World Matchplay darts: Leg-by-leg report as Dimitri van den Bergh beat Gary Anderson 18-10 to win the title

Dimitri Van den Bergh lifts the World Matchplay trophy

Our leg-by-leg report from the Betfred World Matchplay final, where Dimitri Van den Bergh hit a 170 checkout during an 18-10 victory over Gary Anderson.


Dimitri van den Bergh has done it! The Belgian superstar, who was 200/1 at the start of the tournament, realises his debut dreams at the World Matchplay to win his first ever senior PDC title in his maiden major final.

It's a history making feat from the fittingly nicknamed DreamMaker, who is the first debutant to lift the trophy since the tournament was first staged in 1994 and just the 10th different player to get his hands on it.

Van den Bergh put a struggling Gary Anderson to the sword with an average of 98 despite only hitting three of the four 180s in the match while his stunning checkouts of 170, 132, 124 and 121 at key moments underpinned a career-changing week for him at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

Van den Bergh on his achievement and the hospitality of Peter Wright during lockdown, which has been instrumental in taking the next step on the the major stage: "My dreams have come true, what a beautiful trophy, I’m so happy. I have so much respect for Gary, to beat him is showing me how far I have come and now I know I can win, I can’t believe this."

"The world is going through a very difficult time and the PDC, Barry Hearn and Matthew Porter have given me a chance to live my dreams when it hasn’t been possible for other, so thank you to them.

"I spent a lot of time with Peter Wright over the lockdown and he has taught me so much, I’m so grateful to him and his family for everything they did for me during a difficult time."

Runner-up Gary Anderson is understandably disappointed but sporting in defeat: "He played well right from the off, I just wasn’t there tonight. All credit to Dimitri, he is a lovely lad and deserves his win tonight. I’ve got a few weeks off now to sort a few things out, I had a few issues with my grip and darts dropping low but no excuses, he deserves it."

Final Stats: Anderson 10-18 Van den Bergh


  • Anderson: 92.81
  • Van den Bergh: 98.31


  • Anderson: 1
  • Van den Bergh: 3


  • Anderson: 10/33 (33.33%)
  • Van den Bergh: 18/40 (45%)

100+ Checkouts

  • Anderson: 130
  • Van den Bergh: 170, 132, 124, 121

  • Leg 28
    It's darting history for the DreamMaker, who wins the World Matchplay by sinking double 16 for a 19-darter after a dejected Anderson wasted four darts at 20 to keep the match alive. It would have only prolonged the agony for the Flying Scotsman, who has been well beaten tonight by one of the brightest stars in the sport.
    Anderson 10-18 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 27
    One away from debut glory for Van den Bergh after hits tops for a 17-darter that punishes Anderson for missing three clear darts to take out 40.
    Anderson 10-17 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 26
    Anderson seemingly delays the inevitable with a classy 13-darter although the excitement of the piped-in crowd seem to think he's got a great chance of turning this around.
    Anderson 10-16 Van den Bergh

FIFTH INTERVAL: Anderson 9-16 Van den Bergh

Sky Bet latest odds: Dimitri Van den Bergh is 1/66 to finish the job, with Anderson way out at 14/1. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Anderson: 93.08
  • Van den Bergh: 99.45


  • Anderson: 1
  • Van den Bergh: 2


  • Anderson: 9/22
  • Van den Bergh: 16/37

100+ Checkouts

  • Anderson: 130
  • Van den Bergh: 170, 132, 124, 121

  • Leg 25
    Van den Bergh is now just two legs from glory after powering away to a 16-darter and he's now averaging almost 100 despite only hitting two maximums himself.
    Anderson 9-16 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 24
    Finally, finally, Anderson hits his first 180 in the 24th leg of the match. It helps him win it under pressure in 15 darts after Van den Bergh's previous visit of 132 left him 32.
    Anderson 9-15 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 23
    If the Flying Scotsman can win from here then it'll go down as one of the most dramatic finals of all time. Van den Bergh extends his advantage to 15-8 with a steady hold in 18-darts. Anderson was waiting hopefully on 60.
    Anderson 8-15 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 22
    Unbelievable. Anderson misses bullseye for a 127 and is again made to pay by the DreamMaker, who hits the same target for a 132 checkout that completes a 12-dart break. There's only one winner now.
    Anderson 8-15 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 21
    A visit of 137 left Anderson himself just 54 for a crack at a much-needed break of throw but Van den Bergh didn't allow him the opportunity as he pinned 124 on the bullseye! That would have felt like a dagger through the heart for the Flying Scotsman.
    Anderson 8-13 Van den Bergh

FOURTH INTERVAL: Anderson 8-12 Van den Bergh

Sky Bet latest odds: Dimitri Van den Bergh is now hot favourite at 1/4 after dominating that session while Anderson is 11/4. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Anderson: 91.35
  • Van den Bergh: 98.91


  • Anderson: 0
  • Van den Bergh: 2


  • Anderson: 8/17
  • Van den Bergh: 12/29

100+ Checkouts

  • Anderson: 130
  • Van den Bergh: 170, 121

  • Leg 20
    The Belgian, who was 200/1 with some bookies before this tournament, hits the second 180 of the match and follows it up with scores of 140 and 134 before a 47 checkout completes a fine 11-darter. He'll surely win from him?
    Anderson 8-12 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 19
    Van den Bergh holds throw with a steady 18-darter as Anderson waited on 82 to try and claw a break back.
    Anderson 8-11 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 18
    Even when Anderson does win a leg, it's very rarely convincing at the moment, but at the moment he'll take anything he can get, including this 18-darter.
    Anderson 8-10 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 17
    The two-time World Youth champion is taking a firm grip on this contest now as a clinical finish from 64 following back-to-back visits of 137 and 134 extends his lead to three legs. Anderson was back on 115 and he's still yet to hit a 180.
    Anderson 7-10 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 16
    Van den Bergh narrowly misses double 16 for a superb 136 checkout but he returns to polish off a confident 13-darter as Anderson continues to struggle.
    Anderson 7-9 Van den Bergh

THIRD INTERVAL: Anderson 7-8 Van den Bergh

Sky Bet latest odds: Gary Anderson is clinging onto favourtism at 6/5 while Dimitri Van den Bergh is 6/5. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Anderson: 92.99
  • Van den Bergh: 97.39


  • Anderson: 0
  • Van den Bergh: 1


  • Anderson: 7/15
  • Van den Bergh: 8/19

100+ Checkouts

  • Anderson: 130
  • Van den Bergh: 170, 121

  • Leg 15
    Yet another below-par leg from both players but Van den Bergh won't care as he survives Anderson's attempt at the bullseye before pinning tops for an 8-7 lead.
    Anderson 7-8 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 14
    Anderson wasn't happy with any of his performances this week and he'll be feeling the same about this one. However, he's still clinging in there as a 50 checkout completes a match-levelling 14-darter in a leg in which van den Bergh hit the first 180 of the match.
    Anderson 7-7 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 13
    The Belgian star maintains his momentum - albeit far from spectacularly - with a 17-darter to edge back into the lead.
    Anderson 6-7 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 12
    What a way to bounce back with a 170 checkout in your first major final! Shades of Nathan Aspinall from the 2019 UK Open as he levels the match in style with a 12-darter.
    Anderson 6-6 Van den Bergh
  • Leg 11
    Although you'd always hope to catch Anderson on a bad day, it must be intimidating sharing the oche with him in this mood. He's still not happy after following a visit of 118 with a mesmerising 130 checkout to hit the front.
    Anderson 6-5 Van den Bergh

SECOND INTERVAL: Anderson 5-5 Van den Bergh

Sky Bet latest odds: Gary Anderson is 1/2 for glory while Dimitri Van den Bergh has drifted slightly to 6/4. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Anderson: 92.46
  • Van den Bergh: 95.3


  • Anderson: 0
  • Van den Bergh: 0


  • Anderson: 5/12
  • Van den Bergh: 5/9

Highest Checkouts

  • Anderson: 80
  • Van den Bergh: 121

  • Leg 10
    Nothing between these players at the second interval after an improving Flying Scotsman cranks up his standards with a 14-darter that included three scores of over 100 and another of 91.
    Anderson 5-5 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Nine
    Finally some darts bordering on sparkling as Van den Bergh follows up two opening visits of 140 with another of 100 before finishing off his 12-darter with a lovely 121 checkout.
    Anderson 4-5 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Eight
    Anderson is so emotionless right now you can tell he's not happy with his performance. However, he holds his nerve with one dart in hand at double one to level matters with a 15-darter while Van den Bergh waited on eight.
    Anderson 4-4 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Seven
    Still no maximums hit from either player but the youngster follows up back-to-back visits of 128 and 132 with a finish from 48 to complete a 15-darter.
    Anderson 3-4 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Six
    Anderson took a leaf out of his World Cup team-mate Peter Wright by changing his darts at the interval and it seems to have done the trick as he levels up with a 56 checkout, with his opponent waiting on 58.
    Anderson 3-3 Van den Bergh

FIRST INTERVAL: Anderson 2-3 Van den Bergh

Sky Bet latest odds: Gary Anderson remains favourite at 4/7 while Dimitri Van den Bergh's odds have been shaved slightly to 5/4. Still a long way to go. Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Anderson: 86.57
  • Van den Bergh: 84.95


  • Anderson: 0
  • Van den Bergh: 0


  • Anderson: 2/7
  • Van den Bergh: 3/6

Highest Checkouts

  • Anderson: 80
  • Van den Bergh: 60

  • Leg Five
    Scenes to make all pub players feel better about their game as Anderson throws three treble 5s from 157! He came returned to the oche but couldn't finish the remaining 112, as the Belgian star held with an 18-darter.
    Anderson 2-3 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Four
    The Flying Scotsman blew a golden opportunity to open up a two-leg cushion. After missing a dart at double eight for a 124 checkout, he busted his score at the next visit when landing into the 18 bed, and the two-time World Youth champion punished him to restore parity.
    Anderson 2-2 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Three
    Anderson raises his game by starting the leg with a 140 and ending it with a fine 80 checkout to break the throw of Van den Bergh, who had left 50 after a visit of 137.
    Anderson 2-1 Van den Bergh
  • Leg Two
    A little better as we finally see some 100+ visits and a 140 from Anderson helps him on his way to a match-levelling 17-darter.
    Anderson 1-1 Van den Bergh
  • Leg One (Dimitri Van den Bergh to throw first)
    A sloppy start to this final from both players as neither manage a score of over 100 before Van den Bergh takes out 60 for a nerve settling 20-darter.
    Anderson 0-1 Van den Bergh

2040: The players are now both out on the stage so let's get this final under way!

2035: First blood to the youngster as Dimitri van den Bergh wins the bull and will throw first very shortly.

2015: The action takes place in about 20 minutes so I'll give you time to digest everything below and grab a long drink while we wait for the walk-ons.

2010: So where should the money be going? As you'll probably by now, some bookies had priced Van den Bergh up at 200/1 before a dart was thrown and we're all kicking ourselves about that now unless you had outstanding foresight. In hindsight it all makes sense. He already had a good track record in majors having reached four major quarter-final runs, including the the most recent World Championship and UK Open, and the televised World Series final in Germany that we mentioned earlier. Put that together with the fact he spent three months of lockdown in Peter Wright's house then no wonder he's taken his potential to the next level. As much as I admire Anderson and obviously know what he's capable of, I am favouring a minor upset.

I go into more detail in my separate betting preview for the final, but if you haven't got time to read that now (click here if you do and scroll near the bottom), here are my tips which you can back with Sky Bet.

  • Dimitri Van den Bergh to win the match, score over 7.5 180s and checkout over 107.5 at 5/2
  • Over 31.5 Legs at evens
  • Match to have over 31.5 legs, highest checkout to be over 140.5 and over 18.5 total 180s at 4/1

2005: Putting all those stats together from their routes to the final further down, here are their overall tournament stats. As you can see for yourself, Van den Bergh holds the statistical advantage and I think it goes without saying that he's been far happier with his performances than the Flying Scotsman. Will the trend continue tonight or will experience of major finals make these numbers largely irrelevant?


  • Tournament Average: 95.75
  • 180s: 27
  • Checkout percentage: 37.50% (55/147)
  • 100+ checkouts: FIVE: 128, 127, 120, 116, 112
  • Legs won/lost: 55/42


  • Tournament Average: 97.76
  • 180s: 29
  • Checkout percentage: 38.30% (54/141)
  • 100+ checkouts: EIGHT: 164, 156, 138, 118, 105, 104, 104, 103
  • Legs won/lost: 54/41

2000: Now here's Dimitri's route to the final...

  • Rd 1: 10-5 Nathan Aspinall
    Average: 98.42
    180s: 4
    Doubles: 10/24 (41.67%)
    100+ Checkouts: 156, 103
  • Rd 2: 11-9 Joe Cullen
    Average: 93.19
    180s: 5
    Doubles: 11/32 (34.38%)
    100+ Checkouts: 138, 118, 105, 104
  • QF: 16-12 Adrian Lewis
    Average: 98.09
    180s: 11
    Doubles: 16/39 (41.03%)
    100+ Checkouts: 164, 104
  • SF: 17-15 Glen Durrant
    Average: 98.97
    180s: 9
    Doubles: 17/46 (36.96%)
    100+ Checkouts: N/A

The Belgian's dream-making run began with a stunning first-ever win over Nathan Aspinall - which included a sublime 156 checkout that even got his opponent applauding - before showing real character to fight back from 8-5 down to defeat Joe Cullen 11-9 in a real thriller and then producing a wonderful display of front-running to keep Adrian Lewis at bay.

An array of stunning 100+ checkouts at key moments underpinned those victories but there were none of those against Glen Durrant in a gruelling showdown which looked like it was going Duzza's way after he used his trademark mental strength to edge ahead at 14-13 and 15-14 having earlier been 12-8 down. However Van den Bergh's classy late burst saw him edge it 17-15.

1955: Now time to run through their respective routes to the final, starting with Anderson...

  • Rd 1: 10-5 Justin Pipe
    Average: 90.59
    180s: 2
    Doubles: 10/28 (35.71%)
    100+ Checkouts: 120, 112
  • Rd 2: 11-7 James Wade
    Average: 92.91
    180s: 9
    Doubles: 11/27 (40.74%)
    100+ Checkouts: N/A
  • QF: 16-12 Simon Whitlock
    Average: 98.09
    180s: 9
    Doubles: 16/51 (31.37%)
    100+ Checkouts: N/A
  • SF: 18-16 Michael Smith
    Average: 97.99
    180s: 7
    Doubles: 18/41 (42.9%)
    100+ Checkouts: 128, 127, 116

Considering Gary Anderson won the only other behind-closed-doors major at the Storm Emma-affected UK Open two years ago, you'd have thought he may have adapted a little quicker than he claimed. Admittedly, the piped-in crowd and the glitzy presentation would have made the overall atmosphere unique while Justin Pipe and James Wade were hardly ideal opponents to get him going. After labouring through both, he raised his levels to beat a confident Simon Whitlock and his average would have been far better if he wasn't so flaky on his doubles. He improved on those against Michael Smith but overall he wasn't happy with his 98 average or how he let his former apprentice back into the match from a 14-9 lead. "I can’t throw me darts right, it’s driving me bonkers. I can’t throw a dart, I can’t let go. I’m chilled out but I’m expecting to do what I was doing two, three, four, five years ago and it’s getting to me now."

1950: In terms of the current ranking situation, this final is highly significant. Eighth-placed Anderson headed to Milton Keynes under the pressure of defending £115,000 of Order of Merit prize money that he won two years ago. If he wins the £150,000 top prize tonight he'll move up to seventh on £470,750. As for Van den Bergh, the runners-up cheque of £70,000 will see him saw up to a career changing high of 16th on £256,250, but victory will take him even higher to 12th on £336,250. And, of course, he'd almost certainly be in next year's Premier League line-up.

1945: Right, let's now take a look at all their head-to-head meetings...which is a grand total of two. Their most recent was during the PDC Home Tour, with Van den Bergh being thrashed 5-1 from Peter Wright's house by eventual overall runner-up Anderson but the first was in front of a record-breaking 20,000-strong crowd at the Veltins Arena, which was transformed into a "Darts Music Arena" for the 2018 German Darts Masters.

Having just thrashed Michael van Gerwen 8-3 in the quarter-finals to show us one of his earlier signs of rich potential, he again showed zero sign of stage fright by beating the Flying Scotsman 8-7 with the help of a stunning checkout in the 14th leg. He lost the final to Mensur Suljovic but hopefully we'll have more of this standard tonight...

1930: Just in case Dimitri Van den Bergh fans don't mistakenly think this is a Gary Anderson blog, here's a clip I shared on social media the other day of him showing me his exhibition trick shots. Pretty impressive stuff I'm sure you'll agree and one you can practice without fears of damaging your walls. Just make sure you've got shoes on and that no kids are around.

1920: Seeing as I posted that 2018 nine-darter a bit lower down, we may as well reminisce how he went on to beat Mensur Suljovic in an unforgettable final and complete a career Triple Crown. Only Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen have achieved that feat - which also includes the world title and Premier League - but of all his successes, many darts fans will rank this as his ultimate highlight. In the longest World Matchplay final ever, he eventually won through 21-19 with an incredible average of 101.41 compared to Suljovic's even better 104.43, while the pair both plundered 14 maximums apiece. Click here to scan over my live blog from that night which includes lots of memorable clips such as when his attempt to win the match with a bullseye at 19-18 up bounced out of it!

1905: I'll share this poll again for the late comers closer to the walk-ons but what is your initial thoughts for tonight's final? Personally I think either winner would be great for the sport, with Gary Anderson flying the flag for the golden oldies and Van den Bergh representing the future. Defeat wouldn't be damaging for the Flying Scotsman's legacy or the DreamMaker's prospects, so whatever happens, there's plenty of positives to cherish. I would utter the phrase 'darts is the winner' but let's just wait and see how the final plays out before we reel out cliches like that!

1850: Interesting feel-good fact. Exactly two years ago Gary Anderson hit 'that' Winter Gardens nine-darter in his incredible quarter-final with Joe Cullen, who also fired in a 170 checkout and missed match darts - one of which due to a fly! I was fortunate enough to be present that night...but heartbreakingly missed the magic moment due to interviewing Jeffrey de Zwaan, who'd won the previous match!

It was the tournament's seventh perfect leg ever after Phil Taylor (2002 & 2014), Raymond van Barneveld (2010), John Part (2011), Wes Newton (2012) and Michael van Gerwen (2012). Anderson obviously went on to win before going onto lift the trophy for the first time.

1840: Just to highlight how both players are at the opposite ends of their careers, here's their respective list of honours in the PDC ranks. You have to wonder whether reputation and experience has been given too much weight as far as the pre-match odds are concerned, rather than how they've both been playing this week. But we'll get into those stats a little later.


  • Career highlights: Eight major PDC titles including 2x World Champion (2015, 2016), World Matchplay champion (2018), 2x Premier League champion (2011, 2015), UK Open champion (2018), Players Championship Finals champion (2014), Champions League of Darts winner (2018), six televised World Series titles, 2019 World Cup winner (2019) and 32 non-televised PDC titles, runner-up in 10 other major finals including the World Championship, World Grand Prix & Grand Slam of Darts
  • Career PDC titles: 47-0 (TV: 15-0)
    Major PDC Titles/Finals: 8/19
    Titles this season: 1-0 (TV: 0-0)
  • World Matchplay record: 11 previous appearances. One title (2018). Two semi-final runs (2014, 2016). Six second-rounds. Two first-rounds.
  • Pre-tournament Sky Bet Odds: 14/1


  • Career highlights: Two-time World Youth champion (2017, 2018), quarter-finalist of five senior televised tournaments including the 2020 and 2020 World Championship
  • Senior Career PDC titles: 0
    Major PDC Titles/Finals: 0/0
  • World Matchplay record: Debut
  • Pre-tournament Sky Bet Odds: 100/1

If you're interested to know what I wrote about both players before the event unfolded in my extensive player-by-player profile article then click here, but I sadly didn't say either would win it!

1830: Good evening and welcome to our live blog for the climax of this year's World Matchplay, as one of the greatest darts players of all time bids to add another major title to his glittering collection against one of the sport's brightest stars, who is chasing what could well up being the first of plenty.

Although the tournament may not have been blessed by the usual magical atmosphere of its spiritual Winter Gardens home in Blackpool, tonight's final almost 200 miles away at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes will hopefully be a fitting way to conclude a week packed with storylines, shocks, controversy and high-quality drama.

Before a dart was thrown, many people expected at least one of Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright or Gerwyn Price to be vying for tonight's top prize of £150,000, but the 'big three' were all eliminated before the quarter-finals.

This blew the draw wide open and of the remaining eight left at that stage, six are now back home probably kicking themselves that they were unable to max out on the golden opportunity to win the sport's second most coveted title.

Instead, Gary Anderson will join Phil Taylor, Rod Harrington and Michael van Gerwen in an elite group of four players to lift this prestigious trophy more than once should he claim his ninth PDC major crown, while Dimitri Van den Bergh should fancy his chances of becoming the first debutant to prevail since everybody was a debutant in 1994!

Larry Butler beat Dennis Priestley that year just a month after the future two-time World Youth champion was born, and if you ignore those two inaugural finalists then Van den Bergh is just the fourth player to get this far on their debut following on from Ronnie Baxter (1998), Wayne Mardle (2003) and James Wade (2006).

The 26-year-old is also the seventh unseeded player to reach the final along with Butler (1994), Peter Evison (1996), Baxter (1998), Richie Burnett (2001), Mark Dudbridge (2004) and Wade (2006). Will more history be made tonight?

Over the course of the next couple of hours before the first dart, I'll be dropping in some tournament stats, facts, routes to the final, head-to-head records, player profiles and some tips but in the meantime here are a list of previous World Matchplay finals.

World Matchplay Past Finals

  • 1994 - Larry Butler 16-12 Dennis Priestley
  • 1995 - Phil Taylor 16-11 Dennis Priestley
  • 1996 - Peter Evison 16-14 Dennis Priestley
  • 1997 - Phil Taylor 16-11 Alan Warriner
  • 1998 - Rod Harrington 19-17 Ronnie Baxter
  • 1999 - Rod Harrington 19-17 Peter Manley
  • 2000 - Phil Taylor 18-12 Alan Warriner
  • 2001 - Phil Taylor 18-10 Richie Burnett
  • 2002 - Phil Taylor 18-16 John Part
  • 2003 - Phil Taylor 18-12 Wayne Mardle
  • 2004 - Phil Taylor 18-8 Mark Dudbridge
  • 2005 - Colin Lloyd 18-12 John Part
  • 2006 - Phil Taylor 18-9 James Wade
  • 2007 - James Wade 18-7 Terry Jenkins
  • 2008 - Phil Taylor 18-11 James Wade
  • 2009 - Phil Taylor 18-4 Terry Jenkins
  • 2010 - Phil Taylor 18-12 Raymond van Barneveld
  • 2011 - Phil Taylor 18-8 James Wade
  • 2012 - Phil Taylor 18-15 James Wade
  • 2013 - Phil Taylor 18-13 Adrian Lewis
  • 2014 - Phil Taylor 18-9 Michael van Gerwen
  • 2015 - Michael van Gerwen 18-12 James Wade
  • 2016 - Michael van Gerwen 18-10 Phil Taylor
  • 2017 - Phil Taylor 18-8 Peter Wright
  • 2018 - Gary Anderson 21-19 Mensur Suljovic
  • 2019 - Rob Cross 18-13 Michael Smith

* Click on the underlined finals for reports. Sadly the current Sporting Life website doesn't have archived versions of the finals before that.

World Matchplay Most Titles

  • Phil Taylor - 16
  • Michael van Gerwen - 2
  • Rod Harrington - 2
  • Rob Cross - 1
  • Gary Anderson - 1
  • Larry Butler - 1
  • Peter Evison - 1
  • Colin Lloyd - 1
  • James Wade - 1

Click here for full 2020 World Matchplay guide

Click here for profiles and verdicts for all 32 players competing at the World Matchplay

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