Lomachenko v Campbell: We look at the stats and fight data behind the two men ahead of Saturday's world lightweight showdown

Luke Campbell will take on Vasiliy Lomachenko

It's one of the most eagerly-anticipated fights of the year, but what does the data tell us about how Vasiliy Lomachenko versus Luke Campbell will be settled on Saturday night?

The data suggests that Ukrainian fighter Lomachenko may have the upper hand in the second half of his fight against Luke Campbell on Saturday.

Expect ‘Loma’ to hold out until later in the fight before he comes into his own as his most dominant round over his last six fights has been the eighth - where he throws a whopping 87 punches and lands 35 (40%).

The man widely regarded as pound-for-pound king has also managed more later finishes than Campbell, with two in both rounds nine and ten.

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In addition to this, with data from their last six fights, Lomachenko has a 12% better punch land rate than Campbell, with the Ukrainian averaging 22 hits per round compared to Campbell’s 13.

Stats for Vasiliy Lomachenko v Luke Campbell world title fight on Saturday

However, it would appear that Lomachenko is at his most exposed in round 10, getting hit on average a total of 18 times in that session - that's six more punches than Campbell takes in his most vulnerable round – although only two of his last six opponents have managed to get to that stage in the fight.

In spite of this, though, the stats suggest that Campbell may have the upper hand in the first half of the fight. The Yorkshireman has three KOs in round two and four KOs in round five – added to the fact that his most recent prolific round is in the fourth, where he averages 70 punches thrown with 17 of them hitting their target.

Stats for Vasiliy Lomachenko v Luke Campbell world title fight on Saturday

Campbell does appear vulnerable in this section of the fight, however, his most susceptible round recently has been the fifth where, on average, he has been hit 12 times.

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