Kevin Stott looks around for dangers... there aren't any
Kevin Stott looks around for dangers on Value Bet tip Cadillac... there aren't any!

Full Sporting Life Value Bet Record from inception

Full record for Sporting Life Value Bet from inception in 2010 to present.

Value Bet aim: The Value Bet is designed to generate long-term profit by searching for overpriced horses in the feature weekend races and at the big Festivals in the UK and Ireland. Running total: +439.19pts to advised stakes/prices (from inception of Value Bet column in January 2010 to current).

Sky Bet Guarantee

Sky Bet are offering EXTRA VALUE to followers of the Sporting Life Value Bet column with exclusive guaranteed advertised prices* for at least an hour from the time of publication - max £25). Just make sure you're logged in and click on the links in the article to automatically populate your betslip (*does not include Sky Bet Money Back As Cash races)...

Full Value Bet Record

Last updated 22/10/23

From inception to present: +439.19pts

Staked: 3,748pts (Return On Investment: 11%)

Matt Brocklebank Value Bet Record (including Antepost)

From June 2020 to present: +127.61pts

Matt Brocklebank:

2023 +35.40 (Staked 322pts)

October -3.10

Winners: Pearl D'Or (18/1, Placed), Trawlerman (12/1)

September -2.60

Winners: Dancing Gemini (9/1), Continuous (20/1, Antepost), Bernardo O'Reilly (16/1, Placed), Ramazan (16/1, Placed)

August -1.00

Winners: Tronador (12/1, Placed), The Gatekeeper (33/1, Placed), Aberama Gold (18/1), Middle Earth (9/1)

July +9.50

Winners: Equality (13/2), Killybegs Warrior (22/1)

June +4.80

Winners: Cadillac (14/1), Austrian Theory (9/1), Awaal (16/1, Placed), HMS President (22/1, Placed), Juan Les Pins (25/1, Placed)

May +0.40

Winners: Royal Scotsman (9/1, Placed), Metier (6/1), Croupier (14/1 R4), Roberto Escobarr (9/2)

April +13.84

Winners: Tiger Jet (16/1), Defi Bleu (28/1, Placed), Hasankey (14/1, Placed), Rebel Territory (7/1), Revich (16/1 R4, Placed), Gloire D’athon (14/1 R4), Rainbow Fire (6/1 R4)

March +21.10

Winners: Dubai Station (11/1), Maskada (25/1), Stage Star (11/1 R4)

February +6.00

Winners: Aucunrisque (14/1)

January -13.50

Winners: 0.5pts e.w. double Up For Parol & Guetapan Collonges (Both Placed)

Matt Brocklebank:

2022 +141.55 (Staked 320.5pts)

December +26.85

Winners: Ashtown Lad (16/1, Antepost), Wouldubewell (25/1, Placed), Blenkinsop (9/1 R4), Grumpy Charley (12/1), You Wear It Well (25/1 R4, Placed)

November +28.00

Winners: Masters Legacy (9/1), Metier (10/1), El Presente (20/1, Placed), Tuesday (11/1, Antepost), Abuffalosoldier (12/1)

October -24.80


September -14.50

Winners: Going Gone (10/1 25p R4), Motagally (66/1, Placed), EW double Going Gone (10/1 25p R4) & Mums Tipple (7/1)

August -10.40

Winners: Certain Lad (33/1, Placed)

July +13.60

Winners: Soapy Stevens (12/1), Tinto (33/1, Placed), Caturra (16/1, Placed), Prairie Falcon (14/1), Etonian (12/1, Placed), Lord Riddiford (14/1), Lilac Road (12/1, Placed, Antepost)

June +14.70

Winners: Swilcan Bridge (14/1 20p R4), Tees Spirit (12/1), Desert Crown (25/1, Antepost)

May -6.00

Winners: Pillow Talk (10/1, 10p R4), Pogo (10/1)

April +83.60

Winners: Millers Bank (17/2), Dancing On My Own (28/1, Placed), Francky Du Berlais (30/1, Placed), Noble Yeats (50/1), Living Legend (11/1), Coroebus (5/1, Antepost)

March -3.10

Winners: Ashdale Bob (22/1, Placed), Funambule Sivola (50/1, Placed, Antepost), Spiritofthegames (20/1, Placed), The Nice Guy (10/1)

February +5.00

Winners: Dolos (7/1), The Galloping Bear (10/1)

January +34.00

Winners: Hydroplane (20/1), Eclair Surf (12/1), North Lodge (5/1), Hill Sixteen (25/1, Placed)

Matt Brocklebank:

2021 -74.90 (Staked 315pts)

December -20.50

Winners: Annsam (8/1), Kalooki (13/2)

November -19.50


October +23.00

Winners: A Case Of You (11/1), Sealiway (66/1 Antepost)

September -15.00

Winners: Emaraaty Ana without the favourite (8/1)

Placed: The Mediterranean (20/1)

August +25.00

Winners: Royal Patronage (16/1), Sonnyboyliston (20/1 Antepost)


July -20.00

Winners: Last Empire (20/1, 10p R4)


June +2.50

Winners: Baashir (15/2), Amtiyaz (20/1)


May -11.00

Winners: El Drama (12/1), Tribal Craft (12/1)


April -18.00



March -1.90

Winners: Vintage Clouds (16/1), Mrs Milner (14/1)


February -11pts



January -9pts



Matt Brocklebank:

2020 +25.56pts (Staked 188pts)

December +19pts

Winners: Benson (10/1), Come On Teddy (10/1), Sam's Adventure (18/1)

Placed: Smooth Stepper (25/1), Benatar (25/1)

November +7.10pts

Winners: Coole Cody (20/1)

Placed: The Hollow Ginge (66/1)

October +2pts

Winners: Njord (10/1), Mac Swiney (33/1 R4)

Placed: Debestyman (25/1), Kansas City Chief (33/1)

September -10.14pts

Winners: None

Placed: Northernpowerhouse (25/1), Dubai Mirage (28/1)

August -5.00pts

Winners: Just Hiss (14/1), Pyledriver (11/1)

Placed: Out The Hat (20/1)

July +15.60pts

Winners: Progressive Rating (28/1), Sinjaari (14/1), Moss Gill (8/1)

Placed: Escobar (33/1)

June -3.00pts

Winners: None

Placed: None

Ben Linfoot

Value Bet Record

From inception to June 2020 +290.64pts

Staked: 2,617pts (Return On Investment: 11%)

2020 -66.75pts (Staked 89.5pts)

January +0.0pts

Winners: Sir Ivan (11/1)

February -15pts

Winners: None

March -23.5pts

Winners: None

April +0.0pts

No bets, no UK racing

May +0.0pts

No bets, no UK racing

June -32.25pts

Winners: None

2019 +6.9pts (Staked 335pts)

January -3.8pts

Winners: Impulsive Star (8/1)

February +8pts

Winners: Walt (20/1)

March -22.4pts

Winners: Carole's Destrier (7/1)

April +5.4pts

Winners: Saaheq (12/1), Soto Sizzler (5/1)

May -3.6pts

Winners: Lincoln Park (7/1), Good Vibes (16/1)

June +45.1pts

Winners: Anthony Van Dyck (8/1), History Writer (10/1), Dashing Willoughby (14/1), Move Swiftly (18/1), Star Catcher (10/1)

July -10pts

Winners: Ten Sovereigns (10/1)

August +1pt

Winners: Beat Le Bon (12/1), Mustajeer (16/1)

September -18.8pts

Winners: None

October +3pts

Winners: Escobar (16/1)

November +29pts

Winners: Diego Du Charmil (12/1), Gumball (10/1), Misty Bloom (18/1), Bold Plan (10/1)

December -22pts

Winners: None

2018 -23.40pts (ROI -8.2%) (Staked 285pts)

January -13pts

Winners: None

February -10pts

Winners: None

March +16.25pts

Winners: Constantino (12/1), Delta Work (12/1), Chaplin Bay (10/1)

April -2pts

Winners: Bentelimar (14/1)

May -20pts

Winners: Communique (10/1)

June +12.2pts

Winners: Settle For Bay (18/1), Ostilio (16/1), Agrotera (12/1)

July -14pts

Winners: Thundering Blue (10/1)

August -4.75pts

Winners: Emaraaty Ana (12/1)

September +4.4pts

Winners: Reshoun (10/1 25p R4), Alemaratalyoum (11/1 10p R4)

October -1.5pts

Winners: Magical (15/2)

November -8pts

Winners: Rock The Kasbah (9/1)

December +17pts

Winners: Daklondike (9/1), Doitforthevillage (8/1)

2017 -24.25pts (ROI -7.6%) Staked 320pts

January -1pt

Winners: Ziga Boy (12/1)

February -10pts

Winners: None

March -27pts

Winners: None

April -4pts

Winners: Banksea (11/1), Brorocco (8/1)

May +23.6pts

Winners: Tasleet (16/1), Here Comes When (18/1), Rusumaat (12/1), Sutter County (14/1)

June -3.75pts

Winners: Viscount Barfield (16/1)

July +0.4pts

Winners: What About Carlo (9/1 40p R4), Bengali Boys (16/1)

August -10pts

Winners: Londinium (11/1), Frankuus (10/1), (Dark Red 20/1 first past the post but disqualified, settled as loser)

September -19pts

Winners: None

October +31pts

Winners: Librisa Breeze (14/1), Speak In Colours (8/1), Tomily (28/1)

November -4.5pts

Winners: Perfect Candidate (12/1 10p R4)

December +0pts

Winners: The Organist (10/1), A Hare Breath (10/1)

2016 +82pts (ROI 29.2%) Staked 281pts

January -13pts

Winners: None

February +27pts

Winners: Agrapart (20/1), Rocking Blues (10/1)

March -37pts

Winners: None

April -3pts

Winners: Secret Brief (25/1)

May +40.6pts

Winners: No Heretic (14/1), Ian Fleming (11/1), Nayel (14/1), Master Blueyes (14/1), Quiet Reflection (10/1)

June +26.1pts

Winners: Tullius (9/1), Gawdawpalin (33/1), Kinema (12/1)

July +26pts

Winners: Secret Art (20/1), You're Hired (10/1), Laughton (10/1), Take Cover (16/1)

August -19pts

Winners: None

September +19.2pts

Winners: Intense Tango (16/1), Priceless (14/1), Breton Rock (9/1)

October -18pts

November +39.1pts

Winners: Gentleman Jon (14/1), Prize Money (12/1), Kruzhlinin (16/1), Otago Trail (11/1)

December -6pts

Winners: Frodon (12/1)

2015 -16.45pts (ROI -6.3%) Staked 260pts

January -1.2pts

Winners: General Ransom (12/1)

February +23.5pts

Winners: Violet Dancer (25/1), Unique de Cotte (11/2)

March -20pts

Winners: Martello Tower (16/1)

April -23pts

Winners: None

May +16pts

Winners: Trip To Paris (12/1), Lexi's Hero (10/1), Alfred Hutchinson (20/1)

June +75.25pts

Winners: Elbereth (20/1), Gratzie (9/1), Curvy (9/1), Muhaarar (14/1), Interception (28/1)

July -24pts

Winners: None

August +4pts

Winners: Moonraker (16/1), Wadi Al Hattawi (14/1)

September -6pts

Winners: Duretto (12/1 dead heat)

October -27pts

Winners: None

November -20pts

Winners: None

December -13pts

Winners: None

2014 +65.78pts (ROI 24%) Staked 274pts

January -8pts

Winners: None

February -11pts

Winners: None

March -34pts

Winners: None

April +8pts

Winners: Clondaw Kaempfer (16/1)

May +37pts

Winners: Suegioo (14/1), Sir Maximillian (9/1), Gabriel's Lad (25/1), Aetna (14/1)

June +21pts

Winners: Louis The Pious (40/1)

July -2.5pts

Winners: Van Percy (10/1)

August +80.78pts

Winners: Red Avenger (25/1), Take Cover (10/1), Energia Davos (18/1), Blaine (25/1), Mutual Regard (20/1)

September +10.5pts

Winners: Mecca's Angel (15/2), Bronze Angel (20/1)

October -30pts

Winners: None

November +7pts

Winners: Ulck Du Lin (9/1), Caid Du Berlais (14/1)

December -13pts

Winners: None

2013 +137.5pts (ROI 57.1%) 241pts staked

January +0pts

Winners: None

February +23.25pts

Winners: Medinas (10/1), Cloudy Too (10/1)

March +44.25pts

Winners: Lord Windermere (11/1), Levitate (40/1)

April +22pts

Winners: Minella Forfitness (9/1), Cockney Sparrow (9/1), Move In Time (8/1)

May +33.25pts

Winners: Sky Lantern (10/1), Navajo Chief (12/1), Hasopop (12/1), Kingsgate Native (11/1)

June -9pts

Winners: York Glory (18/1)

July +21.5pts

Winners: Danchai (20/1)

August -12pts

Winners: Broughton (14/1)

September +10pts

Winners: Excellent Result (20/1)

October -20pts

Winners: None

November +3.25pts

Winners: Levitate (12/1)

December +16pts

Winners: Chance Du Roy (18/1), Loose Chips (10/1)

2012 +9.15pts (ROI 4.3%) 212pts staked

January +21pts

Winners: Hey Big Spender (11/1), Calgary Bay (17/2)

February +2pts

Winners: Amitola (9/1)

March +5.25pts

Winners: Cape Tribulation (18/1)

April -8.6pts

Winners: Tidal Bay (10/1)

May -3pts

Winners: Tullius (14/1)

June - 4pts

Winners: Sholaan (14/1)

July -6pts

Winners: Bonnie Brae (12/1)

August -9pts

Winners: El Viento (14/1)

September +17pts

Winners: Captain Ramius (33/1)

October -9pts

Winners: None

November -1.5pts

Winners: None

December +5pts

Winners: Hello Bud (14/1)

2011 +91.88pts (ROI 52.7%) 174.5pts staked

January +0pts

Winners: None

February -7pts

Winners: None

March -15.75pts

Winners: None

April +22pts

Winners: Always Waining (14/1), Russian War (22/1)

May +6.63pts

Winners: Hawkeyethenoo (12/1)

June +58.75pts

Winners: Tominator (50/1), Julienas (20/1), Lexi's Hero (25/1)

July +54pts

Winners: Namecheck (20/1), Green Destiny (9/1), Halicarnassus (25/1)

August -4pts

Winners: Eton Rifles (10/1)

September -13pts

Winners: None

October -13pts

Winners: None

November +11.25pts

Winners: Tanks For That (10/1)

December -8pts

Winners: None

2010 +39.28pts (ROI 28.5%) 138pts staked

January -2pts

Winners: None

February +21pts

Winners: Get Me Out Of Here (9/1)

March +6.28pts

Winners: Great Endeavour (25/1)

April -13pts

Winners: None

May +5pts

Winners: Swilly Ferry (20/1)

June +12pts

Winners: Overturn (12/1), Equiano (10/1), Snow Fairy (16/1)

July -17pts

Winners: None

August +3pts

Winners: Mount Athos (14/1)

September -7pts

Winners: None

October +37pts

Winners: Aaim To Prosper (25/1), Nacarat (5/1)

November -4pts

Winners: None

December -2pts

Winners: None

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