Pontefract 27th September 2018

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Going: Good (Good to Soft in places)
14:05 procurementseminars.co.uk EBF Maiden Stakes (Plus 10) (Div 1)
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6f(Class 4)2yo1st£5,175.002nd£1,540.003rd£770.004th£385.00
1(3)49Camber49-5 T: R A Fahey J: P Hanagan
2(9)54Ollivander49-5 T: D O'Meara J: D Nolan
Urban Highway (7/4), Open Sea (5/2), Camber (7/2), Samlesbury (10/1), Tease Maid (14/1), Ollivander (14/1), Up The Millers (40/1), Separable (66/1), Our Rodney (100/1), Potenza (100/1)
14:40 procurementseminars.co.uk EBF Maiden Stakes (Plus 10) (Div 2)
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6f(Class 4)2yo1st£5,175.002nd£1,540.003rd£770.004th£385.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
3(3)374Reeves49-5 T: R M H Cowell J: B A Curtis
Make A Wish (5/4), Reeves (9/4), Warning Fire (9/2), Zip (11/2), Reloaded (6/1), Hot Contest (18/1), Sambucca Spirit (50/1), Steely Spirit (50/1), Burnage Boy (66/1), Redemptive (66/1)
15:15 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Fillies' Nursery
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1m 6y(Class 4)2yo1st£6,469.002nd£1,925.003rd£962.004th£481.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
2(2)73125Mrs HooD49-2 T: R A Fahey J: P Hanagan
5(4)73439Illusionsp48-9 T: R A Fahey J: P Mathers
Eesha's Smile (5/4), Mrs Hoo (11/4), Loving Pearl (8/1), Illusions (8/1), Lola's Theme (9/1), Queen of Jumeirah (10/1)
15:50 Visit The All New racinguk.com Handicap
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6f(Class 4)3yo+1st£5,822.002nd£1,732.003rd£866.004th£433.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
1(6)392574Highland AcclaimhD99-7 T: D O'Meara J: D Nolan
2(5)412160The Armed ManD79-7 T: C W Fairhurst J: Paula Muir(5)
3(1)042204Sheepscar LadBFC69-7 T: N Tinkler J: Lewis Edmunds
5(17)376680Gin In The InnCD79-5 T: R A Fahey J: P Hanagan
6(13)159140Mr OrangepCD79-4 T: P T Midgley J: D C Costello
7(7)3-10000Handsome DudebD89-3 T: T D Barron J: B A Curtis
8(8)168302AleeftD79-3 T: D O'Meara J: D Tudhope
10(16)100/004Glen MossD119-1 T: Roger Fell J: T Hamilton
11(9)026200My Name Is RioCD109-1 T: M Dods J: Connor Beasley
12(4)634484King RobertvD79-0 T: B Smart J: G Lee
13(3)933710Hee HawpBFD68-13 T: P T Midgley J: J Fanning
14(2)7061Rolladice58-12 T: M W Easterby J: Nathan Evans
15(12)030807Pennsylvania DutchD68-12 T: K A Ryan J: Kevin Stott
17(15)800357Explainv1D88-10 T: Mrs R Carr J: J P Sullivan
Sheepscar Lad (7/2), Hee Haw (9/2), King Robert (7/1), Rolladice (7/1), Aleef (8/1), Highland Acclaim (9/1), Pennsylvania Dutch (12/1), Kyllachy Dragon (12/1), The Armed Man (14/1), Mr Orange (20/1), Robero (20/1), My Name Is Rio (25/1), Valley of Fire (25/1), Gin In The Inn (25/1), Handsome Dude (25/1), Glen Moss (33/1), Explain (33/1)
16:25 Simon Scrope Dalby Screw-Driver Handicap
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1m 2f 5y(Class 3)3yo+1st£12,450.002nd£3,728.003rd£1,864.004th£932.005th£466.006th£234.00
2(9)114260MooltazempD69-11 T: M Dods J: Callum Rodriguez
3(1)321-11Francis XavierD69-10 T: Kevin Frost J: Joshua Bryan(3)
5(11)7-52361Dark PearlD69-8 T: Ed Walker J: L P Keniry
7(4)427875Vale Do SolD89-8 T: G Peckham J: M M Monaghan(3)
8(2)442946Mukhayyamp89-8 T: T D Easterby J: D Allan
9(5)108005Dance Kingp,tCD109-7 T: T D Easterby J: Cam Hardie
10(6)2-43122Busy Street89-7 T: M Appleby J: Theodore Ladd(5)
11(12)034612MulligatawnypD79-2 T: Roger Fell J: B A Curtis
12(7)1140Celestial Forcep1D59-1 T: Tom Dascombe J: C Lee(3)
Francis Xavier (5/2), Mukhayyam (9/2), Frontispiece (5/1), Busy Street (11/2), Mulligatawny (8/1), Dark Pearl (9/1), Empress Ali (12/1), Custom Cut (14/1), Celestial Force (14/1), Dance King (20/1), Mooltazem (25/1), Vale Do Sol (33/1)
17:00 Frier Wood Novice Auction Stakes (Plus 10)
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1m 6y(Class 4)2yo1st£5,175.002nd£1,540.003rd£770.004th£385.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
1(4)631Silkstone49-8 T: Mrs P Sly J: William Cox(5)
7(6)08Chiniakb49-0 T: T D Easterby J: D Allan
Never Do Nothing (7/4), Tribal Commander (2/1), Desert Friend (4/1), Spirit Of Lund (8/1), Silkstone (16/1), The Great Story (16/1), Play It By Ear (25/1), Cormier (33/1), Chiniak (66/1)
17:35 Racegoers Club 50th Anniversary Handicap
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5f 3y(Class 4)3yo+1st£5,822.002nd£1,732.003rd£866.004th£433.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
1(5)112547Dapper ManD69-10 T: Roger Fell J: T Hamilton
3(2)12132Queens GiftBF59-8 T: M Dods J: Callum Rodriguez
5(3)020961Van GerwenCD79-7 T: J L Eyre J: D Tudhope
6(13)0-09654Show PalaceD79-6 T: Jennie Candlish J: J Fanning
8(16)220450Feebs59-3 T: M W Easterby J: Cam Hardie
9(4)170060Suitcase 'n' TaxiCD69-3 T: T D Easterby J: D Allan
10(6)23-4213WrenthorpepD59-3 T: B Smart J: Harry Russell(7)
13(15)134665Desert AceD99-1 T: P T Midgley J: Kevin Stott
14(10)652284Top BoyvD109-0 T: D Shaw J: P Mathers
15(1)059809Computablee/sD68-13 T: T D Easterby J: Nathan Evans
16(11)391391Round The IslandC78-8 T: R M Whitaker J: Phil Dennis(3)
Queens Gift (9/4), Van Gerwen (7/2), Harry Hurricane (6/1), Round The Island (15/2), Magic Pulse (8/1), Wrenthorpe (12/1), Bahamian Sunrise (12/1), Computable (16/1), Laubali (16/1), Suitcase 'n' Taxi (16/1), Dapper Man (20/1), Desert Ace (20/1), Show Palace (20/1), Top Boy (25/1), Feebs (40/1), Zapper Cass (66/1)
18:05 Racing UK HD On Sky 426 Apprentice Handicap
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1m 4f 5y(Class 5)3yo+1st£3,881.002nd£1,155.003rd£577.004th£300.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
2(1)242135BomberopD69-12 T: E De Giles J: Mark Crehan(4)
3(6)2842-42Dance To ParisbBF59-4 T: Mrs L Wadham J: Jane Elliott
4(4)0-63252RefrainBF59-2 T: Sir Michael Stoute J: Tristan Price(4)
8(8)994339CorreggiopC108-12 T: Micky Hammond J: Rob J Fitzpatrick
Trouble And Strife (6/4), Refrain (2/1), Dance To Paris (4/1), Bombero (8/1), See The City (12/1), Our Cilla (20/1), Point Of Honour (25/1), Correggio (40/1)

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