Vaal 21st February 2019

Going: Good
10:05 Welcomes You Juvenile Plate
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4f 214y2yo1stR71,869.002ndR22,992.003rdR11,505.004thR5,752.005thR2,876.00
Ring Of Fire (7/4), Able Surprise (9/4), Annatjie (3/1), Creation (3/1), Donderweer (8/1), Guantanamo Bay (8/1), Potalas Prince (10/1), Free Deal (10/1), Untamed Tiger (16/1), Union Castle (20/1), Get Set (20/1), Live By Night (25/1), Toro Bravo (25/1), Captain Calli (40/1), Affectioneight (66/1), Bartholomeus (66/1), Drummer Dude (66/1)
10:40 All To Come Maiden Plate (F & M)
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5f 212y3yo+1stR68,755.002ndR22,002.003rdR10,992.004thR5,496.005thR2,748.00
Boutique (7/4), Anagram (9/2), It Takes Two (6/1), Bold Ellie (7/1), Steady Way (10/1), Without Limits (10/1), Kindavar (10/1), Jer (14/1), Sweet Tafia (14/1), Captains Love (14/1), Crystal's World (14/1), High Society (20/1), She's So Rad (40/1), Oceans Pride (40/1), Blow Your Cool (50/1), Starlight Dancer (66/1), Catch A Glimpse (66/1), Tidal Tussle (66/1), Wilkes County (80/1), Stormy Weathers (100/1)
11:15 Join Us For Champions Day 4 May Maiden Plate
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5f 212y3yo+1stR68,755.002ndR22,002.003rdR10,992.004thR5,496.005thR2,748.00
Palace Assembly (10/3), Fairbanks (7/2), Stockbridge (9/2), Tom Tom (13/2), Western Oasis (7/1), Cape Wildcat (9/1), Movie Magic (16/1), Setablaze (18/1), Racing Man (20/1), The Russian Sailor (20/1), Tongue Twister (20/1), Bridge Of Spies (22/1), Highway Express (28/1), The Ice War (33/1), Written In Stone (33/1), Matopos (40/1), At Hand (50/1), Silver Hub (50/1), Country Squire (80/1), Explorer (80/1)
11:50 Tab Pays The Full Dividend, No Limits Maiden Plate (F & M)
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6f 211y3yo+1stR68,755.002ndR22,002.003rdR10,992.004thR5,496.005thR2,748.00
5(13)33683-5Seneca FallsBF49-6T: Heather AdamsonJ: S Khumalo
Josi Di Nero (5/2), Jive Express (4/1), Fife (11/2), Caftan (13/2), Winning Queen (9/1), Golden Gale (10/1), Seneca Falls (10/1), Perfect Storm (14/1), Storm Report (18/1), Africa's Sky (18/1), Mistressofmyfate (20/1), Dancewithadragon (28/1), Glitter Path (28/1), Exultant (33/1), Burindi (40/1), Miss Samurai (40/1), Scales Of Justice (80/1), Great Prosperity (80/1), Into The Light (100/1)
12:25 Book For Classic Day 0116811508 Mr 66 Apprentice Handicap
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7f 210y3yo+1stR50,618.002ndR16,195.003rdR8,097.004thR4,049.005thR2,034.00
2(7)88221-0HoraceC59-5T: Ashley FortuneJ: Sandile Mbhele(6)
5(6)40703-9Trip To TroyCD79-3T: Geoff WoodruffJ: Nathan Klink(6)
8(12)85063-4RefugebC69-0T: Fabian HabibJ: Khanya Sakayi(3)
9(4)01840-5Face The FirebC48-11T: Alec LairdJ: Jason Gates(1)
11(8)687567-GenesisBF58-6T: Sean TarryJ: Luke Ferraris
12(14)80000-0Colonel BogeyCD58-3T: Roy MagnerJ: Jabu Jacobs(9)
13(1)310009-Mr TinselC68-3T: Brian WiidJ: Julius Mphanya(6)
14(10)0640-56RyderD68-3T: Gary AlexanderJ: Dennis Schwarz
15(5)7/1900-0MolleloaCD58-3T: Sean TarryJ: Ashton Arries
16(11)6078-81Two Gunsb58-3T: Stephen LerenaJ: Tejash Juglall(9)
Ready To Strike (10/3), Face The Fire (10/3), Trip To Troy (5/1), Refuge (5/1), Genesis (13/2), Ryder (13/2), Manitoba (8/1), Rocky Path (8/1), Horace (10/1), Patric (14/1), Two Guns (25/1), Molleloa (33/1), Elusive Coral (33/1), Bubbly Reply (40/1), Mr Tinsel (50/1), Colonel Bogey (66/1)
13:00 Join Us For The Joburg's Prawn Festival 30 March Fm 74 Handicap (F & M)
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7f 210y3yo+1stR64,376.002ndR20,592.003rdR10,296.004thR5,148.005thR2,583.00
1(6)465-855Tammany HallC59-10T: Paul PeterJ: Kabelo Matsunyane(6)
2(16)0727-07ShellyCD79-9T: Devin LittleJ: Chad Little
3(18)40231-6Pale LilacbCD59-7T: Alec LairdJ: R Danielson
7(12)72162-4Fortuna DoroCD49-2T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
8(7)79011-3Believe MeBFC59-0T: Johan J VuurenJ: R Simons
13(13)631-566Sammi MoosaCD68-6T: D Gray St JohnJ: K Zechner
15(19)062100-Dunas Douradasb58-5T: Robbie SageJ: M Yeni
17(1)089-707Walnut DashC48-3T: Tyrone ZackeyJ: Nathan Klink(6)
19(14)9857-81GenerosobCD68-3T: Romeo FrancisJ: Dennis Schwarz
Pale Lilac (10/3), Redberry Wood (9/2), Fortuna Doro (5/1), Believe Me (13/2), Serendipity (17/2), Tammany Hall (11/1), Sammi Moosa (14/1), Rings And Things (14/1), Movie Award (16/1), Get Your Grove On (16/1), Shelly (20/1), She Rocks (25/1), Dunas Douradas (28/1), Wings Of Light (33/1), Victoria Young (50/1), Walnut Dash (50/1), Generoso (50/1), Dress For Success (50/1), Melinda's Garden (80/1)
13:35 Play Soccer 6, 10 And 13 Mr 66 Apprentice Handicap
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7f 210y3yo+1stR50,618.002ndR16,195.003rdR8,097.004thR4,049.005thR2,034.00
1(14)621-040Private RulerCD69-7T: Paul MatchettJ: Xola Jacobs(2)
2(12)90389-4ShortstopbCD69-6T: Roy MagnerJ: Dennis Schwarz
3(13)217899-PsychicC69-5T: Sean TarryJ: Ashton Arries
5(11)68437-6Cherokee GreyC79-3T: Alec LairdJ: Tejash Juglall(9)
8(4)130-925WottahottieC88-11T: Paul PeterJ: Julius Mphanya(6)
11(3)25065-7Camel WalkC58-7T: D Gray St JohnJ: Jason Gates(6)
12(8)58060-0StreetwearbCD78-6T: Brian WiidJ: Jabu Jacobs(9)
14(5)9740-66In The GameCD58-4T: Brett WebberJ: Louis Burke(9)
15(6)700-049GonnaflyC58-3T: Tyrone ZackeyJ: Nathan Klink(6)
16(10)0097-52Supa MuftibD58-3T: Stephen LerenaJ: Dylan Lerena(3)
Rockstar Child (5/1), Cherokee Grey (11/2), Camel Walk (13/2), Shortstop (7/1), Wottahottie (7/1), Roman Flight (10/1), Arrows Of Desire (10/1), Gonnafly (10/1), Private Ruler (14/1), What A Joker (14/1), Supa Mufti (16/1), Psychic (16/1), William Nicol (18/1), Prix Eclips (22/1), In The Game (25/1), Streetwear (40/1)
14:10 0861 150 160 Assessment Plate
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5f 103y3yo+1stR65,934.002ndR21,105.003rdR10,552.004thR5,276.005thR2,638.006thR1,997.007thR1,502.008thR1,008.00
2(7)477240-WonderwallC59-6T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
4(2)301157-Benji49-5T: Paul PeterJ: Chad Little
6(5)43014-3DewaliBFD49-0T: Robbie SageJ: M Yeni
9(13)2379-32TopmastD49-0T: Dorrie ShamJ: K Zechner
14(15)55212-5Snorting BullC58-13T: Scott KennyJ: Ryan Munger
Wonderwall (9/4), Russian Prince (7/2), Dewali (5/1), Sacred Castle (11/2), Mojito Magic (13/2), Topmast (9/1), Tarsus (16/1), Benji (18/1), Miss Pinkerton (18/1), Eastern Healer (20/1), Grindelwald (20/1), Royal City (28/1), Jack's Back (33/1), Friend Of Time (40/1), Snorting Bull (50/1)
14:45 Supabets - 0861 76 22 37 Fm 68 Apprentice Handicap (F & M)
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5f 212y3yo+1stR61,244.002ndR19,602.003rdR9,801.004thR4,891.005thR2,455.00
1(13)13903-2Che BellaBFD49-10T: Paul PeterJ: Yuzae Ramzan(9)
4(6)2337-99VisualitybD69-5T: Sean TarryJ: Dylan Lerena(3)
6(8)6618-08Kick ButtbCD59-0T: Stephen MoffattJ: Julius Mphanya(6)
8(14)643-613WrittenBFCD69-0T: Sean TarryJ: Kabelo Matsunyane(1)
9(17)7077-06Burundi BushbCD68-13T: D Gray St JohnJ: Khanya Sakayi(3)
10(7)92/17-78Cop ShopC58-11T: D Gray St JohnJ: Jason Gates(6)
12(2)2551-56PachangaCD68-9T: Ashley FortuneJ: Sandile Mbhele(6)
15(4)34534-3Fly NorthbBFCD58-4T: Barend Daniel BotesJ: Tejash Juglall(9)
17(1)900090-Empress RockC58-3T: Weiho MarwingJ: Nathan Klink(1)
19(18)50800-9BeckoningbCD68-3T: D Gray St JohnJ: Louis Burke(1)
Che Bella (3/1), Fly North (9/2), Frankly (9/2), Visuality (11/2), Written (7/1), Pachanga (9/1), Florence (10/1), Tricia (14/1), Kick Butt (16/1), Pink (18/1), Clairvoyance (20/1), Wrap It Up (20/1), Cop Shop (22/1), Torrey Pines (28/1), Empress Rock (28/1), Burundi Bush (28/1), Gold Shades (33/1), Microbe (33/1), Beckoning (33/1)
15:20 Next Vaal Racemeeting Thursday 28 February Mr 66 Handicap
Full racecard
4f 214y3yo+1stR50,618.002ndR16,195.003rdR8,097.004thR4,049.005thR2,034.00
1(7)133220-QuattrobCD79-6T: Grant MarounJ: Ryan Munger
3(19)554-253Battle CreekC59-5T: Dorrie ShamJ: K Zechner
4(14)50526-2HeywotbCD99-1T: Craig MayhewJ: C Maujean
5(5)2110-00Seventh SonbCD59-1T: Clinton BindaJ: R Simons
7(2)74743-1Prince JordanbCD59-0T: Grant MarounJ: P Strydom
8(17)442327-Rebel RenegadebBFCD78-13T: Roy MagnerJ: Dennis Schwarz
9(15)8005-00Le TigreCD68-11T: Barend Daniel BotesJ: S Brown
10(8)0436-81Roman EveningbCD68-11T: Leon (jnr)J: Mathew Thackeray
11(1)7460-53Moon WarriorCD48-10T: Dorrie ShamJ: Tejash Juglall(9)
13(20)7000-10Concealed SecretbCD58-10T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
16(4)08638-5Manx ParkCD88-8T: Clinton BindaJ: Kabelo Matsunyane(6)
17(18)06548-0MinnesotaCD78-8T: Chris ErasmusJ: Hennie Greyling
20(6)1094-79SingaswewinbCD68-6T: Grant MarounJ: Ashton Arries
Battle Creek (7/2), Prince Jordan (5/1), Quattro (6/1), Moon Warrior (8/1), Heywot (9/1), Manx Park (10/1), Rebel Renegade (10/1), Phillydelphia (14/1), Snow In Seattle (14/1), Concealed Secret (16/1), Roman Evening (18/1), Jet Sailor (20/1), Seventh Son (20/1), Minnesota (22/1), Alphamikefoxtrot (28/1), Good Emperor (28/1), Lithuanian's Dream (28/1), Singaswewin (40/1), News Flash (50/1), Le Tigre (50/1)

Next Race Off

02:11 Delta Downs
Dejoke's Song
J: Thomas Pompell
J: C J McMahon
Sassy Pants Susie
J: Kerwin Clark
J: Colby Hernandez
Blowing Bayou
J: Timothy Thornton
Yes Babe
J: Kevin Smith
L L L College Fund
J: Devin Magnon
Musket's Cup Cake
J: Quincy Hamilton

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