WATCH: What does it take to become a professional jockey, cricketer or NFL star?

We gain exclusive access to training session with some of sport's top professionals

So what really goes into becoming a professional sports star? How hard is it really?

As much as we are in awe of our sporting heroes, sometimes we can all be guilty of not understanding what goes into their preparation away from race or match day.

What work do they do on the gallops? How much blood and sweat is exerted in the gym and on the training pitches? What tactical planning goes on in the changing rooms?

Well, I've been finding out just that in our new series 'Dom Does', as I dive head first into the professional arena to take on training sessions with top stars across racing, cricket and NFL.

I thought they might go easy on me... they did not. Feel free to have a laugh at my expense - we all need one at this tough time.

Jockey training

Ahead of this year's Cheltenham Festival I headed to the British Racing School in Newmarket and was joined by former jockey JJ Hamblett and senior coach Richard Perham to experience first hand life as a budding jockey.

NFL pre-season camp

Next onto NFL and a training camp in London with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I admit, this makes painful viewing and I'm still recovering.

Becoming a bowler

As much as I respect cricketers I've always wondered just how hard their job is. After all don't they just sit in the pavilion or stand around in the outfield for most of the match?

Well I was very wrong about that, as I was put through his paces by the Yorkshire cricket team as I tried (and failed) to become a world-class bowler.

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