Vaal 9th November 2019

Going: Good
09:55 Welcome To The Trifestivaal Raceday Workriders Maiden Plate (F & M)
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5f 212y3yo+1stR52,194.002ndR18,009.003rdR8,995.004thR4,507.005thR1,795.006thR898.007thR898.008thR898.009thR898.00
Malteza (13/8), Single Red Rose (7/2), Madame Patrice (4/1), Western Vision (17/2), Mentone (9/1), Nu Bell (14/1), Irish Jet (16/1), Miss Guided (25/1), Power Princess (28/1), Alicante (33/1), Catch A Glimpse (40/1), Turf Gazelle (40/1), Holiday In Spain (50/1), Lady Of Arveni (50/1), Consol Queen (50/1), Clifton Cougar (50/1), Golden Wand (50/1), Luscious Locks (N/A)
10:30 Belle Dimore Interior Decorating Maiden Plate (F & M)
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4f 214y3yo+1stR52,194.002ndR18,009.003rdR8,995.004thR4,507.005thR1,795.006thR898.007thR898.008thR898.009thR898.00
4(14)2243-MasaaqaatBF39-4T: M F De KockJ: Callan Murray
Capitiana (11/8), Masaaqaat (9/4), Afriel (13/2), Undecided (14/1), Abia (14/1), Towards The Sun (18/1), Lady Scarletina (18/1), Sasskia (22/1), Caerphilly (25/1), Secret Palace (28/1), Tomorrow Idontknow (33/1), Foxy Vixen (40/1), Malvern (40/1), Stormy Weathers (40/1), Olympic Destiny (50/1), Roksolana (50/1), Happy Together (66/1), Flaming Spectre (66/1), Bells At Seven (66/1), Cosmic Tricks (150/1)
11:05 First Steps Kindergarden Maiden Plate (F & M)
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6f 211y3yo+1stR52,194.002ndR18,009.003rdR8,995.004thR4,507.005thR1,795.006thR898.007thR898.008thR898.009thR898.00
Secret Dream (10/3), Crime Scene (11/2), Emerald Crest (13/2), Meercat (8/1), Tzaritza (8/1), Holy Guacamole (11/1), Even Me (16/1), Flower Of Scotland (16/1), One-oh-wonder (20/1), Lucky Shamrock (25/1), Timpani (25/1), Capetown Dream (25/1), Itunesyou (28/1), Seventh Rock Party (28/1), Wiley Kim (28/1), Rock Of Madeira (28/1), Espasa (33/1), Sarafina (33/1), But Why Not (33/1), Dune Goddess (40/1)
11:40 Synergy Safety Solutions Maiden Plate (F & M)
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6f 211y3yo+1stR52,194.002ndR18,009.003rdR8,995.004thR4,507.005thR1,795.006thR898.007thR898.008thR898.009thR898.00
3(15)332282-Virtuosa39-2T: M F De KockJ: Callan Murray
4(18)832-Tulip WayBF39-2T: Robbie SageJ: M Yeni
5(12)875253-Queen Of Soul39-2T: Dorrie ShamJ: K Zechner
Virtuosa (7/4), Tulip Way (11/4), Lady Amherst (10/1), Little Rain (12/1), Three Peaks (12/1), Marmalade Cat (12/1), Fluorescent (12/1), Guadeloupe (12/1), Lightning Rock (25/1), Queen Of Soul (33/1), Pucker Up (40/1), Holiday Is Over (40/1), Honfleur (40/1), Intimidate (40/1), Magic Mila (40/1), Smart Affair (40/1), Notquitethereyet (40/1), Differentiate (40/1), Oh Shenandoah (50/1), Star Lady (50/1)
12:15 Vaal Monateng Cafe Graduation Plate
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5f 212y3yo+1stR58,001.002ndR20,005.003rdR10,003.004thR5,001.005thR1,997.006thR1,008.007thR1,008.008thR1,008.009thR1,008.00
2(13)218514-AristachusC39-6T: Coenie De BeerJ: Cole Dicken(9)
4(10)6/14979-Adriano's TriumphbD49-5T: Dorrie ShamJ: K Zechner
7(11)12-IkigaiBF39-0T: Sean TarryJ: R Danielson
12(7)646005/City Rockb1D58-11T: Stephanus BothaJ: Collen Storey
Ikigai (4/5), What You Are (7/2), True To Life (7/2), Illusion (6/1), Crown Guardian (8/1), Irrevocable Dream (9/1), Aristachus (20/1), Hertog (28/1), Sacred Castle (33/1), Sambuca (40/1), Adriano's Triumph (50/1), Elusive Jack (66/1), City Rock (80/1)
12:50 Lords Signature Hotel Mr 96 Handicap
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5f 212y3yo+1stR63,809.002ndR22,002.003rdR10,992.004thR5,496.005thR2,198.006thR1,099.007thR1,099.008thR1,099.009thR1,099.00
1(8)400290-American HustlebCD49-10T: Paul PeterJ: Jeffery Syster(9)
2(17)196445-Old Man TymeCD49-7T: D Gray St JohnJ: M Yeni
4(4)935385-Premier ShowbCD59-5T: Clinton BindaJ: P Strydom
6(12)210430-State TrooperCD59-4T: Roy MagnerJ: Collen Storey
7(6)883210-TalktothestarsCD89-4T: Coenie De BeerJ: Cole Dicken(9)
8(16)058057-Silver GodC59-3T: Sean TarryJ: Luke Ferraris
10(7)123607-Epic DreambCD49-2T: Candice DawsonJ: Craig Zackey
13(5)33130-AshbaalD38-13T: M F De KockJ: Callan Murray
15(10)253997-Donny GCD78-13T: Grant MarounJ: Jason Gates(3)
16(14)71-Oden48-5T: Gokhan TerziJ: Ryan Munger
Chief Of State (10/3), Oden (13/2), How Does It Taste (7/1), Ashbaal (7/1), Old Man Tyme (17/2), Life Is Good (10/1), Premier Show (12/1), American Hustle (14/1), Talktothestars (14/1), Epic Dream (16/1), State Trooper (16/1), Double 'O' Eight (18/1), Dan The Lad (20/1), Royal Italian (20/1), Silver God (20/1), Donny G (25/1), Certifiable (N/A)
13:25 Gardenia Stakes (Listed) (Fillies And Mares)
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4f 214y3yo+1stR87,002.002ndR30,008.003rdR15,004.004thR7,493.005thR3,004.006thR1,502.007thR1,502.008thR1,502.009thR1,502.00
1(4)3/10399-Green PlainsD59-10T: Sean TarryJ: R Danielson
2(1)818800-Captain's GirlbCD69-6T: Louis GoosenJ: S Brown
4(14)511407-Pool PartyC69-3T: Roy MagnerJ: Ryan Munger
5(15)611300-Dancing QueenCD49-3T: Roy MagnerJ: G Lerena
7(5)139001-SingforafaCD39-0T: Corne SpiesJ: Craig Zackey
10(2)426277-Winter WatchCD59-0T: Roy MagnerJ: P Strydom
11(12)180912-Nicky NooCD58-10T: Clinton BindaJ: Denis Schwarz
12(11)0/63911-Effortless RewardbCD68-10T: Louis GoosenJ: J Sampson
14(7)251211-Montreal MistCD38-7T: Sean TarryJ: Luke Ferraris
16(8)611362-NawaasiCD58-7T: Paul MatchettJ: Nathan Klink
Singforafa (11/10), True Charm (7/1), Montreal Mist (8/1), Ulla (9/1), Green Plains (12/1), Effortless Reward (14/1), Winter Watch (16/1), Nawaasi (16/1), Ilha Da Varlette (16/1), Dancing Queen (20/1), Nicky Noo (22/1), Rio's Winter (22/1), Lawdy Miss Clawdy (22/1), Dalai's Promise (25/1), Captain's Girl (33/1), Pool Party (33/1)
14:30 Victory Moon Stakes (Grade 3)
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1m 209y3yo+1stR203,004.002ndR70,001.003rdR34,991.004thR17,496.005thR6,998.006thR3,499.007thR3,499.008thR3,499.009thR3,499.00
1(3)314421-Soqrat49-11T: M F De KockJ: Callan Murray
5(10)336559-UnagiCD68-7T: Gary AlexanderJ: Denis Schwarz
7(4)1/57651-Green HazebCD48-0T: Alec LairdJ: M Yeni
12(12)1114-Al MutawakelBFC48-0T: Sean TarryJ: Luke Ferraris
13(5)4/50750-Second Request47-12T: Sean TarryJ: Jason Gates(3)
Soqrat (1/1), Green Haze (5/2), Al Mutawakel (6/1), Roy Had Enough (9/1), Divine Odyssey (14/1), Master Magic (28/1), Unagi (28/1), Seville Orange (28/1), Ali Bon Dubai (33/1), Shenanigans (33/1), Second Request (40/1), Soldier On (40/1), Noble Secret (50/1)
15:05 Baselisk Fm 84 Handicap (F & M)
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1m 1f 208y3yo+1stR52,194.002ndR18,009.003rdR8,995.004thR4,507.005thR1,795.006thR898.007thR898.008thR898.009thR898.00
1(5)731211-Jacko BoyCD49-7T: Barend Daniel BotesJ: M Yeni
2(11)221154-Emily HobhousebBFCD59-7T: Geoff WoodruffJ: G Lerena
3(7)519830-Rabia The RebelCD59-5T: Brett WebberJ: Cole Dicken(9)
5(6)161868-Magic's Firstb1C49-2T: Dianne StengerJ: S Brown
7(1)270849-SamarraC79-0T: Stephen LerenaJ: Dylan Lerena
12(2)633244-Always RedbBFC48-7T: Alec LairdJ: Mpumelelo Mjoka
Jacko Boy (5/2), Emily Hobhouse (4/1), Sammi Moosa (6/1), Always Red (10/1), Wordyness (10/1), Jive Express (10/1), Jolly Josephine (10/1), Circle Of Latitude (14/1), Rabia The Rebel (20/1), Magic's First (33/1), Samarra (33/1), Indian Song (50/1)
15:40 Next Vaal Racemeeting Thursday 14 November Fm 68 Handicap (F & M)
Full racecard
1m 1f 208y3yo+1stR37,703.002ndR13,007.003rdR6,504.004thR3,243.005thR1,301.006thR641.007thR641.008thR641.009thR641.00
2(12)952016-Flirty GirtyCD49-5T: Craig MayhewJ: Cole Dicken(9)
4(1)904348-ItsmydarlinCD69-4T: Dorrie ShamJ: C Maujean
5(10)091900-BurindibC49-3T: D Gray St JohnJ: Luke Ferraris
6(13)2410-Maddox TuneC39-1T: Paul MatchettJ: M Yeni
14(5)903200-Long Pondb48-6T: Dorrie ShamJ: K Zechner
Hawthorn (4/1), Passion Peach (5/1), Laat Lammetjie (5/1), Itsmydarlin (6/1), Maddox Tune (8/1), Pink (10/1), Wings Of Light (10/1), Ruby And Roses (12/1), Long Pond (20/1), Doubled Over (20/1), Walnut Dash (20/1), Sea Like Glass (33/1), Flirty Girty (33/1), Burindi (33/1)

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10:15 Fairview
First Charm
J: Greg Cheyne
Good Times Roll
J: Marco V'Rensburg
Scottish Ally
J: Wayne Agrella
Miss Orange
J: Teaque Gould
Hallo Rosie
J: Sandile Khathi
Pomodoro Express
J: Julius Mphanya
Storm Dance
J: Ryan Munger
Queen Nitocris
J: Keanen Steyn
Red Forest
J: Donald Bogaleboile
Cosmic Love
J: M J Byleveld
J: Luyolo Mxothwa
Liquid Sunshine
J: C Maujean

Racing Tips

Action from Southwell

Monday racing preview

Erissimus Maximus can strike on his second start since joining sprint specialist Robert Cowell, according to Keith Hamer - he previews the action.

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Daily Nap: Bay of plenty

David Ord nailed a 100/30 winner at Cheltenham on Sunday and Matt Brocklebank heads to Southwell as he looks to follow up with another winner.

De Rasher Counter looks a big price at 33/1

Antepost Angle: Ladbrokes Trophy

Matt Brocklebank tipped the Ladbrokes Trophy winner at 33/1 last year and launches his winter column with another big-priced tip for the Newbury feature.