J P Sullivan

DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
13/02/131/3Girl At The Sands (IRE)FLATSouthwell, 0m 6f 0y, Standard, C611/4
12/02/132/5Day of Destiny (IRE)FLATSouthwell, 1m 4f 0y, Standard, C62/1
10/02/136/10Royal HolidayFLATSouthwell, 0m 7f 0y, Standard/Slow, C55/1
10/02/136/10Justine Time (IRE)FLATSouthwell, 1m 0f 0y, Standard/Slow, C625/1
09/02/132/4Dutch DelightFLATWolverhampton, 1m 1f 103y, Standard, C69/1
08/02/135/11On The HoofFLATWolverhampton, 1m 4f 50y, Standard, C47/1
08/02/135/11Ivestar (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C617/2
07/02/1310/10Dhhamaan (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C620/1
05/02/138/11Dutch DelightFLATSouthwell, 0m 6f 0y, Standard/Slow, C516/1
04/02/132/7Day of Destiny (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 1m 4f 50y, Standard, C65/1
04/02/131/11BailadeiraFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C616/1
01/02/131/8M J WoodwardFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C57/1
01/02/136/7MalindiFLATWolverhampton, 1m 1f 103y, Standard, C512/1
31/01/131/10Royal Bajan (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C420/1
30/01/135/10Fame AgainFLATKempton Park, 0m 7f 0y, Standard, C414/1
30/01/139/9MalindiFLATKempton Park, 1m 2f 0y, Standard, C525/1
29/01/134/13William Van GoghFLATWolverhampton, 1m 0f 141y, Standard, C620/1
26/01/137/9Dhhamaan (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard (to slow ), C64/1
26/01/138/10MerevaleFLATWolverhampton, 1m 5f 194y, Standard (to slow ), C69/2
26/01/139/9Royal Bajan (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard (to slow ), C340/1
25/01/131/7ToymakerFLATWolverhampton, 1m 0f 141y, Standard/Slow, C520/1
22/01/135/10Shaker Style (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 1m 1f 103y, Standard (to slow ), C620/1
22/01/139/10Lady By Red (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard (to slow ), C610/1
18/01/13-Dhhamaan (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C68/1
18/01/13-Southern SapphireFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C610/1
18/01/13-Lady By Red (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard, C733/1
17/01/134/9Honey Haven (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 1m 4f 50y, Standard, C650/1
17/01/131/7IggyFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard, C53/1
16/01/135/5Girl At The Sands (IRE)FLATKempton Park, 0m 6f 0y, Standard, C514/1
15/01/136/12On The HoofFLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C46/1
13/01/139/10Fat Bottom GirlFLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C640/1
13/01/138/9North Central (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C666/1
11/01/136/7Day of Destiny (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 1m 5f 194y, Standard, C64/1
11/01/139/11Under ParFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard, C65/1
10/01/136/8Rapid WaterFLATWolverhampton, 1m 0f 141y, Standard, C625/1
10/01/133/7Fame AgainFLATWolverhampton, 1m 1f 103y, Standard, C43/1
10/01/131/10Ivestar (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard, C611/2
10/01/138/8Thorpe BayFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C633/1
08/01/136/8Jeer (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 1m 4f 50y, Standard, C512/1
08/01/135/9Dhhamaan (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C62/1
04/01/133/7North Central (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C633/1
03/01/131/11Dhhamaan (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C711/1
03/01/139/13CaracalFLATWolverhampton, 1m 0f 141y, Standard, C720/1
03/01/133/4Beau SakheeFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 216y, Standard, C525/1
02/01/131/10MalindiFLATWolverhampton, 1m 1f 103y, Standard, C58/11
02/01/134/7M J WoodwardFLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C63/1
02/01/138/11Romeo's On Fire (IRE)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 7f 32y, Standard, C614/1
01/01/1312/12CaracalFLATWolverhampton, 1m 0f 141y, Standard, C68/1
01/01/136/6Royal Bajan (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C333/1
29/12/127/11No Mean Trick (USA)FLATWolverhampton, 0m 5f 20y, Standard, C510/1

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