L Philipperon

DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
24/11/203/7RadiologueCHASECompiegne, 2m 3f 85y, Heavy11/1
24/11/205/8Roi MageHURDLECompiegne, 2m 2f 195y, Heavy8/1
24/11/201/7Hotesse Du ChenetHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy8/11
24/11/204/9HondleenHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy16/1
24/11/20-ChudamaniCHASECompiegne, 2m 143y, Heavy28/1
24/11/206/6Raffles UtopieCHASECompiegne, 2m 2f 195y, Heavy40/1
21/11/204/17Gazelle Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft9/1
21/11/2010/16Rock The RaceHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft14/1
21/11/209/10Feu D'artificeCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft13/2
21/11/205/12Hano De LoiHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft5/1
21/11/204/6Hashcup CollongesHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft5/1
15/11/20-AyethHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft8/1
15/11/202/7James Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft4/5
15/11/203/10Doux DingueCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft5/1
15/11/203/8GnafronCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft12/1
11/11/203/10Colbert Du BerlaisHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy28/1
08/11/206/18Gazelle Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy16/1
08/11/209/16Feu D'artificeHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy11/1
08/11/201/5Hotesse Du ChenetHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy4/5
08/11/204/5Byzance Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Heavy16/1
03/11/206/12Raffles UtopieHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Soft11/2
03/11/20-Forza Di GarryCHASEFontainebleau, 2m 3f 30y, Soft20/1
28/10/204/15Valtice Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy13/2
28/10/208/10Mocalacato HasHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy11/1
28/10/202/10Hashcup CollongesHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy7/2
27/10/205/14Liberty BelleHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Very Soft9/2
27/10/206/12Celtic GirlHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Very Soft8/1
22/10/205/16AyethHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy9/1
20/10/208/9SiegeHURDLECompiegne, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy14/1
20/10/203/8La MarianaHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy12/1
18/10/20-Kroissant BleuHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft33/1
18/10/201/10James Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft7/4
18/10/205/15Rock The RaceHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft14/1
18/10/204/12Hano De LoiHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft14/1
18/10/202/7GnafronCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft14/1
17/10/204/11Byzance Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 3m 1f 77y, Good66/1
17/10/202/11Valtice Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good14/1
17/10/204/16Doux DingueCHASEAuteuil, 2m 7f 79y, Good25/1
17/10/201/6Hotesse Du ChenetHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Good5/6
17/10/207/9Raffles UtopieHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Good9/2
13/10/2015/16AnecdoticHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Very Soft12/1
11/10/204/15Gazelle Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy16/1
11/10/202/9Hashcup CollongesHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy11/4
07/10/207/12BalkanieHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy12/1
01/10/208/11La GiraudiereHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy14/1
01/10/206/16AyethHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy3/1
26/09/202/7James Du BerlaisHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft11/8
26/09/201/8Hotesse Du ChenetN_H_FLATAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft28/1
26/09/209/15Doux DingueCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft18/1
26/09/205/9Feu D'artificeHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft25/1

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