Turffontein 8th September 2018

Going: Good
10:30 itsarush.co.za Welcomes You Maiden Plate
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7f 46y3yo+1stR59,373.002ndR18,994.003rdR9,497.004thR4,748.005thR2,374.00
2(5)099463-Verdi49-6T: Dorrie ShamJ: Collen Storey
11(6)36-Takatul39-0T: M F De KockJ: R Simons
Iditarod Trail (7/4), Professional (5/1), Takatul (5/1), Verdi (9/1), Blessington (10/1), El Sereno (10/1), Two Of Us (14/1), Captain Hook (14/1), Chief Black Horse (14/1), Stop And Stare (28/1), Byron Bay (28/1), Winter Crusade (33/1), Supermax (33/1)
11:05 Betting World - 087 741 2777 Workriders Maiden Plate (F & M)
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7f 46y3yo+1stR59,373.002ndR18,994.003rdR9,497.004thR4,748.005thR2,374.00
Abelie (11/8), Huddle (10/3), Petite Aime (11/2), Gold Scent (7/1), Jet In Style (17/2), Shezahotti (17/2), Candela (20/1), Fuyu (20/1), Victorious Girl (22/1), The Great Queen (28/1), League Of Angels (40/1), Rosebud (50/1)
11:40 Grand Heritage 29 September Fm 79 Handicap (F & M)
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4f 214y3yo+1stR70,007.002ndR22,405.003rdR11,202.004thR5,601.005thR2,792.00
3(3)742/047-PhillydelphiaCD49-3T: Paul PeterJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
5(7)621241-ColombinaCD48-8T: Johan J VuurenJ: R Simons
6(2)410361-Queen Of WarbCD48-8T: Grant MarounJ: Mark Khan
Lady Of The World (3/1), Queen Of War (3/1), Colombina (10/3), An Air Of Success (9/2), Elusive Strike (11/2), Phillydelphia (13/2), Shifting Shadows (16/1)
12:15 Ladies Stakes (Non-Black Type) (Fillies And Mares)
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5f 212y3yo+1stR84,369.002ndR27,003.003rdR13,493.004thR6,755.005thR3,377.00
2(4)1/11705-Covered In SnowBFCD49-6T: Dianne StengerJ: M Yeni
5(8)53330/0-Lady StarlettbCD69-1T: Coenie De BeerJ: Mark Khan
6(1)3/111-Pretty PennyCD48-9T: Alec LairdJ: R Simons
7(3)12/7316-Penny RoyalD48-8T: Johan J VuurenJ: S Khumalo
8(7)221/190-SchippersCD48-6T: Geoff WoodruffJ: C Maujean
10(10)3/01491-Lily StarletteCD48-3T: Paul MatchettJ: Jarryd Penny
Pretty Penny (8/15), Frederico's Dream (9/2), Covered In Snow (11/2), Schippers (13/2), Penny Royal (17/2), Regal Graduation (11/1), Rouge Allure (14/1), Lily Starlette (33/1), My Friend Lee (33/1), Lady Starlett (33/1)
12:50 Tab Pays The Full Dividend, No Limits Mr 71 Handicap
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7f 210y3yo+1stR54,992.002ndR17,606.003rdR8,795.004thR4,397.005thR2,207.00
2(5)6/13-Bronx Bomber49-5T: Alec LairdJ: M Yeni
3(6)568/506-Play The NightC49-5T: Sean TarryJ: P Strydom
4(10)07/0016-RevelationbCD69-5T: Erico VerdoneseJ: Craig Zackey
5(8)264215-Imperial QuestC49-4T: Sean TarryJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
6(13)876207-Street FlyerbCD79-4T: Paul MatchettJ: Kabelo Matsunyane(9)
10(1)458748-Wonderous ClimberbCD48-13T: Sean TarryJ: S Khumalo
11(2)2/07201-PatricCD68-10T: Devin LittleJ: Calvin Habib
13(4)885823-Kurt's Approvalb1BF48-5T: Brian WiidJ: K Zechner
Bronx Bomber (10/3), Wonderous Climber (9/2), Decision Time (5/1), Seventh Of June (11/2), Patric (15/2), Kurt's Approval (15/2), Play The Night (15/2), Volcanic Sunset (9/1), Revelation (10/1), Imperial Quest (12/1), Street Flyer (14/1), Son Of A Legend (22/1), Highway Eightyfive (50/1)
13:25 Get Your Grand Heritage Tickets At Webticket Fm 83 Handicap (F & M)
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7f 210y3yo+1stR70,007.002ndR22,405.003rdR11,202.004thR5,601.005thR2,792.00
1(4)677937-London SecretC49-6T: Sean TarryJ: S Khumalo
5(6)421225-Barbie DollbD48-11T: Chesney ZylJ: P Strydom
9(1)501253-ShellyD68-5T: Devin LittleJ: Calvin Habib
Barbie Doll (10/3), Only To Win (4/1), Cold Cash (9/2), Redberry Wood (9/2), London Secret (5/1), Shelly (11/2), Waity Katie (13/2), On The Double (7/1), Return To Power (14/1)
14:05 Spring Spree Stakes (Grade 3)
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5f 212y3yo+1stR156,248.002ndR49,993.003rdR24,996.004thR12,507.005thR6,253.00
1(1)29/0000-TalktothestarsbCD79-6T: Coenie De BeerJ: Mark Khan
2(10)537/167-MujalladCD49-4T: M F De KockJ: R Simons
3(14)081608-FinchattonC79-2T: Gokhan TerziJ: Craig Zackey
4(5)667/938-Tar HeelD69-2T: Gokhan TerziJ: Jarryd Penny
5(12)0/08524-Angel's PowerCD68-13T: Mike/adam AzzieJ: P Strydom
6(4)31331-Chimichuri RunD38-11T: Sean TarryJ: S Khumalo
8(7)078437-Wrecking BallC58-11T: Grant MarounJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
10(9)66/1552-Mrs ObCD48-9T: Mike/adam AzzieJ: M Yeni
Chimichuri Run (6/5), Mujallad (6/1), Splendid Garden (7/1), Angel's Power (7/1), Mrs O (17/2), Clever Guy (14/1), Wrecking Ball (14/1), Just As I Said (16/1), Tar Heel (18/1), Premier Show (22/1), Talktothestars (28/1), Finchatton (33/1), Chepardo (N/A), Lily Starlette (N/A)
14:37 Supabets - 0861 76 22 37 Mr 104 Handicap
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7f 210y3yo+1stR81,242.002ndR26,000.003rdR13,008.004thR6,504.005thR3,244.00
1(6)81/1034-Cash TimeCD49-6T: Ashley FortuneJ: P Strydom
2(8)533355-UnagiCD59-3T: Gary AlexanderJ: Dennis Schwarz
3(2)658121-Puget SoundCD49-0T: M F De KockJ: R Simons
4(9)119522-ZouavesC59-0T: Geoff WoodruffJ: G Lerena
5(1)343142-ShukamisabBFC58-11T: Ormond FerrarisJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
6(5)7/21533-KilrainCD78-10T: M F De KockJ: T Appie
Puget Sound (11/4), Zouaves (7/2), Shukamisa (9/2), Cash Time (11/2), Mambo Symphony (6/1), Unagi (13/2), Irish Pride (10/1), Bondiblu (18/1), Kilrain (25/1)
15:13 Book For The Grand Heritage 011 681 1508 Fm 66 Handicap (F & M)
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5f 212y3yo+1stR51,247.002ndR16,402.003rdR8,193.004thR4,096.005thR2,057.00
4(8)318733-Some SongD49-5T: Johan J VuurenJ: R Simons
5(4)723221-BullsadebD49-4T: Roy MagnerJ: Diego De Gouveia
8(3)010673-Virginia MoonCD49-2T: Paul PeterJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
10(14)008810-Lady LiviabC48-8T: Dianne StengerJ: Nathan Klink(9)
Afrostar (11/4), Some Song (10/3), Ladies Club (7/1), Trip To Ibiza (7/1), Virginia Moon (7/1), Goodness Me (15/2), Bullsade (10/1), Wallaby Wanabe (14/1), River Ayre (18/1), Wrap It Up (22/1), Believe Me (28/1), Lady Livia (33/1), Vargraves (N/A), Georgia May (N/A)
15:50 Tab Telebet - 0861 000 822 Middle Stakes
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1m 6f 202y3yo+1stR65,626.002ndR21,000.003rdR10,500.004thR5,250.005thR2,625.00
1(6)855105-Storm WarningCD99-6T: Fabian HabibJ: C Maujean
2(9)441146-ArtebC58-13T: Grant MarounJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
6(12)751225-Fortune FellaBFC78-7T: Devin LittleJ: Jarryd Penny
8(10)089551-KamakuraC47-12T: Gary AlexanderJ: Kabelo Matsunyane(9)
11(1)000056-Mr MoneyC57-12T: Shaylen NaidooJ: Warren Kennedy
12(7)000000-Blind Spotb57-12T: David KuitJ: Nathan Klink(9)
War Legend (11/4), Fortune Fella (6/1), Arte (13/2), Tapenzee (13/2), Parisienne Chic (7/1), King Of Chaos (15/2), Cheat The Cheaters (15/2), Storm Warning (8/1), Cranberry Crush (14/1), Mr Money (28/1), Kamakura (28/1), Blind Spot (40/1)
16:25 Next Turffontein Racemeeting Saturday 15 September Mr 66 Handicap
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7f 46y3yo+1stR51,247.002ndR16,402.003rdR8,193.004thR4,096.005thR2,057.00
1(11)4/70247-Torio Lake49-6T: Johan J VuurenJ: G Lerena
3(16)676211-Private RulerD59-5T: Paul MatchettJ: R Simons
4(1)0/49601-O Lucky ManCD49-4T: Sean TarryJ: Luke Ferraris(6)
7(8)420015-Camel WalkD49-2T: D Gray St JohnJ: S Khumalo
11(14)201000-Two GunsbC48-10T: Stephen LerenaJ: Kabelo Matsunyane(9)
12(9)272636-Front RankCD78-10T: Tyrone ZackeyJ: Jarryd Penny
14(12)005342-Hot AugustbC68-7T: David NieuwenhuizenJ: M Yeni
O Lucky Man (7/2), Wildlife Safari (4/1), Front Rank (11/2), Hot August (15/2), Savannah King (8/1), Torio Lake (10/1), Private Ruler (10/1), Imperial Ounce (12/1), Camel Walk (14/1), King And Empire (18/1), No Mans Land (18/1), Good Emperor (40/1), Time To Be Great (40/1), Two Guns (50/1), Monty Python (N/A), Sabre Dance (N/A)

Next Race Off

14:15 Toulouse
Frisbee D'Am
J: J Chavatte
Foraya De Cahot
J: E Audebert
Fantasia River
J: Y Henry
Filoe De Jary
J: Q Machet
J: M Hanquier
Figaro Grave
J: R Eon
Fazenda De Mortree
J: F Jeanneau
J: B Vanacker
J: D Laisis
J: M X Charlot
Fantasque D'enfer
J: M Criado
Full Du Langis
J: C Gazengel
J: J Asselie
Forzo Desjy
J: N Mathias
Fujiwara Game
J: J A Eliphe

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