WATCH: Super Bowl LIII verdicts from NFL Network TV analysts as former Super Bowl winners give Sporting Life their big game verdicts

Super Bowl winners and Hall of Famers including Michael Irvin, Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis and Reggie Wayne give us their view on Sunday's big game.

There’s so much talk around in Super Bowl week, some makes sense, some not so much, but when people who have been there and done it share their experiences then it’s probably wise to listen.

The NFL Network is broadcasting hours upon hours of coverage over here in the USA, and they’ve got a vast array of legendary former players to talk us through every inch of the Super Bowl match-up.

Kurt Warner

A three-time Super Bowl quarterback with one win – Warner is well-placed to talk about this match-up having lined up in opposition to a young Tom Brady as the would-be Patriots legend won his first Super Bowl title in 2002.

Brady, selected 199th in the NFL Draft, was only playing due to an injury to Drew Bledsoe and although he walked away with the first of his five Super Bowl rings, Warner says nobody saw this era of dominance coming..

Warner’s Super Bowl warning

Warner also told us about the mental demands of the lengthy and intense build-up to the game, saying that his first trip to the big game left him drained before a ball had been snapped.

Reggie Wayne talks receivers

Reggie Wayne is another Super Bowl winner – and after years of catching passes from Peyton Manning he knows the value of an elite quarterback, he also knows how important a reliable receiver can be.

Wayne also sounded out a warning to this year’s teams to focus on the game in hand, and not get carried away with enjoying the bright lights of Atlanta too much.

Michael Irvin

On that note, Michael Irvin had a similar warning, and it may pay to listen to his pre-game prediction on Friday as he gets the inside scoop from players on who has been focused on preparation and who has had their heads turned by the parties.

And he’d know a thing or two about that…

Terrell Davis

Another Hall of Famer we were lucky enough to talk to was the former Broncos running back Terrell Davis, and unlike seemingly most of America, he’s happy to see the Patriots go on winning, and winning, and winning.

“We need to appreciate them now because we’ll never see the likes of them again,” he says, while adding that although they’re great, the Rams must not let even a though to the Patriots’ greatness affect their preparation.

Super Bowl betting

Brian Billick

A Super Bowl-winning coach with the Baltimore Ravens and now highly-respected pundit, Billick was clear in how young Rams coach Sean McVay should play it this week – and that’s very much business as usual.

Saying that, he needs to be aggressive in his play calling as he must try and limit the time Tom Brady has on the field – especially if the game’s on the line.

Shaun O’Hara

If anyone knows how to beat the Patriots it’s the New York Giants lineman who helped Big Blue beat their big rivals again in the big game to thwart Brady’s hopes of adding to his collection.

He gives us the rundown and just how the Rams can emulate them…

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