Oakland Raiders stadium: Silver and Black to remain at the Coliseum until move to Las Vegas strip

The Oakland Raiders will continue to play at the Oakland Coliseum next season in what is the last year before they complete their high-profile move to Las Vegas.

The team's long-running dispute with the owners of the Coliseum is one of the reasons they eventually organised a move away to Las Vegas, but with their new home not ready until 2020 and their current lease expiring this summer they were looking at a one-year stay somewhere else.

However, it is being reported that the Raiders will sign a deal with the city of Oakland to remain for one more season, with even the option of an extra year in case their new Vegas home is not completed in time.

"We have had good, progressive talks that continue to move forward," Authority chairman and executive director Scott McKibben said.

"Talks are progressing toward what we hope will be a final and acceptable lease agreement."

Any lease decision will still have to be voted on by Oakland's city council and then be approved at an annual league owner's meeting in Phoenix in late March.

Reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal says the deal will cost the Raiders $7.5m, with a further $10.5m if they stay for the 2020 season.

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