The Monday golf quiz: Week two of our golf quiz focuses on recent members of Team Europe

Padraig Harrington

Our weekly golf quiz takes on a Ryder Cup theme as we ask you to name every Team Europe player from 2002 to 2018.

Last week, nobody quite managed to get all 61 names in our major nearly-men starter - but three players did score 60 to set the bar high.

Now we move onto the Ryder Cup and you have 10 minutes to reveal all 108 team members dating back to 2002 - although remember, some names will appear more than once, so it's easier than you might think.

For those wishing to play every week, there will be a league table should there be enough interest - just screenshot your winning time, or your total correct answers when the clock runs down, and either tweet them on to @BenColeyGolf or email


Leaderboard - Week Two

108/108 - Jamie Weir, Michael Smith, Duncan Carey, Mr Warnock

107/108 - Phil Casey, Warren Allsworth, Calum Stewart, Todd Staszko, Simon Little

106/108 - Matt Gault, Michael Sword, Craig Morley, Simon Dempsey

Additional notes...

  • If a player appears more than once on the grid, typing their name will fill all applicable slots
  • Should you spot an error, please get in touch and we'll rectify it as soon as possible
  • Quizzes are built and hosted using, which has no affinity with Sporting Life
  • Suggestions for future quiz questions and categories are welcome via the contact links above
  • If sending screenshots via twitter, please do not disclose answers to others wishing to play
  • And finally, don't cheat

Leaderboard - Week One

60/61 - Sam Kimball, Michael Sword, Max Haley

59/61 - Tony Anderson, Marcus Miklovich

58/61 - Josh Hadden, Will Gray

57/61 - Phil Casey, Steven Gray, Daniel George, Matt Gault

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