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DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
15/07/154/6Candiano (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y5/2
15/07/152/10Puddin' Dink (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y12/1
15/07/152/7AbenaFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y6/1
15/07/15-Granny Grump (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 7f 0y6/1
15/07/156/10Watch My SmokeFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y6/1
15/07/154/8Twin SkiesFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y10/1
15/07/154/10Coal Miner Charlie (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y12/1
10/07/156/10Yutes Trophy (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y5/1
10/07/156/7Mama's QueenFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 70y6/1
10/07/156/10PredefinedFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 0y7/2
10/07/151/10Our Glory Nears (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 7f 0y5/1
10/07/1511/11Brocky BoyFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 0y5/1
08/07/151/10Senior Marty GrawFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y8/1
04/07/153/12Sherm's GoldFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 0y5/1
04/07/152/5Miss Dealbreaker (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y4/1
04/07/151/8Nadia AnneFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 110y5/1
04/07/157/9All Woman (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 110y12/1
04/07/155/7Captain TyreeFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y10/1
04/07/155/7Lady Grantham (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y9/2
04/07/152/3One SurvivorFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 110y5/1
03/07/152/6Sea The Soldier (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y3/1
03/07/152/7ValseFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y4/1
03/07/153/9Risky ForestFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 7f 0y5/1
03/07/157/7Sexy Rexy (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y6/1
02/07/152/9Senseless Walk (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 110y5/1
02/07/156/6Shudaboughther (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y5/1
02/07/154/6Eugene's MomentFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y10/1
02/07/15-H M Rising (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y12/1
01/07/151/7I Rate FirstFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y5/2
01/07/153/9Mendocino County (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 110y5/1
01/07/155/8Chaotic KittyFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 110y5/1
01/07/154/5ZenionFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 110y5/1
27/06/157/8ZackarooneyFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 0y6/1
27/06/154/7Jove Jove DiveFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 7f 0y5/1
27/06/152/7Watch My SmokeFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y6/1
27/06/156/10One Top Queen (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y3/1
27/06/155/12Coal Miner Charlie (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y6/1
27/06/154/7Idol McartneyvalueFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 0y7/2
26/06/155/7Fayes Top CatFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 5f 0y5/1
26/06/152/8Salute The L T J GFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 70y4/1
26/06/152/7Cajun Flower (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y7/2
26/06/152/7National DefenceFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 7f 0y8/1
26/06/15-Quieta TizFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y3/1
26/06/152/6My Kay SaraFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y4/1
26/06/155/10Gabby's Got GraceFLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y8/1
26/06/152/9Captain Nistel (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 70y5/1
25/06/154/9Mighty IntimidatorFLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 0y8/1
25/06/15-Hit The Road Lee (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y4/1
25/06/159/9C J Behindthebar (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 1m 0f 0y20/1
25/06/15-Fight The Tide (USA)FLATEvangeline Downs, 0m 6f 110y5/1

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