Premier League Darts Final recap: Michael van Gerwen beats Rob Cross 11-5 to win the title for a fifth time

Michael van Gerwen lifts the Premier League Darts title for a fifth time

Leg-by-leg recap of the Premier League Darts Play-Offs, as Michael van Gerwen defeated Rob Cross in the final to win the title for a fifth time.

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Play-Off Semi-Finals (Best of 19 legs)

  • Michael van Gerwen 10-7 Daryl Gurney
  • Rob Cross 10-5 James Wade

Final (best of 21 legs)

  • Michael van Gerwen 11-5 Rob Cross

Scroll down for leg-by leg reports and stats from all the games plus match highlights.

We'll leave you fittingly with Michael van Gerwen giving his reaction to winning the Premier League for a fifth time and collecting another huge cheque of Β£250,000.

A familiar sight in the world of darts. Michael van Gerwen lifting a trophy.

Rob Cross didn't play badly in that final whatsoever and it could have been a different story had he not missed those three darts at his favourite double for 5-5. He deserves so much credit for bouncing back from a difficult 2018 to reassert himself as one of the best players in the world.

Michael Van Gerwen beats Rob Cross 11-5 to win the Premier League Darts title

Incredible performance from Michael van Gerwen as he wins his fifth Premier League Darts title and for the fourth time in succession, which equals a record set by six-time champion Phil Taylor.

A week after topping the regular season table for a seventh year in a row, he reached his seventh successive final with a battling performance against Daryl Gurney before turning on the style when it really mattered against Rob Cross.

What a talent.



  • MVG: 103.36
  • Cross: 100.98


  • MVG: 5
  • Cross: 2


  • MVG: 11/24
  • Cross: 5/16

Highest Checkouts

  • MVG: 130
  • Cross: 87
  • Leg 16
    It's all over as van Gerwen wins the Premier League Darts title in style with a 12 darter, completed with a stunning 130 checkout! Incredible performance when he needed it most.
    MVG 11-5 Cross
  • Leg 15
    A fifth 180 from MVG puts real pressure on the Cross throw and Voltage buckles under it when failing to take out 71. Van Gerwen takes out 70 and now he has one hand on the trophy.
    MVG 10-5 Cross
  • Leg 14
    MVG fires in his fourth 180 of the match at the start of this leg before ending it on double six for a 15-darter, with Cross waiting on 86. Two away from a fifth Premier League title.
    MVG 9-5 Cross
  • Leg 13
    Cross badly needs this leg and he just about manages it despite blowing three darts at double 12 after three earlier visits of 140 put him in full control. He survives MVG's dart at the bullseye before completing his 16-darter.
    MVG 8-5 Cross
  • Leg 12
    MVG threatens a nine-darter in this final after back-to-back visits of 177 and 180 but he can't find the treble 20 bed with his next dart and ends up making do with an 11 darter.
    MVG 8-4 Cross
  • Leg 11 (Cross to throw first)
    Van Gerwen lets out a customary roar as he takes out 72 to complete a 15-dart break under pressure with Cross waiting on 20. Voltage didn't play badly in that leg but he needs to find another level...and quick.
    MVG 7-4 Cross


Odds: MVG is favourite at 1/7 to win this match while Rob Cross can be backed at 4/1! Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • MVG: 100.75
  • Cross: 102.23


  • MVG: 2
  • Cross: 2


  • MVG: 6/14
  • Cross: 4/11

Highest Checkouts

  • MVG: 112
  • Cross: 87
  • Leg 10
    What a final this is turning out to be! It really should be 5-5 at the interval but Cross missed three darts to take out 36 following a fabulous set up visit of 134 to leave his favourite double and MVG punished him with a 74 checkout to end Voltage's run four three successive legs.
    MVG 6-4 Cross
  • Leg Nine
    Cross is getting the O2 crowd off their feet with breathtaking scoring and four more 100+ visits leaves him eight, which he takes out at the second attempt for a 14-darter. MVG looks rattled!
    MVG 5-4 Cross
  • Leg Eight
    Now the final is catching fire as a pumped up Cross lets out a huge roar when he pins double five for a superb 87 checkout under pressure to break the MVG throw. It completed at 12-dart leg that also consisted of visits of 100, 134 and 180. Superb stuff.
    MVG 5-3 Cross
  • Leg Seven
    Voltage is battling away and chalks up his first 180 of the match to help him on his way to a 13-dart leg which keeps him just about in touch of the rampant Dutchman.
    MVG 5-2 Cross
  • Leg Six
    MVG is starting to turn on the style after that sluggish semi-final performance and he's only allowed Cross three darts at a double! He kicks off this leg with a 134 and later follows up a visit of 100 with a 112 checkout for a 15-darter.
    MVG 5-1 Cross
  • Leg Five
    Stunning from Van Gerwen as visits of 135, 137 and 139 leaves him 90, which he takes out despite a bounce out on double 18 with his second dart! That was a 12-dart break of throw as Cross waited on 36 after three visits of 140+.
    MVG 4-1 Cross
  • Leg Four
    Slow start from both players on the scoring front, with MVG averaging 97 and Cross just 96. Nevertheless, a second 180 of the match at the start of this leg helps MVG ease away to a 13-darter and a 3-1 lead.
    MVG 3-1 Cross
  • Leg Three
    Cross settles down with a timely 13 darter as visits of 140, 96, 133 and 100 left him 32, while MVG was back on 148.
    MVG 2-1 Cross
  • Leg Two
    Sloppy finishing all round as van Gerwen finally pins double two for an 18-darter after five missed darts at doubles while Cross spurned two of his own as he blew a great chance to break straight back.
    MVG 2-0 Cross
  • Leg One (Cross to throw first)
    Cross won the bullseye to throw first in his first Premier League final but he's broken immediately as Michael van Gerwen blasts out of the blocks with a 15-dart leg that was helped along by a 180.
    MVG 1-0 Cross

2110: Michael van Gerwen is 3/10 with Sky Bet to win the title for a fifth time - and fourth in succession - but you've got to say Rob Cross is worth a bet at 9/4 considering how well he played against James Wade.

That said he'll have had less rest than MVG and he does have that poor recent record against the Dutchman, losing all four of their encounters in 2019. As well as those two heavy losses in the Premier League he also lost a close European Tour final 8-6 and a semi-final 7-1.

However, Voltage told Sporting Life Darts yesterday: "I've got to at my own pace and play my own game. It sounds simple but I've been roped in the last few times, gone too fast and tried to fight fire with fire. And it hasn't gone well!

"When Michael plays Michael Smith, the averages are usually huge because of their styles. I need to go my own speed, like I did against him in the World Championship semi-finals.

"I've got the semi-final first and if I get through that and come up against Michael, there's Β£250k up for grabs so I'll be giving it my all!"

2100: Right, let's quickly try and go through some head-to-head records and stats ahead of this final...


Finishing Position: 1st (23 points) - 2nd (22 points)
Tournament Average: 101.94 - 99.69
Best Average: 110.85 - 104.71
Tournament 180s: 41 - 54
Checkout %: 49.08% (107/218) - 44.16% (102/231)
High Checkout: 132 - 164


Seasons: 7 (2013-2019) - 2 (2018-2019)
Highest League Position: 1st (x7) - 2nd
Premier League Winner: 5 - 0
Play-Off Semi-Final record: P7 W7 - P2 W1


Head-to-head: 15-3
Meetings since start of 2018: 7-1
PL Meetings in 2019: 2-0 (7-2 & 8-2)
Other Meetings: 1-0 (8-6 & 7-1 - both on European Tour)


Career Titles: 126-7
Televised Titles: 47-2
Titles Since Start of 2018: 24-2
PDC Titles in 2019: 7-0

Rob Cross beats James Wade 10-5 to reach the Premier League Darts final

Rob Cross will take on Michael van Gerwen in tonight's Premier League Darts final after overpowering James Wade with a pretty ruthless performance.

Obviously Voltage knows how to beat MVG having so famously done so in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Championship but since then he's lost seven of their last eight meetings including all five Premier League encounters.



  • Cross: 100.31
  • Wade: 91.91


  • Cross: 5
  • Wade: 1


  • Cross: 10/23
  • Wade: 5/13

Highest Checkouts

  • Cross: 128
  • Wade: 98
  • Leg 15
    Cross puts Wade out of his misery in style with a superb 128 checkout to complete a victory-sealing 12-dart leg and you have to say his performance was far superior than that of Michael van Gerwen's earlier in the night.
    Cross 10-5 Wade
  • Leg 14
    Wade delays the inevitable by going 20, double 19, double tops to take out 98 for a scruffy 18-darter after Cross had failed to hit two big numbers in his attempts to finish from 39!
    Cross 9-5 Wade
  • Leg 13
    Cross puts a dent in his own average by missing three darts at double eight after playing superbly to reach a finish but he's let off the hook by Wade who can only score 40 with 100 remaining. Voltage comes back to hit his target and move one away from victory.
    Cross 9-4 Wade
  • Leg 12
    Voltage's fifth maximum of the match is followed up by visits of 100 and 140 before he finishes a comprehensive 13-dart break on tops. He's won seven of the last eight legs since trailing 3-1!
    Cross 8-4 Wade
  • Leg 11 (Cross to throw first)
    Rob Cross is edging closer to his first Premier League Darts final as he brilliantly follows up his fourth 180 of the match with a 103 checkout to complete a 15-darter, with Wade frustratingly waiting on 82.
    Cross 7-4 Wade


Odds: Rob Cross is favourite at 1/7 to win this match while James Wade can be backed at 4/1! Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • Cross: 99.74
  • Wade: 97.04


  • Cross: 3
  • Wade: 1


  • Cross: 6/15
  • Wade: 4/12

Highest Checkouts

  • Cross: 112
  • Wade: 87
  • Leg 10
    Voltage kicks off the final leg before the interval with his third 180 of the match and so nearly ends it with the Big Fish checkout, only to see his attempt at the bullseye miss by the width of a wire. Wade came back to try and take out 54 but he missed two darts at tops and Cross punished him with his last in hand on double eight to complete a 15 darter.
    Cross 6-4 Wade
  • Leg Nine
    From the sublime to the farcical as Cross misses four darts at doubles, including single one in the madhouse, to let Wade steal a break back - although that came after the Machine spurned four of his own before pinning two fours for a 16-darter.
    Cross 5-4 Wade
  • Leg Eight
    Finally, the first 100+ checkout of Finals Night! Cross pins double 18 to complete a 112 finish which came straight after Wade's first 180 of the match left him 44. Fabulous from Voltage, who is now averaging around 104 and leads by two legs after this crucial break of throw.
    Cross 5-3 Wade
  • Leg Seven
    Three legs on the spin now for Cross as an 80 checkout completes a steady 15 darter but his job is being made easier by Wade, who is now averaging 95 after falling well off the pace with his scoring.
    Cross 4-3 Wade
  • Leg Six
    Voltage looks like he's about to turn this game on its head as rattles off a second successive 13-darter with the help of three 100+ visits, including a 168, while Wade was back on 124. Cross is also well ahead on the averages - 103 to 98 - although that means nothing to the timing Machine.
    Cross 3-3 Wade
  • Leg Five
    Cross is now averaging almost 101 compared to Wade's 104 as he claws a leg back with an impressive 13-dart leg that included a brace of 140s either side of a 126.
    Cross 2-3 Wade
  • Leg Four
    Excellent from Wade as he follows up back-to-back visits of 137 and another of 140 with an 87 checkout to complete a class 12-darter.
    Cross 1-3 Wade
  • Leg Three
    This crowd needs waking up a bit and Cross does his best to do just that with the first 180 of the match but he goes on to miss double 16 and his opponent, who stayed in touch with three 100+ visits, punishes him on two 10s again for a 14-dart break.
    Cross 1-2 Wade
  • Leg Two
    Voltage has a golden opportunity to break at the first time of asking but he spurns an attempt at double 16 with his last dart in hand as Wade responds on two 10s for a 16-dart hold.
    Cross 1-1 Wade
  • Leg One (Cross to throw first)
    First blood to Rob Cross as visits of 140, 119, 140 and 86 sets him up for a cool 13-dart opening leg, with Wade back on 110.
    Cross 1-0 Wade

2000: Next up it's Rob Cross up against James Wade. If you want to check out all the stats and head-to-head records for this one, either scroll down or click here for the betting tips.

Michael van Gerwen defeats Daryl Gurney 10-7 to reach the Premier League final!

It wasn't a classic by any means, but Michael van Gerwen really won't care if he's lifting that trophy at the end of the night.

He advances to his seventh Premier League final, where he'll meet either Rob Cross or James Wade, but can he make it title number five and four in a row? On that evidence, possibly not!



  • MVG: 96.48
  • Gurney: 94.02


  • MVG: 3
  • Gurney: 5


  • MVG: 10/25
  • Gurney: 7/21

Highest Checkouts

  • MVG: 89
  • Gurney: 48
  • Leg 17
    Van Gerwen finally ends this war of attrition as he extends his perfect record of Premier League semi-final wins to seven by pinning double 16 for a match-sealing 15-darter.
    MVG 10-7 Gurney
  • Leg 16
    The quality may not be there but there's still a chance of a dramatically close finish as Gurney starts the leg with his fifth 180 before finishing it with a 48 checkout for a 15-darter.
    MVG 9-7 Gurney
  • Leg 15
    You could almost hear a pin drop inside the packed O2 as Michael van Gerwen scraps another leg in this below-par contest in which neither player has caught fire. This time MVG finishes 58 for an 18 dart leg, with Gurney back on 90.
    MVG 9-6 Gurney
  • Leg 14
    It's three legs on the spin for the defending champion as he punishes Gurney for five missed darts at a double either side of fluffing his initial attempts to take out 92. Although it goes down as a scruffy 20-darter, it's one leg closer to the Premier League Darts final.
    MVG 8-6 Gurney
  • Leg 13
    Van Gerwen gets his nose in front again with the highest checkout of the match so far, finishing 89 for a 14-dart hold with Gurney waiting on 95 following a pair of 140s.
    MVG 7-6 Gurney
  • Leg 12
    SuperChin can't back up his break with a hold of throw as MVG returns the favour with a 13-darter of his own thanks to visits of 140, 123, 134 and 88, which left 16.
    MVG 6-6 Gurney
  • Leg 11 (MVG to throw first)
    It's the first break of the match as Gurney follows up visits of 100, 96 and 93 with his fourth 180 of the match to leave 32, which he takes out at the first time of asking for a superb 13 darter. MVG was back on 101.
    MVG 5-6 Gurney


Odds: Michael van Gerwen is favourite at 1/4 to win this match while Daryl Gurney can be backed at 5/2! Click here now for all the Sky Bet live darts markets including most 180s & highest checkout.


  • MVG: 98.81
  • Gurney: 95.60


  • MVG: 3
  • Gurney: 3


  • MVG: 5/15
  • Gurney: 5/12

Highest Checkouts

  • MVG: 40
  • Gurney: 43
  • Leg 10
    Gurney lets out a huge roar as he pins double 12 with his last dart in hand to go into the interval level at 5-5 in this race to 10 legs. Van Gerwen had earlier missed a dart at double 10 for a 90 checkout and that could prove costly.
    MVG 5-5 Gurney
  • Leg Nine
    Gurney's impeccable finishing goes off as he blows a golden opportunity to break the van Gerwen throw. The Northern Irishman first missed the bullseye when attempting to take out 130 but after MVG fluffed his lines on tops, he missed two more at double eight.
    MVG 5-4 Gurney
  • Leg Eight
    This is so similar to the climax of the Players Championship Finals when Gurney just hung in with MVG before pipping him at the end. SuperChin once again levels the score as his third maximum of the match paves the way for a 13-darter, with MVG way back on 198.
    MVG 4-4 Gurney
  • Leg Seven
    It's a relatively comfortable hold for van Gerwen in 17 darts on tops after Gurney failed miserably in his attempt to take out 160.
    MVG 4-3 Gurney
  • Leg Six
    Gurney may well be averaging almost 10 points lower than his opponent but his finishing has been ruthless, pinning three of his five attempts at doubles to level the scores again. This time he takes out double 16 for a 13-darter after setting himself up fantastically with a visit of 171.
    MVG 3-3 Gurney
  • Leg Five
    Van Gerwen races through this leg in 13 darts after kicking it off with visits of 120 and 174 although Gurney did throw his second 180 of the match with his last visit to apply a little pressure.
    MVG 3-2 Gurney
  • Leg Four
    MVG is averaging 104 compared to Gurney's 92 but the most important score says 2-2 as Super Chin takes out 43 for a 14-darter - with MVG ready to take out 41 - following visits of 120 and a pair of 140s.
    MVG 2-2 Gurney
  • Leg Three
    Robin van Persie is in the crowd and he gives a big smile to the camera after his mate MVG holds his nerve with his last dart in hand to pin double eight and take a sloppy leg in 18, with Gurney back on 80.
    MVG 2-1 Gurney
  • Leg Two
    Daryl Gurney kicks off the next leg on his throw with a 180 and although MVG bags another maximum of his own to apply real pressure, the Northern Irishman gets on the board by hitting double five for a 15-darter. His opponent was waiting to pounce on 20.
    MVG 1-1 Gurney
  • Leg One (MVG to throw first)
    Michael van Gerwen follows up the first 180 of the night with a 170 to leave double 16, which he takes out for a 14-darter. Ominous start!
    MVG 1-0 Gurney

1910: The players will be making their way to the stage shortly so if you're late to the blog, just scroll down for all the head-to-head records and tournament stats - if you're interested in them that is!

1905: We've already touched on Daryl Gurney becoming only the second man to do the Premier League regular season double over Michael van Gerwen (Peter Wright being the other in 2018) but here's another reminder of why SuperChin can do a number on the world number one on this big stage.

1900: Rob Cross also spoke to us yesterday about how he's learned from a tough 2018, why he's missed plenty of floor events to stay fresh for the Premier League and how he'll be taking a leaf out of Daryl Gurney's book if he faces Michael van Gerwen in the final. Click here to read the full interview.

1855: Factoring in all those facts and stats below, I went with James Wade in my betting preview to edge this one but it could easily go down to the wire. The Machine, who beat Cross last Thursday to deny Voltage top spot, has turned into a serial winner again thanks to those TV titles in the European Championship and World Series of Darts Finals late last year and he's already bagged three floor tournaments in 2019 to maintain his momentum. He's complimenting his trademark timing with higher scoring than usual and I just think his experience could prove to be the difference.

That said, he did say in an interview yesterday: "I'll have no psychological advantage from last Thursday because that wasn't a knockout game. He'll be fresh, approach this game differently and be ready for me. Last week wasn't much on the line although I did effectively rob him of a lot of money! I'm still waiting for that brown envelope from Michael though!"

1850: Many expect Rob Cross v James Wade to be a much closer semi-final and apart from the volume of career achievements and titles, there isn't really much between the pair when it comes to the stats...

PREMIER LEAGUE 2019 STATS (Cross first)

Finishing Position: 2nd (22 points) - 3rd (20 points)
Tournament Average: 99.69 - 97.87
Best Average: 104.71 - 109.59
Tournament 180s: 54 - 44
Checkout %: 44.16% (102/231) - 43.70% (104/238)
High Checkout: 164 - 161


Seasons: 2 (2018-2019) - 10 (2008-'13, '15-'17, 2019)
Highest League Position: 2nd - 2nd (x2)
Premier League Winner: 0 - 1 (2009)
Play-Off Semi-Final record: P1 W0 - P5 W3


Head-to-head: 6-6
Meetings since start of 2018: 5-2
PL Meetings in 2019: 1-1 (7-4 & 6-8)
Other Meetings in 2019: N/A


Career Titles: 7-33
Televised Titles: 2-9
Titles Since Start of 2018: 2-5
PDC Titles in 2019: 0-3

1840: Before looking at the second semi-final, I'll just point you to a quick interview we did with Daryl Gurney yesterday in which he talks about being one of the most negative thinkers in darts. Now if he can reach world number three with that mindset, imagine how good he could be if he believed in himself a bit more! That said, he could just be proving that motivational mottos and sports psychology are just nonsense!

And here's the moment Daryl Gurney found out he qualified for the Play-Offs for the first time in his career...while talking to me of all people!

1830: The statistics in the previous update below may indeed point you towards one winner but I genuinely think there could be a shock on the cards as Daryl Gurney bids to become the first man ever to beat MVG three times in one Premier League season.

I won't repeat my betting preview (which you can read by clicking here) but the Northern Irishman has learned how to beat MVG thanks to that incredible triumph at the Players Championship Finals and it's as simple as "playing at my own pace". Achieving the Premier League double over him means he's beaten him three times in a row on TV and that does give the world champion plenty of food for thought. He may well go and get revenge in emphatic fashion but stranger things have happened.

Click on the image for our Premier League Darts betting tips and predictions

1820: OK, enough of the memories, let's now take a closer look at the first semi-final between Michael van Gerwen and Daryl Gurney with stats and head-to-head records.


Finishing Position: 1st (23 points) - 4th (19 points)
Tournament Average: 101.94 - 96.72
Best Average: 110.85 - 104.05
Tournament 180s: 41 - 45
Checkout %: 49.08% (107/218) - 40.26% (93/231)
High Checkout: 132 - 140


Seasons: 7 (2013-2019) - 2 (2018-2019)
Highest League Position: 1st (x7) - 4th
Premier League Winner: 5 - 0
Play-Off Semi-Final record: P7 W7 - NA


Head-to-head: 19-5 (1 draw)
Meetings since start of 2018: 9-3 ( 1 draw)
PL Meetings in 2019: 0-2 (5-7 & 5-8)
Other Meetings: 1-0 (7-3 in Austrian Darts Open)


Career Titles: 126-4
Televised Titles: 47-2
Titles Since Start of 2018: 24-2
PDC Titles in 2019: 7-1

1800: We've got plenty of time before the action gets under way, so I'm going to pick out 10 of my personal highlights and controversial moments for you to enjoy from the season...

Number One (in particular order!): John Henderson

The rest are in no particular order...

2. Raymond van Barneveld's comeback to get a draw against the pantomime villain

3. Michael Smith's unquestionable sportsmanship

4. Raymond van Barneveld's 170 checkout in Berlin

5. Mensur Suljovic's stunning comeback against Rob Cross

6. Raymond van Barneveld says goodbye to the Rotterdam crowd

7. Michael van Gerwen thwarts Gerwyn Price

8. The leg of the season

9. The match of the season

10. Gurney does the double over MVG

11. No handshakes at dawn

12. Price and Gurney get heated at the oche

1745: There's probably enough time for you to listen to all the Sporting Life Darts Podcast with yours truly, Paul Higham and Ben Coley but you might just want to fast forward to the interviews with Daryl Gurney and Rob Cross plus the predictions for the semi-finals. The rest of it is us reviewing the season while being chased around the office by Henry the Hoover.

Click on the image to listen to the latest Sporting Life Darts Podcast

1730: Good evening and welcome to our live blog from the climax of the Premier League Darts season, as just four players remain in contention to lift the prestigious trophy and the top prize of Β£250,000.

It all started back on February 7 without an injured Gary Anderson and since then we've witnessed 73 matches across 16 nights for 15 weeks, 428 180s, three 170s checkouts, shock wins, amazing comebacks, a rate whitewash, a retirement, a retirement U-turn and nine 'Contenders' bringing the crowd to their feet, especially Big John Henderson.

But after all of the regular season drama, it all boils down to Finals Night.

Michael van Gerwen, who topped the regular season for a seventh year in a row, is bidding to win the title for the fifth time overall and fourth in succession but in order to reach the final he'll need to beat a man who did the Premier League double over him - Daryl Gurney.

The winner of that will meet either Rob Cross or 2009 champion James Wade, who is competing in the Play-Offs for the first time since 2013.

In the next hour or so I'll be looking closer at both match ups with head-to-heads record, tournament stats, player quotes and looking back at some highlights - but for now take a second to vote in our poll below for the sheer hell of it.

2019 Premier League Darts Table

  1. Van Gerwen P 16 W 10 D 3 L 3 LegD +40 Pts 23
  2. Cross P 16 W 10 D 2 L 4 LegD +26 Pts 22
  3. Wade P 16 W 7 D 6 L 3 LegD +20 Pts 20
  4. Gurney P 16 W 8 D 3 L 5 LegD +7 Pts 19
  5. Price P 16 W 6 D 6 L 4 LegD +6 Pts 18
  6. Suljovic P 16 W 7 D 3 L 6 LegD +5 Pts 17
  7. Smith P 16 W 3 D 4 L 9 LegD -26 Pts 10
  8. Wright P 16 W 2 D 5 L 9 LegD -33 Pts 9
  9. Relegated: Van Barneveld P 9 W 1 D 2 L 6 LegD -22 Pts 4

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