Laurel Park 25th January 2019

Going: Fast
17:30 Race 1 - Claiming
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1(1)311211-Midnight CryD58-12 T: Wayne Potts J: Angel Suarez
2(2)34237-1Sir RockportD88-12 T: Jamie Ness J: Trevor McCarthy
7(7)5/31127-Sing PraisesD88-9 T: Jr Mario Serey, J: Felix Pinero(10)
The Great Provider (6/4), Sir Rockport (7/2), Midnight Cry (4/1), El Grillo (8/1), Sing Praises (8/1), Martywiththeparty (10/1), Goodbyeseeulater (14/1)
18:00 Race 2 - Claiming
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2(2)21415-1Calvi68-9 T: Dale Capuano J: Jevian Toledo
6(6)415368-Homespun HeroD78-9 T: Mark Shuman J: Jomar Torres
Wild Rider (7/4), Team Tim (2/1), Two Putt (4/1), Calvi (5/1), Grecian Prince (12/1), Homespun Hero (25/1)
18:30 Race 3 - Claiming
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1(1)845233-Katie's RewardD58-9 T: Jamie Ness J: Angel Suarez
3(3)31134-1Trusty RollD88-12 T: Hugh McMahon J: Katie Davis
4(4)342734-ShecorD58-9 T: Patrick Magill J: Ricardo Chiappe
Trusty Roll (11/10), Bustin Hearts (13/8), Tiz Emily And Jill (8/1), Beautiful Maiden (9/1), Katie's Reward (16/1), Rein Supreme (20/1), Shecor (25/1)
19:00 Race 4 - Maiden Claiming
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2(2)7336-2El Rojo48-11 T: Jerry Thurston J: Forest Boyce
6(6)33624-3Glorious Weekend48-11 T: Marco Salazar J: Felix Pinero(10)
Awesome Agenda (2/1), Inclunation (9/4), Marco Island (3/1), El Rojo (7/1), Glorious Weekend (10/1), Star Hawk (16/1), Senor Seville (25/1), Icantrumpthat (33/1)
19:30 Race 5 - Claiming
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1(1)93899-7FlankensteinD68-9 T: Laura Roadcap J: Adrian Flores(5)
2(2)355328-TipitD78-9 T: Scott Lake J: Jomar Torres
3(3)64/3123-ThaddeusBFD68-9 T: Jeff Talley J: Sheldon Russell
4(4)56455-6GroscoD88-9 T: Jose Ramirez J: Ricardo Chiappe
5(5)53685-5HurlerD108-9 T: Marco Salazar J: Felix Pinero(10)
7(7)65667-6Demon BusterD98-9 T: Hassan Elamri J: Rebecca Labarre(10)
Thaddeus (7/4), Daystrike (7/4), Tipit (4/1), Grosco (9/1), Hurler (12/1), Fifties Music (16/1), Flankenstein (20/1), Demon Buster (33/1)
20:00 Race 6 - Claiming
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Wicked Awesome (9/4), Sip Of Sunshine (5/2), Yesterdaysplan (4/1), Past Perfect (8/1), You Made It (8/1), Little Miss Raelyn (8/1), Lucky Be A Lady (12/1), Barbsgray Lion (25/1), Kentucky Smooth (33/1)
20:30 Race 7 - Claiming
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4(4)31854-3SeveD118-9 T: Scott Lake J: Carol Cedeno
5(5)65574-4Banner BillD118-9 T: Jerry Thurston J: Rebecca Labarre(10)
8(8)171100-Shoot The GapD68-9 T: Thomas Michaels J: Felix Pinero(10)
Humbolt Street (6/5), Glory Hound (15/8), Clever Caliban (5/1), Seve (6/1), Carysfort Reef (25/1), Banner Bill (25/1), Lon's True Passion (33/1), Shoot The Gap (40/1)
21:00 Race 8 - Claiming
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1m 110y4yo+1st$12,600.002nd$4,000.003rd$1,999.004th$1,400.00
4(4)5/21856-Street ReviewD68-12 T: Justin Nixon J: Johan Rosado
5(5)29371-2We Made ItD58-12 T: Rodolfo Salomon J: Tais Lyapustina(7)
6(6)44544-4Praise The Moon78-12 T: Sergio Pradenas J: Felix Pinero(10)
8(8)362451-ArkadagD58-12 T: Donald Barr J: Ricardo Chiappe
Totalitario (15/8), Free To Trump (7/2), We Made It (9/2), Street Review (5/1), Lovely Games (8/1), Quest Of Glory (12/1), Praise The Moon (14/1), Arkadag (14/1)
21:35 Race 9 - Maiden Claiming
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6(6)24334-5Dangerus Hearted78-12 T: Roque Romero J: Felix Pinero(10)
11(11)33/853-2Zephyr TrainBF68-12 T: Dove Houghton J: Sheldon Russell
The Mason Factor (6/4), Seventyseven Force (7/2), Buster's Brother (5/1), Zephyr Train (6/1), Telecommunication (6/1), Nonno Pietro (8/1), In Your Pocket (25/1), Creepy The Crab (28/1), L'Overture (30/1), Fear The Reaper (33/1), Dangerus Hearted (40/1), Watchmeneighneigh (50/1), Fellow (50/1)

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