Royal Ascot
18th June 2021

Sky Sports Racing
Going: Heavy
14:30 Albany Stakes (Fillies' Group 3)
Full Racecard
6f(Class 1)2yo1st£38,480.002nd£14,554.003rd£7,274.004th£3,634.00
1(7)13Anadora59-0 T: K A Ryan J: A Kirby
10(4)511Lady Ayresome59-0 T: K A Ryan J: T Eaves
11(12)311OsculaD59-0 T: G Boughey J: Mark Crehan
12(11)1PrettiestD59-0 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
14(1)1Sows59-0 T: R Hannon J: S M Levey
Flotus (9/2), Hello You (5/1), Prettiest (13/2), Elliptic (13/2), Cachet (15/2), Eve Lodge (17/2), Oscula (10/1), Hellomydarlin (10/1), Sandrine (16/1), Sows (33/1), Sunstrike (33/1), Lady Ayresome (50/1), El Maga (80/1), Gypsy Lady (80/1), Anadora (125/1)
15:05 King Edward VII Stakes (Group 2)
Full Racecard
1m 3f 211y(Class 1)3yo1st£98,335.002nd£37,281.003rd£18,658.004th£9,294.005th£4,664.006th£2,340.00
1(1)1141-50Gear Up69-3 T: C & M Johnston J: James Doyle
2(3)12-1Alenquer69-0 T: W J Haggas J: Tom Marquand
3(2)11-58Belloccio69-0 T: D Menuisier J: S De Sousa
7(4)2-21TitleBF69-0 T: R Varian J: David Egan
Alenquer (13/8), The Mediterranean (9/2), Belloccio (5/1), Title (5/1), Yibir (6/1), Gear Up (9/1), Tasman Bay (10/1), Gloucestershire (16/1)
15:40 Commonwealth Cup (Group 1) (British Champions Series)
Full Racecard
6f(Class 1)3yo1st£198,485.002nd£75,250.003rd£37,660.004th£18,760.005th£9,415.006th£4,725.00
1(15)311-101A Case Of YouBFD69-0 T: A McGuinness J: R P Whelan
3(18)11112Dragon SymbolBFD69-0 T: A Watson J: Oisin Murphy
6(13)1473-54Laws Of Indicest1D69-0 T: K J Condon J: C D Hayes
7(12)6214-36Lipizzanerb1,tBFD69-0 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
9(9)002-124Mighty GurkhabD69-0 T: A Watson J: Hollie Doyle
12(5)2257-30The Lir Jett1,v1BFC69-0 T: M L W Bell J: Cieren Fallon
13(14)1114-Campanelleb,tCD68-11 T: Wesley Ward J: L Dettori
14(21)1115-76DandallaCD68-11 T: K R Burke J: B A Curtis
15(7)114-015Happy RomanceD68-11 T: R Hannon J: S M Levey
16(10)119-636Isabella GilesD68-11 T: C G Cox J: Hector Crouch
17(16)3733-11Measure Of MagicD68-11 T: J P Murtagh J: Ben Coen
19(1)31-321DMooneista68-11 T: J Davison J: W M Lordan
21(8)11-11SuesaD68-11 T: Francois Rohaut J: W Buick
Suesa (9/4), Dragon Symbol (4/1), Campanelle (5/1), Supremacy (13/2), A Case Of You (10/1), Diligent Harry (10/1), Measure Of Magic (11/1), Jumby (11/1), Fivethousandtoone (14/1), Method (16/1), Miss Amulet (20/1), Sacred (20/1), Isabella Giles (22/1), Laws Of Indices (25/1), Saint Lawrence (33/1), Dandalla (33/1), Lipizzaner (33/1), Mooneista (40/1), The Lir Jet (50/1), Happy Romance (50/1), Mighty Gurkha (80/1)
16:20 Coronation Stakes (Fillies' Group 1) (British Champions Series) (Rnd)
Full Racecard
7f 213y(Class 1)3yo1st£242,081.002nd£91,778.003rd£45,932.004th£22,880.005th£11,482.006th£5,762.00
1(10)121-15Alcohol FreeBF69-0 T: A M Balding J: Oisin Murphy
3(11)2114-30Fev Rover69-0 T: R A Fahey J: P Hanagan
5(12)01311-0Lullaby Moon69-0 T: R M Beckett J: James Doyle
6(8)3032-12Mother EarthD69-0 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
7(1)3172-41NovembaD69-0 T: P Schiergen J: David Egan
10(5)12121-7Pretty GorgeousBFD69-0 T: J P O'Brien J: L Dettori
12(13)11216-5ShaleBFD69-0 T: Donnacha O'Brien J: G M Ryan
13(2)2-13Snow LanternBFD69-0 T: R Hannon J: S M Levey
Pretty Gorgeous (4/1), Mother Earth (9/2), Alcohol Free (11/2), Primo Bacio (6/1), Empress Josephine (6/1), Novemba (15/2), Shale (17/2), Snow Lantern (14/1), Potapova (14/1), Fev Rover (18/1), Lullaby Moon (22/1), Oodnadatta (33/1), Flirting Bridge (50/1)
17:00 Sandringham Stakes (Fillies' Handicap) (Str)
Full Racecard
1m(Class 2)3yo1st£40,500.002nd£19,012.003rd£9,510.004th£4,755.00
1(25)375-226Friendly69-7 T: A P O'Brien J: R L Moore
5(7)21125KestennaD69-2 T: J & T Gosden J: L Dettori
6(16)3-101Create BeliefD69-2 T: J P Murtagh J: Ben Coen
10(31)1-66Divine Lighth68-13 T: C Appleby J: W Buick
11(21)126-4Prado68-12 T: C Hills J: J P Spencer
12(19)8-14Camdeboo68-12 T: J P O'Brien J: B A Curtis
13(32)611-383Messidor68-12 T: J P O'Brien J: D McMonagle(3)
14(10)24291-1Glesga Galb68-10 T: H Palmer J: Mark Crehan(3)
15(15)1-58A'Shaari68-9 T: C Appleby J: James Doyle
16(5)3124-13TeodolinaCD68-9 T: R Hannon J: S M Levey
18(14)151-Pomelo68-8 T: R M Beckett J: R Kingscote
19(20)7-31BeliefD68-7 T: W J Haggas J: Cieren Fallon
20(6)121Far HopeD68-7 T: S & E Crisford J: Marco Ghiani(3)
21(24)5219-18Urban VioletBF68-6 T: M R Channon J: Edward Greatrex
22(11)33-115SamootBF68-5 T: Sir Michael Stoute J: Jim Crowley
25(13)212-2She Do68-2 T: R Varian J: Ray Dawson(3)
26(12)45-4216Montego BayBF68-2 T: A P O'Brien J: W M Lordan
30(1)17-4325Mirage Macp1D68-0 T: G Boughey J: Nicola Currie
Samoot (5/1), Create Belief (6/1), Far Hope (10/1), Beheld (10/1), Divine Light (12/1), Teodolina (12/1), Ready To Venture (12/1), Messidor (14/1), Pomelo (14/1), Professional Widow (14/1), Friendly (16/1), Riknnah (16/1), Kestenna (16/1), Glesga Gal (18/1), Prado (20/1), Lucid Dreamer (20/1), Illykato (20/1), My Generation (20/1), Camdeboo (25/1), A'Shaari (25/1), Belief (25/1), Urban Violet (25/1), Montego Bay (25/1), Companionship (25/1), She Do (28/1), Rising Star (33/1), Star Of Emaraaty (33/1), Mamba Wamba (33/1), Thinking Of You (50/1), Mirage Mac (125/1)
17:35 Duke Of Edinburgh Stakes (Handicap)
Full Racecard
1m 3f 211y(Class 2)3yo+1st£35,100.002nd£16,478.003rd£8,242.004th£4,121.00
1(3)55685-7Alounak99-10 T: A M Balding J: S De Sousa
3(18)2211-54Win O'ClockD79-9 T: H & R Charlton J: W Buick
4(10)374-872MirannD89-8 T: J P Murtagh J: Ben Coen
5(1)27-6232Raymond TuskD99-8 T: A King J: Jim Crowley
6(2)1018-10Favorite MoontBFD79-8 T: W J Haggas J: Tom Marquand
8(6)7754-35Scarlet DragonhCD119-7 T: A King J: Hollie Doyle
9(12)213-21AaddeeyD79-6 T: S & E Crisford J: James Doyle
11(9)22624-4TritonicC79-5 T: A King J: R L Moore
12(14)27-1191Dark Pineb79-3 T: D Loughnane J: P Cosgrave
13(19)96/13-1QuickthornD79-3 T: H Morrison J: Oisin Murphy
14(20)81805-3JeremiahvCD99-3 T: C Fellowes J: J P Spencer
17(11)3235/00Khagant1D89-2 T: D O'Meara J: D Tudhope
19(16)1/5203-6Sam CookeD89-0 T: R M Beckett J: Hector Crouch
Quickthorn (7/2), Sam Cooke (11/2), Aaddeey (13/2), Grand Bazaar (7/1), Win O'Clock (15/2), Mirann (15/2), Tritonic (8/1), Zabeel Champion (17/2), Valyrian Steel (10/1), Scarlet Dragon (14/1), Favorite Moon (16/1), Pirate King (16/1), Lost Eden (20/1), Tyson Fury (25/1), Raymond Tusk (25/1), Jeremiah (28/1), Alounak (40/1), Dark Pine (40/1), Khagan (50/1)
18:10 Palace Of Holyroodhouse Stakes (Handicap)
Full Racecard
5f(Class 2)3yo1st£33,501.002nd£15,710.003rd£7,858.004th£3,926.005th£1,963.006th£982.00
2(15)311-421Bedford FlyerpD69-6 T: J L Eyre J: Lewis Edmunds
3(21)8735-24First Company69-6 T: D Carroll J: Harrison Shaw
5(4)15209-6Hala Hala Halap1,t69-4 T: K A Ryan J: James Doyle
6(13)12-1512Warrior Braveb1D69-2 T: M Appleby J: S De Sousa
7(22)5-11Boomshalaa69-2 T: R Varian J: Andrea Atzeni
8(24)231-622Significantly69-1 T: K R Burke J: C Lee
10(11)7-37312Rebel At DawnpD69-0 T: K R Burke J: B A Curtis
12(7)11-322PopmasterBF68-13 T: E Walker J: Tom Marquand
13(1)774-349Dense Starp168-13 T: S C Williams J: Marco Ghiani(3)
14(12)611111Mo CelitaD68-13 T: Adrian Nicholls J: Oisin Murphy
15(19)4-21EqualityD68-11 T: C Hills J: K Shoemark
16(23)53-3211Dream ComposerD68-11 T: H J Evans J: Laura Pearson(5)
19(14)14-36Desert Gulf68-7 T: W J Knight J: Hollie Doyle
20(9)3321-36Hey MrBFD68-5 T: R Varian J: David Egan
21(10)2-42358Shalaa AskerD68-3 T: A Keatley J: Cieren Fallon
23(18)12-4614Baba Rezat68-2 T: M Moubarak J: Nicola Currie
24(20)114-204Fantasy MasterD68-0 T: M Appleby J: Ray Dawson(3)
25(25)025-221Cooperation68-0 T: R A Fahey J: P Mathers
Mo Celita (4/1), Boomshalaa (9/2), Dream Composer (13/2), Warrior Brave (13/2), Significantly (10/1), Noorban (12/1), Popmaster (14/1), Operatic (14/1), Bedford Flyer (14/1), Get It (14/1), Nomadic Empire (16/1), Fantasy Master (16/1), Equality (22/1), Desert Gulf (22/1), Hey Mr (22/1), First Company (22/1), Shalaa Asker (25/1), Caroline Dale (25/1), Rebel At Dawn (28/1), Cooperation (33/1), Charlie Fellowes (50/1), Hala Hala Hala (66/1), Wings Of A Dove (80/1), Baba Reza (80/1), Dense Star (100/1)

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