Cavaillon 26th May 2019

Going: Standard
10:40 Prix Luberon Monts De Vaucluse - Attele
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1m 4f 121y3yo1st€12,600.002nd€4,000.003rd€2,000.004th€1,400.00
1(1)h4h9h8h4h4h4Gamine Royale40-0T: N JulienJ: N Julien
2(2)hD-hDhDh1h5h6Girly Sam40-0T: V FoucaultJ: V Foucault
4(4)h2hDhDh2Guest Des Brousses50-0T: N EnschJ: N Ensch
5(5)h9h3h9h5hDm1Gondor40-0T: E GoutJ: Laurent Gout
6(6)h1h7-h7h3h6h5Guenola40-0T: E GoutJ: R Gout
7(7)h0h6h8h0Gazelle De Mai40-0T: N JulienJ: Y A Briand
9(9)h7-hDh7Gloria Darche40-0T: R MouriceJ: R Mourice
Guest Des Brousses (6/5), Go And Flash (85/40), Girly Sam (15/2), Gamine Royale (8/1), Grace De Claivince (14/1), Guenola (14/1), Guerilla Girls (20/1), Gondor (22/1), Gazelle De Mai (22/1), Gloria Darche (28/1)
11:10 Prix De La Colline De Saint-jacques - Attele
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1m 4f 121y4yo1st€10,710.002nd€3,400.003rd€1,701.004th€1,190.00
1(1)h8h7h6hDh4h4Fanny Mab50-0T: Y A BriandJ: Y A Briand
3(3)h1h3-h0hDhDhDFirst De Nimes50-0T: N JulienJ: N Julien
4(4)h3hDh1h3hDh7Favary50-0T: Y A BriandJ: Laurent Gout
5(5)h1h4h3h1h3Fashion Dream50-0T: N EnschJ: N Ensch
6(6)h6h3h3h8h2h7Frida50-0T: Y A BriandJ: L Garcia
7(7)h3h2-hDh5h6hDFabio De La Vallee50-0T: M LemoineJ: S Stefano
9(9)hDhD-hDhDh1mDFrance Smiling50-0T: L PeltierJ: I Benakmoume
11(11)hDhDhDh3h6h0Fakir De La Criere50-0T: R MouriceJ: R Mourice
12(12)h1h3h5h5h2h0Fantastique Ace50-0T: E OhanessianJ: K Thonnerieux
13(13)h6hDh9h3h6h2Folie Des Louanges50-0T: L BrechatJ: L Brechat
16(16)hDhDh7h3h4h4Flash Picard50-0T: S CinglandJ: S Cingland
Filae De Soyora (11/4), Fashion Dream (3/1), Fanny Mab (11/2), Flash Picard (13/2), Fabio De La Vallee (15/2), Favary (8/1), Fierte Du Maxfran (11/1), Frida (11/1), Farandole De Corcy (14/1), Folie Des Louanges (20/1), Flamboyante D'ete (20/1), Fantastique Ace (22/1), France Smiling (22/1), Fandango De Moon (25/1), Fakir De La Criere (28/1), First De Nimes (28/1)
11:40 Prix Roland Pauleau - Attele
Full racecard
1m 4f 121y6yo to 7yo1st€11,340.002nd€3,600.003rd€1,800.004th€1,260.00
1(1)hDh4h9h0h0hDCirrus De Nieul80-0T: D AlexandreJ: A Fantauzza
2(2)h2h1h4-h0h3h7Cyberespace80-0T: Y A BriandJ: S Godon
3(3)h4h1h3h4h3h2Cybele Phil80-0T: M MessagerJ: F Broust
5(5)h9h5h8h0h0-hDDeejay Sam70-0T: Y A BriandJ: Ch Levaufre
6(6)h6hDh9h1h1h1Django Winner80-0T: J M RoubaudJ: P Repichet
7(7)h8h8h0m8h1hDCrazy Dream Azul80-0T: J B BonetJ: J Ozenne
8(8)h0h2h5h3-h4h3Cristal Jihaime80-0T: Mickael CormyJ: A P Giraud
9(9)h6h1h7h2h3h1Crack De Bas80-0T: M MessagerJ: C H A Buffavand
10(10)h9h0h0h8h4h0Cassiopee Du Meyx80-0T: B ThomasJ: Th Goujon
11(11)h8h0h5h3h5h7Cubana80-0T: D AlexandreJ: N Devigne
13(13)h0-h4h0h3h2h4Calice80-0T: E OhanessianJ: Mlle J Ohanessian
14(14)h0-hDh6hDh2hDDerby Winner70-0T: J M RoubaudJ: Q Machet
Django Winner (5/4), Cristal Jihaime (4/1), Cybele Phil (11/2), Calice (8/1), Deejay Sam (12/1), Crack De Bas (14/1), Divine Ohem (16/1), Crazy Dream Azul (16/1), Cubana (25/1), Derby Winner (25/1), Cirrus De Nieul (33/1), Cassiopee Du Meyx (33/1), Calicia Du Sire (40/1), Cyberespace (50/1)
12:10 Prix Th. Diffusion - Monte
Full racecard
1m 4f 203y5yo to 8yo1st€13,230.002nd€4,200.003rd€2,100.004th€1,470.00
2hDh0h0m0m4hDCoeur De Lormat88-13T: B ThomasJ: F Broust
3m6h5-h5m2m3mDDestin De Bry78-9T: V FoucaultJ: A Coquel
4h9h9-hDhDhDh6Bad98-13T: J M RoubaudJ: J Da Veiga
7h7h7hDhDmDhDAsap Power108-9T: D CinierJ: Mlle L Masi
9h7m4h9hDh6m1Costa Julry88-9T: Mickael CormyJ: A P Giraud
10hDhDhDhDhDhDBingo D'Or910-7T: R MouriceJ: L G Richard
11m6m1hDh9h0m2Bill Des Couperies910-7T: J M RoubaudJ: Q Seguin
Bill Des Couperies (4/7), Costa Julry (9/2), Bolide De Lulu (17/2), Destin De Bry (9/1), Bingo D'Or (12/1), Excalibur Debenich (14/1), Belina Des Agos (25/1), Bad (33/1), Coeur De Lormat (40/1), Asap Power (40/1), Call Girl Pan (50/1)
12:42 Prix Francis Caniggia - Attele
Full racecard
1m 4f 121y5yo1st€13,859.002nd€4,400.003rd€2,200.004th€1,540.00
2(2)hDh6h3h1h2hDEden Petteviniere60-0T: J Ch FeronJ: J Ch Feron
3(3)hDh9h3h4-h0h8Echec Et Mat60-0T: L PeltierJ: I Benakmoume
4(4)h8h6hDh0h6h6Elixir D'Ourville60-0T: R MouriceJ: R Mourice
5(5)h2h5hDhDh6h8Ebene De Jay60-0T: Y A BriandJ: L Garcia
6(6)h2h2-h5h2h7h0Elise De Beylev60-0T: N EnschJ: N Ensch
7(7)h4h8h5h5h0h0El Gusto60-0T: Y A BriandJ: Y A Briand
8(8)h6hDh8h1-h6h7Eloa D'Occagnes60-0T: Y A BriandJ: Laurent Gout
9(9)hDhDh1h1hDh1Ebabiela60-0T: K ThonnerieuxJ: K Thonnerieux
Ebabiela (2/1), Echec Et Mat (3/1), Eden Petteviniere (4/1), El Gusto (9/2), Elise De Beylev (7/1), Elixir D'Ourville (14/1), Etincelle De Laval (20/1), Ebene De Jay (25/1), Eloa D'Occagnes (25/1)
13:15 Prix Secours Cavare - Attele
Full racecard
1m 4f 121y4yo1st€14,490.002nd€4,600.003rd€2,300.004th€1,610.00
1(1)h5hDh0h1h1hDFutur Du Chene50-0T: A DupercheJ: A Duperche
2(2)hDhDh8h1hDh5Fernandina60-0T: N EnschJ: J Ch Feron
3(3)mDh2h7h2h4h3Facto Turgot50-0T: Y A BriandJ: Y A Briand
4(4)h1h1h3h2h3h7Fantomas Turgot50-0T: Y A BriandJ: L Garcia
5(5)h3h5h1h8h1h6Frivole Des Bordes50-0T: J GuelpaJ: J Ch Sorel
6(6)h4h4h8h2h0h1Farel50-0T: Mickael CormyJ: Mickael Cormy
7(7)h5h7-h1h6h4hDFalcon D'Espace50-0T: N EnschJ: N Ensch
8(8)hDh8hDh3h3h4Filopoto Pena50-0T: Y A BriandJ: S Stefano
Facto Turgot (6/4), Futur Du Chene (7/2), Farel (11/2), Frivole Des Bordes (6/1), Falcon D'Espace (7/1), Fantomas Turgot (15/2), Filopoto Pena (16/1), Fernandina (28/1)
13:45 Prix Alain Paul Nitard - Attele
Full racecard
1m 4f 121y7yo to 9yo1st€13,230.002nd€4,200.003rd€2,100.004th€1,470.00
1(1)h7-h4h0h2h8hDBraveheart Jiel90-0T: R MouriceJ: R Mourice
2(2)h0h9h0h0h2h9Aigle De Dompierre100-0T: J M RoubaudJ: S Stefano
3(3)h1h4hDh2hDh3Cyan Jicee80-0T: J P EnschJ: N Ensch
4(4)h1hD-h8h5h1h0Bolero Du Sablier90-0T: B ThomasJ: B Thomas
5(5)h4h7h9h0h9h0Belle Au Vent90-0T: J Ch FeronJ: J Ch Feron
7(7)h1h2h5h0h0h4Caberlot80-0T: Y A BriandJ: Y A Briand
8(8)h3hDhDh0h1h2Cool Fast80-0T: Y A BriandJ: L Garcia
9(9)h0-h6h0h1h2h4Chantelou Lignerie80-0T: D BekaertJ: A Duperche
10(10)hDmDh8h0m5hDBest Of D'Enje90-0T: D AlexandreJ: A Fantauzza
11(11)h5h5hDhDh5hDBelle Des Gossets90-0T: D AlexandreJ: J Ch Sorel
12(12)h2h7-h0h8h0h9Columbo Du Rib80-0T: T GuillaumeJ: Th Guillaume
13(13)h0h0h0m8h0m0Best Of Chanlecy90-0T: D CinierJ: N Julien
14(14)h4hDh3h1h8h8Buffalo Dub's90-0T: Y A BriandJ: Laurent Gout
15(15)h0h0h0h7h6-h9Akili Buissonay100-0T: G TouronJ: Th Goujon
16(16)h0m0h0m5h0h5Bleven90-0T: Mlle J TriompheJ: S Cingland
Caberlot (7/4), Cyan Jicee (4/1), Aigle De Dompierre (5/1), Chantelou Lignerie (13/2), Braveheart Jiel (11/1), Belle Au Vent (11/1), Bleven (12/1), Bolero Du Sablier (12/1), Cool Fast (14/1), Camelot Sisu (33/1), Belle Des Gossets (40/1), Buffalo Dub's (40/1), Columbo Du Rib (50/1), Best Of D'Enje (125/1), Best Of Chanlecy (125/1), Akili Buissonay (125/1)
14:32 Prix Conseil Departemental Du Vaucluse - Attele
Full racecard
1m 4f 203y5yo+1st€20,160.002nd€6,400.003rd€3,200.004th€2,240.00
1h0h0-h0h8h7h7Bright Charm100-0T: L GoutJ: Laurent Gout
2hDh1/h0h0h1-h0Blue Label90-0T: J M RoubaudJ: P Repichet
3h2h6h9h0h1h3Esos60-0T: R WesterinkJ: Q Machet
6h2mDh2h1h5hDApollon D'Anjou100-0T: J M RoubaudJ: S Stefano
7h1-h6h5h2h3h8Eclat De Gloire60-0T: L GarciaJ: L Garcia
8h0h0h7h5h0h6Bar D'Or90-0T: D AlexandreJ: V Foucault
9hDh6h2h1h0h4Comete Darche80-0T: J GuelpaJ: S Cingland
10m3h0hDh6m3h4Apero Du Midi100-0T: E GoutJ: R Gout
11h0-h0h1h6h8h0American Dollar100-0T: R MouriceJ: J Ozenne
12h9h2-h1h8h9h9Alexia Du CherisayD100-0T: R MouriceJ: L G Richard
13h0h5h0h0h1h7Baldi Star90-0T: J M RoubaudJ: K Devienne
Eclat De Gloire (1/1), Esos (7/2), Apollon D'Anjou (15/2), Boulbout De Gohel (9/1), Anakin Skywalker (10/1), Apero Du Midi (14/1), Baldi Star (14/1), Comete Darche (18/1), Bar D'Or (20/1), American Dollar (40/1), Alexia Du Cherisay (40/1), Blue Label (40/1), Bright Charm (66/1)

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11:40 Cagnes-sur-Mer
Ascot Spirit
J: G Legras
J: A Pouchin
J: A Chesneau
Baileys Balle
J: A Orani
Royal Gift
J: J Mobian
All This Time
J: A Molins
J: M Waldhauser
Forty Bere
J: H Besnier
J: K Barbaud
J: G Guedj-gay

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