Jose De Sousa is the Grand Slam of Darts champion (Picture: PDC/Lawrence Lustig)
Jose De Sousa is the Grand Slam of Darts champion (Picture: PDC/Lawrence Lustig)

Darts results: Jose De Sousa wins Grand Slam of Darts after beating James Wade in the final

Jose De Sousa’s decision to give up his job as a kitchen fitter last year in pursuit of his darting dreams has paid off in some style.

Playing in his maiden televised final, the ‘Special One’ lived up to his name by landing the Grand Slam of Darts title with a 16-12 victory over James Wade in Coventry.

It’s remarkable to think this is just his second season since earning his first PDC Tour Card and while the 46-year-old has been thrilling ardent darts fans away from the TV cameras over the past 18 months with his title-winning form, dazzling style of play and lovably unorthodox finishing, he’d never previously gone beyond the third round of any of his previous eight majors.

But now he’s proved he can stand the heat of the spotlight as well as the kitchen in one of the sport’s most prestigious events, he’ll be highly-fancied to land the biggest of the all at the Alexandra Palace.

Having negotiated the group stage on his tournament debut, the former carpenter and soft-tip darts star showed his undeniable class in the knockout stages to defeat Dave Chisnall, Michael Smith and Simon Whitlock to set up a final with the now three-time runner-up Wade.

After a nervy start of missing 10 of his first 12 darts at doubles to fall 3-0 down, De Sousa overpowered the Machine with a barrage of 15 180s and consistent heavy scoring while he showed few signs of nerves at the finishing line as he sealed his historic moment with a stunning 158 checkout.

De Sousa, who won his third PDC title when defeating Michael van Gerwen in a European Tour final last month, becomes just the sixth different player to get his hands on the Eric Bristow Trophy since the tournament began in 2007 and is obviously Portugal’s first ever major winner.

Victory also earns him a massive pay packet of £125,000 which lifts him to 15th on the PDC Order of Merit and a seeding for the World Championship - not to mention an almost certain spot in the lucrative Premier League line-up next year.

De Sousa, who averaged 99.95 compared to Wade's 94.26 and hit 13 more maximums, told "This is a dream come true, I can't explain my feelings in this moment. This is the greatest day of my life. When I hit the 158 finish I knew I was going to cry straight away.

"There is so much work behind me to get to this position. I am so thankful to everyone. Five years ago I was on my sofa at home watching the guys play on TV and I wished that maybe some day I can play against these wonderful players.

"It was a big change I made to my life in turning professional but look at me now. It's amazing and I'm very proud of myself."

Wade's superior finishing of 48% (De Sousa 42.11%) was let down by below-par scoring and afterwards the 10-time major winner said: "In the final I was rubbish. He outplayed me by a million miles.It hurts when you don't play well and it hurts when you don't contest someone. I'm still confused as to why that happened.

"I'm finding it hard to be positive after that, it's very disappointing. Jose played a lot better than me. The better man won on the day."

The 2010 and 2014 runner-up was competing in his 25th major final and his second in a month having lost to Peter Wright at the European Championship but despite his disappointment, he has firmly reminded everyone why he could be a real threat for his first world title.

De Sousa 16–12 Wade: Final Stats and leg-by-leg breakdown


  • De Sousa: 99.95
  • Wade: 94.26


  • De Sousa: 15
  • Wade: 2


  • De Sousa: 17
  • Wade: 20


  • De Sousa: 29
  • Wade: 41


  • De Sousa: 42.11% (16/38)
  • Wade: 48% (12/25)

100+ Checkouts

  • De Sousa: 158, 130
  • Wade: 161, 120

De Sousa v Wade: Leg-by-leg breakdown

  • 0-1 (De Sousa throws first)
    Seven missed darts at double in opening leg for De Sousa, Wade with a 19 darter
  • 0-2
    Wade with a 14-darter as De Sousa misses two more doubles having started the leg with back-to-back 180s
  • 0-3
    De Sousa’s third 180 but falters mid-way through the leg as Wade takes out 78 for a 14-dart break
  • 1-3
    De Sousa hits another 180 en route to a 14-dart break after Wade misses an attempt at bull for a 121 checkout
  • 2-3
    Visits of 134, 180 and 171 set up a sublime 10-dart leg for De Sousa, who is now averaging 102.33 despite 10 missed darts at doubles. Wade averaging 94.61 but 50% on doubles.
  • 2-4
    Superb 11-dart hold for Wade thanks to two a pair of 140s and a further visit of 174.
  • 3-4
    Steady hold from De Sousa in 16-darts, with Wade back on 126
  • 4-4
    Four costly missed darts at a double from Wade allows De Sousa, who piled on the pressure with a 180 to leave 36, to level the scores.
  • 4-5
    Wade’s first 180 of the match leaves him 41, which he takes out for a 14-dart break of throw.
  • 5-5
    The Machine can’t capitalise on the break as he misses the bull for an 82 checkout and watches De Sousa finish fantastically from 130 on double five.
  • 6-5
    A routine 15-dart hold with Wade back on 201 edges De Sousa ahead for the first time in the match.
  • 6-6
    Wade obviously won’t lie down and levels up with an undramatic 17-darter.
  • 7-6
    Two more 180s – either side of a 100 – sees De Sousa cruise to a classy 11-darter.
  • 7-7
    Wade fires in his second maximum of the match en route to a steady hold.
  • 8-7
    De Sousa sandwiches another maximum with a pair of 140s en route to another 11-darter as he keeps blowing Wade away on his throw.
  • 9-7
    The Special One kicks off the leg with a 180 and three more steady visits set up a 13-dart break, with Wade waiting on 18.
  • 10-7
    A gap opens up for De Sousa, who holds throw in 17-darts despite pressure from Wade.
  • 10-8
    De Sousa threatens a nine-darter after back-to-back 180s but after leaving 83 after three visits, Wade brilliantly pinches the hold with a 161 checkout.
  • 11-8
    More heavy scoring – albeit without a 180 – helps De Sousa take this leg without any hiccups.
  • 12-8
    Wade’s scoring woes allows De Sousa to take control of this leg, which he wins in 14 darts with his opponent back on 160.
  • 12-9
    Wade is clinical from 92 for a 12-darter - with De Sousa on 102 - to cut the deficit with a crucial break.
  • 12-10
    The Machine holds his throw with a 120 checkout that completes a 15-darter. Is the comeback on?
  • 13-10
    De Sousa follows up his 13th 180 with another visit of 137 and a finish of 68 to get back on track.
  • 13-11
    Wade stays in touch with a 76 finish but he really needs a break to stop De Sousa racing to the finishing line.
  • 14-11
    The Englishman misses a dart at double eight for that much-needed break and De Sousa makes him pay on tops to restore his three-leg lead.
  • 15-11
    De Sousa lands back-to-back 180s to take his maximum tally to 15 (compared to Wade's two) but is later let off the hook for two missed darts at double nine as Wade fluffs two with 40 required.
  • 15-12
    Throwing for the match, the Special One shows some jitters for the first time with his scoring, and although a 171 leaves him 32, Wade pins double 16 before he has the chance to attempt it.
  • 16-12
    De Sousa seals his historic moment in style with a mesmerising 158 checkout, as Wade waited on 56!

Grand Slam of Darts: Tournament Results & Tables

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Monday November 16
Afternoon Session (1pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Group Matches (Best of 9 legs)

  • Rob Cross 5-1 Justin Pipe (D)
  • Dave Chisnall 5-4 Luke Humphries (D)
  • James Wade 5-2 Damon Heta (F)
  • Simon Whitlock 5-3 Ryan Searle (B)
  • Glen Durrant 1-5 Jermaine Wattimena (F)
  • Nathan Aspinall 5-0 Wayne Warren (H)
  • Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-1 Ricky Evans (H)
  • Gary Anderson 5-3 Adam Gawlas (B)

Evening Session (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Group Matches A-D (Best of 9 legs)

  • Jonny Clayton 5-4 Ryan Joyce (G)
  • Joe Cullen 2-5 Gabriel Clemens (A)
  • Krzysztof Ratajski 4-5 Jose De Sousa (C)
  • Michael Smith 5-1 Lisa Ashton (C)
  • Michael van Gerwen 5-0 Adam Hunt (A)
  • Gerwyn Price 5-4 Mikuru Suzuki (G)
  • Peter Wright 4-5 Dirk van Duijvenbode (E)
  • Ian White 2-5 Devon Petersen (E)


Tuesday November 17
Afternoon Session (1pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Group Matches (Best of 9 legs)

  • Ricky Evans 5-3 Wayne Warren (H)
  • Luke Humphries 5-4 Justin Pipe (D)
  • Ryan Searle 5-4 Adam Gawlas (B)
  • Glen Durrant 1-5 Damon Heta (F)
  • Gary Anderson 1-5 Simon Whitlock (B)
  • James Wade 5-3 Jermaine Wattimena (F)
  • Rob Cross 2-5 Dave Chisnall (D)
  • Nathan Aspinall 1-5 Dimitri Van den Bergh (H)

Evening Session (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Group Matches (Best of 9 legs)

  • Krzysztof Ratajski 5-4 Lisa Ashton (C)
  • Joe Cullen 5-4 Adam Hunt (A)
  • Ryan Joyce 5-1 Mikuru Suzuki (G)
  • Peter Wright 5-3 Ian White (E)
  • Devon Petersen 5-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode (E)
  • Michael van Gerwen 5-1 Gabriel Clemens (A)
  • Gerwyn Price 5-3 Jonny Clayton (G)
  • Michael Smith 5-2 Jose De Sousa (C)


Wednesday November 18 (3pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Group Matches (Best of 9 legs)

  • Simon Whitlock 5-4 Adam Gawlas (B)
  • Dave Chisnall 5-2 Justin Pipe (D)
  • James Wade 5-2 Glen Durrant (F)
  • Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-1 Wayne Warren (H)
  • Jermaine Wattimena 4-5 Damon Heta (F)
  • Gary Anderson 5-3 Ryan Searle (B)
  • Nathan Aspinall 5-1 Ricky Evans (H)
  • Rob Cross 5-2 Luke Humphries (D)


Thursday November 19 (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Group Matches (Best of 9 legs)

  • Jose De Sousa 5-1 Lisa Ashton (C)
  • Michael Smith 5-2 Krzysztof Ratajski (C)
  • Jonny Clayton 5-0 Mikuru Suzuki (G)
  • Gerwyn Price 5-4 Ryan Joyce (G)
  • Ian White 5-1 Dirk van Duijvenbode (E)
  • Peter Wright 2-5 Devon Petersen (E)
  • Gabriel Clemens 2-5 Adam Hunt (A)
  • Michael van Gerwen 5-3 Joe Cullen (A)


Friday November 20 (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Second Round (Best of 19 legs)

  • Dimitri Van den Bergh 10-3 Jonny Clayton
  • James Wade 10-4 Ian White
  • Simon Whitlock 10-6 Adam Hunt
  • Dave Chisnall 7-10 Jose De Sousa


Saturday November 21 (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Second Round (Best of 19 legs)

  • Michael Smith 10-9 Rob Cross
  • Devon Petersen 7-10 Damon Heta
  • Michael van Gerwen 10-2 Gary Anderson
  • Gerwyn Price 8-10 Nathan Aspinall


Sunday November 22
Afternoon Session (1pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Quarter-finals (Best of 31 legs)

  • Jose De Sousa 16-14 Michael Smith
  • James Wade 16-13 Damon Heta

Evening Session (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Quarter-finals (Best of 31 legs)

  • Dimitri Van den Bergh 16-15 Nathan Aspinall
  • Simon Whitlock 16-15 Michael van Gerwen


Monday November 23 (7pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Semi-finals (Best of 31 legs)

  • Simon Whitlock 12-16 Jose De Sousa
  • James Wade 16-15 Dimitri Van den Bergh

Tuesday November 24
Afternoon Session (6pm)
TV Coverage: Sky Sports
Final (Best of 31 legs)

  • Jose De Sousa 16-12 James Wade

Grand Slam of Darts 2020: Group standings

Group A

  1. (1) Michael van Gerwen (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +11 Pts 6
  2. Adam Hunt P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -3 Pts 2
  3. Gabriel Clemens P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -4 Pts 2
  4. Joe Cullen P 3 W 1 L 1 LegDiff -4 Pts 2

Group B

  1. Simon Whitlock (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +7 Pts 6
  2. (8) Gary Anderson (Q) P 3 W 2 L 1 LegDiff 0 Pts 4
  3. Ryan Searle P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -3 Pts 2
  4. Adam Gawlas P 2 W 0 L 2 LegDiff -3 Pts 0

Group C

  1. (4) Michael Smith (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +10 Pts 6
  2. Jose De Sousa (Q) P 3 W 2 L 1 LegDiff +2 Pts 4
  3. Krzysztof Ratajski P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -3 Pts 2
  4. Lisa Ashton P 3 W 0 L 3 LegDiff -9 Pts 0

Group D

  1. Dave Chisnall (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +7 Pts 6
  2. (5) Rob Cross (Q) P 3 W 2 L 1 LegDiff +4 Pts 4
  3. Luke Humphries P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -3 Pts 2
  4. Justin Pipe P 3 W 0 L 3 LegDiff -8 Pts 0

Group E

  1. Devon Petersen (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +9 Pts 6
  2. Ian White (Q) P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -1 Pts 2
  3. (2) Peter Wright P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -2 Pts 2
  4. Dirk van Duijvenbode P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -6 Pts 2

Group F

  1. (7) James Wade (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +8 Pts 6
  2. Damon Heta (Q) P 3 W 2 L 1 LegDiff +2 Pts 4
  3. Jermaine Wattimena P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff +1 Pts 2
  4. Glen Durrant P 3 W 0 L 3 LegDiff -10 Pts 0

Group G

  1. (3) Gerwyn Price (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +4 Pts 6
  2. Jonny Clayton (Q) P 3 W 2 L 1 LegDiff +4 Pts 4
  3. Ryan Joyce P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff +2 Pts 2
  4. Mikuru Suzuki P 3 W 0 L 3 LegDiff -10 Pts 0

Group H

  1. Dimitri Van den Bergh (Q) P 3 W 3 L 0 LegDiff +12 Pts 6
  2. (6) Nathan Aspinall P 3 W 2 L 1 LegDiff +5 Pts 4
  3. Ricky Evans P 3 W 1 L 2 LegDiff -6 Pts 2
  4. Wayne Warren P 3 W 0 L 3 LegDiff -11 Pts 0

Scoring System: Each competitor plays each other once in a best-of-nine legs match, with two points going to the winner. The top two from each group will then progress to the knockout stages. Any two-way points tie in any position, the player with best leg difference will finish higher. If two players are still level then the winner of the match between them will progress. There is the potential for a Nine-Dart Shoot-Out should three or more players be tied for points and leg difference. For more details see the format section further down.

Grand Slam of Darts Finals

Grand Slam of Darts Most Titles

  • Phil Taylor - 6
  • Michael van Gerwen - 3
  • Gerwyn Price - 2
  • Scott Waites - 1
  • Raymond van Barneveld - 1

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