Tyson Fury bites back after Deontay Wilder accuses him of running scared ahead of rematch

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury has hit back at Deontay Wilder after claims he was running scared ahead of their rematch next year - warning the American is "going to get smashed".

The boxers are set to go toe-to-toe again on February 22, with Wilder having retained his WBC heavyweight title following a controversial drawn fight last December.

Contracts have been signed, but Wilder - who faces Luis Ortiz on November 23 - said Fury did not ever want the rematch and could "understand him running".

Fury, who recently made a step into wrestling with his WWE debut against Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia, responded with a video on Instagram to put the record straight.

"This is to address Deontay Wilder's recent comments on how I don't want to fight him and how afraid of him I am," said Fury.

"If I was afraid of you I wouldn't have fought you after having three years out of the ring and beaten you in your own country - you had to rob me and give me a draw.

"I don't know why on Earth you would think I'm bothered about you. Just get through your fight with Ortiz, do your own thing, stop using my name for relevance.

"You should be on 20 per cent, but I'm not I'm giving you a fair share, because I'm a fair man. I don't ask for anything in this world, I work hard for everything.

"So the thing is with you Wilder - crack on with your own business and I will see you February 22 to finish what I started. This time you are going to get smashed, you big bum dosser. End of."

Haye on Fury's WWE debut

(video no longer available)

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