Cristian Esqueda

DatePosRideTypeRace DetailsStarting Price
11/07/20-Relentless JessFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 180y, Fast9/1
11/07/203/10Peves Big HossFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 110y, Fast7/1
11/07/204/7Hesa Eye Of GoldFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 110y, Fast7/2
06/07/201/9Not A SecretFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 80y, Fast13/8
06/07/204/9BullittrainFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 110y, Fast20/1
29/06/20-Special Candy KissesFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 80y, Fast15/2
29/06/202/7Mott The HoppleFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 80y, Fast12/1
29/06/202/10Hadley GirlFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 110y, Fast9/4
29/06/203/5Iris Royal JessFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 110y, Fast11/8
27/06/20-Relentless JessFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 180y, Fast7/2
27/06/203/6Getonthe Jesus WagonFLATPrairie Meadows, 1f 80y, Fast4/1
31/05/20-Real Easy SignFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast25/1
30/05/20-Bully PulpitFLATRemington Park, 2f, Fast14/1
30/05/20-A Valiant DiamondFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast33/1
30/05/20-Volcom PrinceFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast3/1
30/05/202/10Not A SecretFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast6/1
30/05/20-ProhibitiveFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast6/1
30/05/201/9Copper WireFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast5/2
29/05/202/7Relentless CandyFLATRemington Park, 1f 180y, Fast7/1
29/05/20-Ima DesirioFLATRemington Park, 1f 180y, Fast6/1
29/05/20-ReserectionFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast33/1
29/05/20-DomishayFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast18/1
29/05/203/10Hes A KingmanFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast4/1
29/05/20-Little Rocket ManFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast7/1
28/05/20-Sheza Just ZoominFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast22/1
26/05/204/10Pistol PoliticsFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Sloppy11/2
26/05/20-The Last UnionFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Sloppy7/2
25/05/20-First Prize ListFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast20/1
25/05/207/9First Prize LiveFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast13/2
25/05/20-Ivory Storm CatFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast9/1
25/05/20-Mr C Good CandyFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast12/1
25/05/202/6Js Gitter Dun ChickenFLATRemington Park, 2f 110y, Fast5/2
24/05/204/10Flyin WagonFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast9/2
24/05/20-Jess Turner LooseFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast10/1
24/05/20-Be A HeroFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast7/2
24/05/204/10Peves Sweet ThangFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast13/2
24/05/203/10Always RelentlessFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast11/2
24/05/20-Mea Fast DashFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast25/1
24/05/202/10ProvidenzFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast8/1
24/05/20-Freaky FlashFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast10/3
23/05/20-P Y CeeyaFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast12/1
23/05/20-Spike My PunchFLATRemington Park, 1f 180y, Fast33/1
23/05/204/10Bailes Y BesosFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast12/1
23/05/20-Fancee LeaFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast11/1
23/05/20-Jess Ivory LipsFLATRemington Park, 1f 80y, Fast11/1
23/05/202/9Some ValueFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast6/1
23/05/209/10Wired SpecialFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast5/1
22/05/203/10Kiss Thisman GoodbyeFLATRemington Park, 1f 30y, Fast3/1
22/05/202/9Fly Miss Corona JessFLATRemington Park, 1f 110y, Fast9/2
22/05/20-Bugs SignFLATRemington Park, 1f 130y, Fast13/2

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