W Whitehouse

DatePosHorseTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
10/03/20-Cheap O CharlieFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast28/1
04/03/20-Paul's DivaFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Firm40/1
04/03/204/8FullbridledphantomFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Firm6/1
04/03/203/7Surf The TurfFLATTurf Paradise, 5f 110y, Fast14/1
03/03/203/9Winner's DreamFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Firm11/4
26/02/20-Surf The TurfFLATTurf Paradise, 5f, Fast20/1
25/02/20-SingleforthesummerFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast10/1
19/02/203/7He CouldFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast5/1
18/02/20-Prince Of ParisFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast7/1
12/02/203/9Winner's DreamFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast10/3
10/02/203/7SingleforthesummerFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast9/2
05/02/20-AdaptationFLATTurf Paradise, 5f 110y, Fast3/1
04/02/20-Surf The TurfFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast22/1
29/01/20-Prince Of ParisFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast7/1
29/01/204/8John Paul's BetFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast11/2
28/01/20-FullbridledphantomFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast11/2
27/01/201/5Winner's DreamFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast5/4
27/01/202/8Angels On HighFLATTurf Paradise, 5f, Fast11/8
22/01/204/8SingleforthesummerFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast33/1
22/01/202/7AdaptationFLATTurf Paradise, 4f 110y, Fast7/2
21/01/20-Cheap O CharlieFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast14/1
14/01/20-Surf The TurfFLATTurf Paradise, 5f 110y, Fast12/1
08/01/20-John Paul's BetFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast10/1
07/01/20-FullbridledphantomFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast6/1
07/01/201/9AdaptationFLATTurf Paradise, 5f, Fast13/8
06/01/203/7Prince Of ParisFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast4/1
06/01/20-He CouldFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast4/1
29/12/194/6Angels On HighFLATTurf Paradise, 5f 110y, Fast9/4
22/12/19-Indy's OutlawFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast5/1
21/12/194/10Paul's DivaFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast4/1
17/12/192/12He CouldFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast28/1
17/12/19-Prince Of ParisFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast13/2
16/12/193/10We're Just SayinFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast11/2
04/12/19-Cheap O CharlieFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast28/1
03/12/194/10Prince Of ParisFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast6/1
03/12/194/7Sweet PoisonFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast25/1
01/12/19-Paul's DivaFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast11/4
26/11/194/8Winner's DreamFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast14/1
19/11/19-John Paul's BetFLATTurf Paradise, 6f, Fast14/1
18/11/19-We're Just SayinFLATTurf Paradise, 1m 110y, Firm15/2
18/11/192/10AdaptationFLATTurf Paradise, 5f, Fast9/2
12/11/19-Winner's DreamFLATTurf Paradise, 7f 110y, Firm12/1
11/11/19-AdaptationFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast9/4
05/11/19-Sweet PoisonFLATTurf Paradise, 5f, Fast66/1
04/11/193/8Indy's OutlawFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Fast25/1
29/10/193/11Prince Of ParisFLATTurf Paradise, 6f 110y, Fast33/1
28/10/193/7AdaptationFLATTurf Paradise, 5f 110y, Fast15/8
22/10/19-We're Just SayinFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Firm9/2
22/10/19-Sweet PoisonFLATTurf Paradise, 5f, Fast7/1
21/10/193/6Winner's DreamFLATTurf Paradise, 1m, Firm9/4

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