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DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
05/05/13-Roc Du Frene (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft40/1
10/03/13-Tiger Lann (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 2f 86y, Heavy50/1
06/04/12-Rosebel (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft20/1
25/03/12-Jookhasi (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft14/1
25/03/12-Temoin Du Calif (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft, C15/1
25/03/12-Rostu (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft10/1
18/03/122/20Lord Lyphard (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft5/1
18/03/12-Skyris (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft, C114/1
11/03/12-Marlygarry (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft33/1
05/03/124/17Khayance (FR)HURDLEEnghien, 2m 1f 87y, Soft8/1
04/03/122/16Lord Lyphard (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft22/1
04/03/12-Wutzeline (GER)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft, C116/1
04/03/123/18Temoin Du Calif (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft14/1
04/03/122/14Sky Royale (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft15/2
17/01/12-Abou Selem (FR)HURDLEPau, 2m 1f 87y, Soft25/1
17/01/12-Carre Magique (FR)HURDLEPau, 2m 1f 87y, Soft20/1
15/01/121/14Gritta (FR)CHASEPau, 2m 0f 198y, Soft5/1
09/01/12-Lino Del Mar (FR)CHASEPau, 2m 0f 198y, Good to Soft11/2
13/12/11-Gritta (FR)HURDLEPau, 2m 1f 87y, Soft-
10/12/11-Mario Du Charmil (FR)HURDLEPau, 2m 1f 0y, Soft5/1
21/11/11-Tarraco (FR)CHASEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 196y, Soft5/1
21/11/113/14Lino Del Mar (FR)HURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Soft12/1
18/11/112/8Ouh La La (FR)CHASECompiegne, 2m 4f 193y, Soft10/1
06/11/11-Pen Bron (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Heavy33/1
28/10/11-Lino Del Mar (FR)HURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Soft33/1
26/09/114/14Baie Mahaut (FR)HURDLEFontainebleau, 2m 1f 142y, Soft18/1
17/04/11-Nagpur (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 7f 79y, Soft14/1
13/04/11-Triagoz (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft16/1
27/03/113/11Sleeping Blue (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft, C13/1
27/03/11-Top Of The Sky (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 191y, Soft, C150/1
27/03/11-Nagpur (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft, C125/1
27/03/11-Buffevan (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft33/1
13/03/11-Tory Du Moulin Mas (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft22/1
13/03/11-Buffevan (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 87y, Soft25/1
13/03/113/5Madox (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 1f 196y, Soft15/2
06/03/114/14Lucky Du Berlais (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 2f 0y, Soft12/1
06/03/118/11Top Of The Sky (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 0y, Soft33/1
06/03/118/20Nagpur (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 5f 0y, Soft50/1
06/03/115/10Sleeping Blue (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 2f 0y, Soft40/1
07/12/101/12Cape ClearCHASEAuteuil, 2m 2f 0y, Heavy11/1
07/12/10-Swiss Story (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 1f 110y, Heavy20/1
28/06/10-Atraska (USA)HURDLEDieppe, 2m 2f 195y, Soft16/1
11/06/10-Cape ClearCHASEAuteuil, 2m 2f 86y, Soft7/1
30/05/10-Atraska (USA)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 3f 85y, Soft66/1
30/05/103/15Sleeping Blue (FR)HURDLEAuteuil, 2m 5f 82y, Soft20/1
30/05/10-Nagpur (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 4f 83y, Soft25/1
16/04/103/9Sauveterre (FR)CHASEEnghien, 2m 1f 87y, Soft5/1
07/03/10-Sleeping Blue (FR)CHASEAuteuil, 2m 2f 86y, Soft10/1
07/03/10-MonetaireHURDLEAuteuil, 2m 2f 86y, Soft12/1
02/03/10-Key Moon (FR)HURDLEEnghien, 2m 2f 195y, Heavy-

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