Louisiana Downs 7th June 2017

Going: Fast
21:15 Race 1 - Claiming
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5f 110y3yo+1st$3,465.002nd$1,100.003rd$550.004th$385.00
1(1)147-692ShesaswiftieD98-6 T: Charles Hukill J: Aubrie Green(5)
3(3)423-601Dee's BabyD98-12 T: Stanley Roberts J: Jairo Rodriguez(5)
4(4)126/32-7Our ToonsBFD88-6 T: Jr Henry Johnson, J: Jorge Guzman
6(6)631658-Sister JuanitaD108-6 T: Alex De J: Emanuel Nieves
7(7)83-5163Sha Ba BaBFD88-6 T: Joseph Foster J: Gerardo Mora
8(8)0330-15Doc's RocketD78-9 T: Jerry Cart J: Jose Guerrero(5)
9(9)33177/6AnateryD98-9 T: Sarah Delany J: Williams Naupac
10(10)736-186AlibrookeD78-6 T: Thomas Nixon J: Hector Del Cid
Our Toons (2/1), Timeless Truth (5/2), Dee's Baby (9/2), Sha Ba Ba (6/1), Alibrooke (9/1), Shesaswiftie (12/1), Doc's Rocket (14/1), Sister Juanita (25/1), Ms. Elegant Flyer (33/1), Anatery (33/1)
21:44 Race 2 - Maiden Claiming
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Indy's Code (5/4), Eagle Rising (7/4), Scrutiny (7/2), Starook (7/2), Flashing Arkie (10/1), Smooth Gallop (25/1), Street Lawyer (33/1), Buzzed (50/1)
22:14 Race 3 - Allowance
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1m 70y3yo+1st$15,120.002nd$4,799.003rd$2,400.004th$1,680.00
1(1)135-821Queeten68-7 T: Sarah Delany J: Emanuel Nieves
3(3)58-7310Inagent68-7 T: Henry Dunn J: Chris Rosier
True Emperor (8/11), Queeten (4/1), Cameron Rules (6/1), Case's Ticket (7/1), Imindycatbirdseat (10/1), King's Share (16/1), Stars R Out (20/1), Inagent (33/1)
22:44 Race 4 - Allowance
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2(2)8-71992ZyanaraD68-1 T: Connie Daniels J: Arturo Aparicio
7(7)12-3573BrookieD68-4 T: Alex De J: Jose Rodriguez
Caroline Conquest (5/2), Purely Blessed (3/1), Yours And Mine (9/2), A Great Vice (5/1), Brookie (5/1), Quick Rae Rae (8/1), Unreal Baby (10/1), Zyanara (14/1)
23:12 Race 5 - Maiden Claiming
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6(6)325544Jimjeff78-12 T: Sarah Delany J: Gerardo Mora
7(7)5Jonas G.BF68-7 T: Patti Turner J: Jose Guerrero(5)
8(8)87/4650-Mr. Okra78-12 T: Beverly Burress J: Juan Larrosa
9(9)6544-24Due Apeal68-7 T: Jorge Lara J: Jose Rodriguez
10(10)7-7543Jeanne One68-7 T: Connie Daniels J: Aubrie Green(5)
Confederate Yell (5/2), Jimjeff (11/4), Certain Vow (5/1), Jeanne One (6/1), Due Apeal (7/1), Jonas G. (10/1), Toast To Michael (12/1), Gone Lucky (16/1), Grand Argument (16/1), Mr. Okra (33/1)
23:39 Race 6 - Claiming
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1(1)7-36532Wave Goodbye78-6 T: C Williams J: Donnie Meche
5(5)5-66387Meg And ClairD78-7 T: Jorge Gomez J: Aubrie Green(5)
6(6)6/936-21Slick Rulers88-9 T: David Gomez J: Jairo Rodriguez(5)
7(7)31-6685Westpine68-4 T: Ray Spencer J: Kevin Smith
8(8)42-6232Lillys A CharmBF78-7 T: Charles Hukill J: Joel Dominguez(5)
My Luv Monkey (10/11), Cajun English (5/2), Wave Goodbye (11/4), L'atelier (6/1), Slick Rulers (7/1), Lillys A Charm (7/1), Meg And Clair (9/1), Westpine (16/1), Claire's Lil Bear (20/1)
00:06 Race 7 - Maiden Claiming
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5f 110y3yo+1st$3,465.002nd$1,100.003rd$550.004th$385.00
2(2)884-495Tentowin78-9 T: Joseph Foster J: Chris Rosier
3(3)4/7-7Lily So Lovelyb188-12 T: Ronnie Ward J: Jose Guerrero(5)
5(5)9994-45Tawfeer's Tango68-4 T: Thomas Nixon J: Aubrie Green(5)
9(10)8-39405Night Angel78-12 T: Dana Whited J: Keith Austin
10(11)04-7663Lady Leola68-7 T: Joe Duhon J: Joel Dominguez(5)
Lady Leola (9/4), Is Out (4/1), Portobella (4/1), Lily So Lovely (4/1), Tawfeer's Tango (4/1), Lucky Slippers (4/1), Special Elise (7/1), Tentowin (8/1), Ellery Anne (8/1), Hattie Mae Not (20/1), Night Angel (20/1)

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