Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback return from injury on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs

Reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes will return from injury on Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs face the Tennessee Titans.

Mahomes has been out for three weeks after dislocating his kneecap against Denver, and returned to full practice this week ahead of being named as Sunday's starter against the Titans.

"I'm in a good spot,'' said Mahomes. "I'm ready to get out there.''

"I knew I had a chance once I talked to those doctors and they said as long as I was functioning well, moving well, I could play this week.

"Coach Reid still wanted me to take it day by day. I went out here in practice and took the reps and I haven't had any pain or any setbacks, and so as long as we keep going with that I'm glad to be back out there.''

The Chiefs feared Mahomes had suffered a more serious knee injury when he went down awkwardly against Denver, but he's been able to practice regularly and feels that his return won't risk further injury or inhibit his all-action style of play.

"Hopefully it was kind of a fluke thing,'' he said. "I'll always be I guess a tad bit higher [at risk] than the regular person, but whenever you're out on the football field, there's always a chance of injury.

"We tested out this week especially. We put me on the run, and I threw it across my body and did all the stuff I've grown to do as I've been in the NFL and my whole career. I didn't have any pain. I was still able to do it. I wanted to make sure I was able to do that before I got back on that field.''

Veteran Matt Moore has won one and lost one as stand-in quarterback for the Chiefs, but the team are desperate to have the reigning league MVP back under centre.

"We need him back,'' wide receiver Sammy Watkins said. "His energy affected all of us. Him being on that field has definitely been needed. All week we've been practicing hard. Every practice has been perfect.

"For us, it's just to play fast, be in the right area and literally for our offensive line to let nobody touch him. I think that's going to happen this week.

"He had a great week of practice. He's been practicing well and we've been looking really good with him.''

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

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