F Leroy

DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
12/11/186/7Colpo Di StatoCHASEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 196y, Soft18/1
05/11/18-RyshnikovHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Good to Soft22/1
05/11/186/12Chapeau RougeHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 2f 195y, Good to Soft25/1
04/11/18-Colpo Di StatoCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Good to Soft100/1
23/10/18-EllyvaHURDLECompiegne, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy80/1
20/10/181/10Goldami KaCHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good to Soft13/2
20/10/18-My KaloresHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Good to Soft22/1
13/09/181/9JugeotteHURDLEAuteuil, 1m 6f 200y, Good to Soft9/4
13/09/18-Colpo Di StatoCHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good to Soft40/1
30/07/182/17JugeotteHURDLEClairefontaine, 2m 198y, Good10/1
26/06/18-JugeotteHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft10/1
21/06/18-El CamilaCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Good to Soft33/1
18/06/18-Balikesir DancerHURDLEClairefontaine, 2m 1f 196y, Soft12/1
13/06/18-Goldami KaCHASEAuteuil, 2m 2f 86y, Heavy12/1
09/06/18-El CamilaHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy33/1
03/06/183/9Goldami KaCHASEDieppe, 2m 1f 87y40/1
19/05/18-El CamilaHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft14/1
12/05/183/10Colpo Di StatoCHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft33/1
22/11/17-EdjiraHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good12/1
14/11/17-Colpo Di StatoHURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Good40/1
08/10/17-Go'n WinHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft33/1
26/09/174/7GuyonneHURDLECompiegne, 2m 1f 196y14/1
15/09/17-MayberryHURDLECompiegne, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy14/1
15/09/17-Go'n WinHURDLECompiegne, 2m 198y, Heavy22/1
01/09/171/9Go'n WinHURDLEAuteuil, 1m 6f 200y, Soft14/1
23/12/15-Giant SwingHURDLECagnes-sur-Mer Midi, 2m 0f 198y, Soft16/1
23/12/15-Roc Du Frene (FR)HURDLECagnes-sur-Mer Midi, 2m 3f 85y, Soft50/1
23/12/15-Kabanos (FR)CHASECagnes-sur-Mer Midi, 2m 2f 86y, Soft50/1
11/10/15-Dulce Leo (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft33/1
11/10/15-Chinco StarCHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft10/1
26/09/15-Raphaelino (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft14/1
26/09/15-SparkieCHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft33/1
23/09/15-BulkovHURDLEEnghien, 2m 1f 87y, Soft5/1
01/09/15-LykastosHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft9/2
25/06/15-Coastal Beach (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good, C125/1
22/06/154/11Nabuco HasHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good3/1
15/06/15-Adana Blue (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Good to Soft14/1
07/06/15-Mercenario (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy40/1
07/06/15-Coastal Beach (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Heavy33/1
16/05/15-SolonderHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Good, C133/1
16/05/154/12Coastal Beach (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 1m 6f 200y, Good4/1
26/04/15-SolonderHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Good to Soft25/1
26/04/154/15Chinco StarHURDLEAuteuil, 1m 6f 200y, Good to Soft16/1
29/03/153/11Twist And Run (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Heavy7/1
22/03/15-Tanger Med (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 1m 6f 200y, Soft16/1
08/03/15-Picasso Do Brasil (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft10/1
16/11/14-Surname (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Firm7/1
16/11/144/9Shannon RockHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Firm4/1
12/11/14-Ardina (FR)CHASEEnghien, 2m 0f 198y, Soft15/2
09/11/14-Nom De D'la (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Heavy10/1

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