S Dixon

DatePosHorseTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
13/03/203/7SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C44/1
10/03/204/8SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 4f 14y, Standard, C69/2
10/03/208/10Capricious MadamFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C525/1
10/03/2010/10Henry The SixthFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C5100/1
06/03/203/10KrystalliteFLATWolverhampton, 5f 21y, Standard, C633/1
05/03/202/6SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C46/1
05/03/209/11Champagne MondaysFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C69/1
29/02/204/7SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 6f 21y, Standard, C44/1
26/02/204/6Champagne MondaysFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C633/1
18/02/202/12SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 6f 21y, Standard, C616/1
18/02/202/7SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C212/1
14/02/204/4SamovarFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C420/1
30/01/207/8Break The SilenceFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C510/1
30/01/207/7Alex GracieFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C614/1
30/01/20RTRSans Souci BayFLATSouthwell, 1m 13y, Standard, C566/1
28/01/207/11Break The SilenceFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C65/1
23/01/206/10SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 4f 14y, Standard / Slow, C65/1
23/01/203/5SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard / Slow, C310/1
23/01/208/8Champagne MondaysFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard / Slow, C633/1
21/01/209/13Inn With The GinFLATNewcastle, 6f, Standard / Slow, C650/1
15/01/202/6SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 6f 21y, Standard, C613/2
13/01/204/6Break The SilenceFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C65/2
13/01/206/6Sans Souci BayFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C466/1
13/01/207/10Pearl NoirFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C616/1
07/01/206/10Pearl NoirFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C622/1
07/01/203/6SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C44/1
03/01/201/12Break The SilenceFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C62/1
03/01/203/9Alex GracieFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C68/1
03/01/206/7SamovarFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C45/1
03/01/206/6Feel The ThunderFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C533/1
01/01/202/9Break The SilenceFLATSouthwell, 1m 13y, Standard, C67/2
01/01/202/7SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C36/1
29/12/194/10SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 4f 14y, Standard, C65/1
29/12/195/6SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C44/1
29/12/197/8Feel The ThunderFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C533/1
29/12/198/9Champagne MondaysFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C68/1
29/12/196/7Alex GracieFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C55/1
20/12/193/6SamovarFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C311/2
19/12/192/12SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 3f 23y, Standard, C65/1
19/12/1911/13Champagne MondaysFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C612/1
19/12/196/13Pearl NoirFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C640/1
12/12/1911/13Savannah BeauFLATWolverhampton, 6f 20y, Standard, C650/1
09/12/194/9IlserenoFLATNewcastle, 5f, Standard, C520/1
05/12/192/12Break The SilenceFLATSouthwell, 7f 14y, Standard, C613/8
05/12/1912/12EbitdaFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C650/1
05/12/196/12Pearl NoirFLATSouthwell, 4f 214y, Standard, C650/1
05/12/195/13Crosse FireFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C425/1
05/12/191/13SamovarFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C433/1
05/12/192/8SociologistFLATSouthwell, 1m 4f 14y, Standard, C511/2
05/12/199/9Henry The SixthFLATSouthwell, 6f 16y, Standard, C5150/1

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