2f 150y, Standard33/1
20/11/2010/14Ben SiegelFLATDundalk, 1m, Standard25/1
18/11/202/14StalingradFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard6/5
18/11/201/12Brokers TipFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard15/8
18/11/206/8Hair Of GoldFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard13/2
18/11/2011/12Speckled MeadowFLATDundalk, 1m, Standard14/1
18/11/206/14Royal Red PersianFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard11/4
18/11/207/14ErytheiaFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard4/1
16/11/205/14Custers MistakeFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard10/1
16/11/203/14PorterinthejungleFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard9/1
16/11/204/14SestriereFLATDundalk, 5f, Standard7/1
13/11/203/14Ms ThompsonFLATDundalk, 1m 2f 150y, Standard40/1
13/11/2011/14Cape AgulhasFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard33/1
13/11/205/14BrinjalFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard11/2
13/11/201/14UmmalnarFLATDundalk, 1m, Standard, C110/3
13/11/209/14Rich Law No LawFLATDundalk, 1m, Standard5/2
13/11/206/14Princess SelaFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard15/2
11/11/204/14Parkers HillFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard28/1
11/11/209/13Dancing ZebedeeFLATDundalk, 1m, Standard14/1
11/11/207/14Wadacre GogoFLATDundalk, 1m, Standard25/1
11/11/201/14AstadashFLATDundalk, 1m 2f 150y, Standard4/1
11/11/204/13Royal Red PersianFLATDundalk, 1m 4f, Standard18/1
09/11/204/14FerrybankFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard5/1
09/11/206/11SestriereFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard17/2
09/11/207/14KnocknakillaFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard20/1
07/11/201/7Real ForceFLATNaas, 7f, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)15/8
07/11/2012/13Formula OneFLATNaas, 1m 3f 180y, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)66/1
07/11/206/12Too Soon To PanicFLATNaas, 1m 3f 180y, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places), C150/1
07/11/208/16Future ProofFLATNaas, 1m 6f, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)16/1
07/11/207/11That's MadFLATNaas, 5f, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)12/1
07/11/206/11The Blue PantherFLATNaas, 6f, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)6/1
07/11/203/11Terra RossaFLATNaas, 6f, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)3/1
06/11/2012/13Custers MistakeFLATDundalk, 1m 2f 150y, Standard17/2
06/11/208/12Back To BrusselsFLATDundalk, 6f, Standard, C116/1
06/11/2014/14DaliyahFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard66/1
06/11/208/13Royal ScholarFLATDundalk, 7f, Standard2/1
06/11/203/18Teddy BoyFLATCurragh, 6f, Heavy12/1
06/11/201/17ThefaithfulindianFLATCurragh, 1m, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)17/2
06/11/2010/15DammitFLATCurragh, 1m 4f, Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)100/1
06/11/205/18Final EndeavourFLATCurragh, 1m 2f, Heavy15/2
06/11/201/16Cecelia ClementineFLATCurragh, 1m, Heavy28/1

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