A Chitray

DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
23/11/2011/13Master GoldHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Heavy20/1
23/11/208/9Mastor ClassCHASEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy11/1
22/11/204/7Royal BatailleCHASEBordeaux Le Bouscat, 3m 2f 76y, Soft16/1
22/11/203/14Philae Du MathanHURDLEBordeaux Le Bouscat, 2m 2f 86y, Soft11/2
22/11/201/9GreatlessHURDLEBordeaux Le Bouscat, 2m 2f 86y, Soft10/1
22/11/204/9Chorail DebelairHURDLEBordeaux Le Bouscat, 2m 2f 86y, Soft8/1
22/11/204/7BalilandCHASEBordeaux Le Bouscat, 2m 2f 195y, Soft20/1
21/11/208/9Ding Ding DongCHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft10/1
21/11/201/14Victoire De BauneHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft10/1
21/11/206/12Histoire Du ChenetHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft20/1
21/11/204/12Hors PairHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft8/1
21/11/206/8Tara StormCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft22/1
16/11/202/9EmiratHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 2f 195y, Good9/1
16/11/20-Emira Du GouetCHASEFontainebleau, 2m 6f 190y, Good25/1
15/11/20-FerronniereCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft9/2
15/11/201/16GarbureHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft16/1
15/11/207/10Embrun D'OudairiesCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft11/1
13/11/202/6SumsamCHASENantes, 2m 5f 82y, Heavy7/2
13/11/202/12Harmony D'allierHURDLENantes, 1m 7f 90y, Heavy8/1
11/11/202/12Georges JeanHURDLECompiegne, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy7/4
11/11/205/10HosavilleHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy3/1
08/11/207/18JesuitiqueHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy14/1
08/11/203/7Baladin De MescHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy20/1
08/11/204/5Ha La LandHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy11/1
28/10/206/10Histoire Du ChenetHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy7/1
25/10/20-BanonitoHURDLECholet, 2m 2f 195y, Good to Soft10/1
25/10/20-HarablueHURDLECholet, 2m 2f 195y, Good to Soft22/1
24/10/204/8MaresiasCHASENantes, 2m 5f 82y, Soft, C17/2
22/10/209/11Ciel En FeteHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy22/1
22/10/207/10Le BarytonCHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy9/2
20/10/20-Hamelia De LarreHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy14/1
20/10/206/8GradeeCHASECompiegne, 2m 3f 85y, Heavy12/1
18/10/205/10Gant De VeloursHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft5/1
18/10/207/11Enjeu D'arthelCHASEAuteuil, 3m 5f 181y, Soft80/1
18/10/208/15Yellow FieldHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft6/1
18/10/206/12Spirit Of MeelHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft9/1
18/10/204/7Grand MonsieurCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft9/1
17/10/20-KorumCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Good20/1
17/10/206/11Frederica De ThaixCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Good11/2
17/10/20-Red HappyHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good7/1
17/10/20-Cosi Fan TutteCHASEAuteuil, 2m 7f 79y, Good33/1
13/10/2010/12Honor De CavalieraHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Very Soft18/1
13/10/2011/16IneedaleaderHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Very Soft11/2
13/10/205/7Saint DestinCHASEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 196y, Very Soft11/2
11/10/20-Avel De KerbarhHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy11/4
11/10/203/16Embrun D'OudairiesCHASEAuteuil, 2m 2f 86y, Heavy8/1
07/10/207/7MaresiasHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Heavy9/2
07/10/203/10HosavilleHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy5/1
04/10/207/10Crack MathCHASEStrasbourg, 2m 4f 193y, Soft17/2
04/10/203/11ColosseHURDLEStrasbourg, 2m 1f 87y, Soft7/1

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