Ayr 20th September 2018

Going: Soft (Heavy in places)
13:30 EBF Novice Stakes (Plus 10)
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1m(Class 4)2yo1st£6,474.002nd£1,939.003rd£969.004th£485.005th£242.006th£122.00
4(4)352Bullion Bossp39-2T: M DodsJ: T Eaves
9(2)58Jacko39-2T: K R BurkeJ: C Lee(3)
12(13)63Takumi39-2T: R VarianJ: David Egan
Dark Jedi (11/10), George Mallory (9/2), Lariat (13/2), Takumi (15/2), Bullion Boss (9/1), Arctic Fox (10/1), Deebee (14/1), My Little Orphan (28/1), Jacko (28/1), Be Proud (33/1), Beechwood Jude (100/1), Elysian Flame (100/1), God Of Dreams (100/1)
14:00 J.H. Commercials Handicap
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7f 50y(Class 4)3yo+1st£6,728.002nd£2,002.003rd£1,000.004th£500.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
2(2)326-646Rollerb169-7T: M W EasterbyJ: J P Sullivan
3(9)805077Right ActionD59-6T: R A FaheyJ: T Hamilton
4(3)618836Tawny PortC59-6T: J G GivenJ: T Eaves
5(13)30/2257-GlengarryD69-5T: K DalgleishJ: Callum Rodriguez
9(1)98-0423Saint EquianoCD59-3T: K DalgleishJ: G Lee
10(10)410805Magic CityD109-2T: M W EasterbyJ: Nathan Evans
11(5)8-16090Queen's SargentD49-1T: K A RyanJ: S A Gray
12(14)355175Chai ChaiBFD49-1T: A M BaldingJ: David Probert
13(6)1/73-009Tiercelp169-1T: Rebecca BastimanJ: Jamie Gormley(3)
14(4)1/56410Golden SlamD59-0T: R VarianJ: David Egan
Chai Chai (11/2), Iron Sky (6/1), Queen's Sargent (7/1), Tawny Port (7/1), Golden Slam (15/2), Truth Or Dare (9/1), Roller (10/1), Saint Equiano (10/1), Angel Of Darkness (16/1), Right Action (18/1), Magic City (20/1), Scofflaw (20/1), Tiercel (28/1), Glengarry (33/1)
14:30 S T Andrew Plant Hire Handicap (Div 1)
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1m(Class 5)3yo+1st£4,787.002nd£1,424.003rd£712.004th£356.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
1(3)363091MustaqbalCD79-9T: M DodsJ: Callum Rodriguez
2(9)2507-00TorridD89-7T: M W EasterbyJ: Nathan Evans
3(13)775383VisitantC69-7T: D ThompsonJ: David Egan
4(11)652600Strong StepsCD79-6T: J S GoldieJ: D Tudhope
5(14)554297GwornbCD99-5T: R M SmithJ: David Probert
6(2)4-00600Silvery MoonCD129-4T: T D EasterbyJ: D Allan
12(12)184003TagurpD58-12T: K A RyanJ: T Eaves
14(10)229413ZoravanvCD68-9T: K DalgleishJ: Connor Beasley
Mustaqbal (11/4), Silvery Moon (3/1), It's Never Enough (8/1), Forever A Lady (10/1), Visitant (10/1), Strong Steps (11/1), Zoravan (12/1), Cadeau Magnifique (12/1), Gworn (16/1), Newmarket Warrior (16/1), Tagur (25/1), Dark Crystal (25/1), Newstead Abbey (28/1), Torrid (28/1)
15:05 S T Andrew Plant Hire Handicap (Div 2)
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1m(Class 5)3yo+1st£4,787.002nd£1,424.003rd£712.004th£356.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
2(5)757235CarnageobD69-6T: R A FaheyJ: J Garritty
3(2)749477Saryshagannp69-5T: D O'MearaJ: D Tudhope
4(14)18-7050Jay KayCD109-5T: K R BurkeJ: Jonathan Fisher(7)
7(8)44223-6StanleyD89-2T: K DalgleishJ: G Lee
9(4)443036Ventura SecretBFD58-13T: M DodsJ: Callum Rodriguez
10(6)462432Chinese SpiritCD58-12T: R M SmithJ: P Mathers
11(11)783432IngloriousvC58-11T: K DalgleishJ: Connor Beasley
12(12)8-51536Sioux Frontierp1D48-10T: R A FaheyJ: T Hamilton
14(9)017589Pudding ChareC58-7T: R M SmithJ: Jamie Gormley(3)
Donnelly's Rainbow (13/2), Carnageo (13/2), Weld Al Emarat (7/1), Chinese Spirit (15/2), Stanley (8/1), Glorious Poet (9/1), Inglorious (12/1), Saryshagann (12/1), Ventura Secret (12/1), Coviglia (14/1), Jay Kay (16/1), Lucky Violet (16/1), Sioux Frontier (25/1), Pudding Chare (50/1)
15:35 William Hill Doonside Cup Stakes (Listed)
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1m 2f(Class 1)3yo+1st£36,862.002nd£13,975.003rd£6,994.004th£3,484.005th£1,748.006th£878.00
1(7)82-1175Air PilotD109-10T: R M BeckettJ: Harry Bentley
2(11)9615-02Dolphin VistaD69-3T: R M BeckettJ: D Tudhope
4(8)203615GabrialD109-3T: R A FaheyJ: T Hamilton
5(2)432-305MorandoC69-3T: A M BaldingJ: David Probert
7(4)21-4122AyutthayaBF48-12T: K A RyanJ: Kevin Stott
8(3)2-51191EscalatorD48-12T: C FellowesJ: S Donohoe
9(5)411742Glasses UpCD48-12T: R M SmithJ: P Mathers
10(1)44-2710Polly Glide58-12T: L SmythJ: G Lee
11(9)117-80Narellah148-7T: R VarianJ: David Egan
Dubai Horizon (9/4), Morando (3/1), Escalator (11/2), Ayutthaya (15/2), Air Pilot (8/1), Aspetar (12/1), Dolphin Vista (14/1), Gabrial (25/1), Narella (28/1), Glasses Up (50/1), Polly Glide (150/1)
16:10 British Stallion Studs Scottish Premier Series EBF Fillies' Handicap
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1m 2f(Class 4)3yo+1st£8,345.002nd£2,483.003rd£1,241.004th£620.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
2(4)231221Double ReflectionD49-7T: K R BurkeJ: C Lee(3)
3(3)2471Agincourt49-1T: D O'MearaJ: D Tudhope
4(6)8-34601Maulesden MayCD68-11T: K DalgleishJ: G Lee
5(1)226537Vera Drake48-10T: R A FaheyJ: T Hamilton
7(7)321131Bollin JoanpD48-8T: T D EasterbyJ: D Allan
8(8)463965Sarvi48-3T: J S GoldieJ: Jamie Gormley(3)
Double Reflection (10/3), Bollin Joan (7/2), Agincourt (5/1), Che Bella (6/1), Sarvi (7/1), Vera Drake (15/2), Maulesden May (10/1), Ce La Vie (16/1)
16:45 Wedding Congratulations To Billy & Margaret Handicap
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5f(Class 5)3yo+1st£4,787.002nd£1,424.003rd£712.004th£356.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
2(16)098008RasheeqBF69-9T: T D EasterbyJ: D Allan
3(6)570219One BoybD89-5T: P T MidgleyJ: G Lee
4(13)727880-SahreejtD69-5T: A KeatleyJ: S Donohoe
5(20)462272Danehill Desertp1D49-5T: R A FaheyJ: T Hamilton
6(10)991962Pearl AcclaimpD99-1T: D C GriffithsJ: F Norton
7(8)9-93072Mable LeeD49-1T: I JardineJ: Jamie Gormley(3)
8(11)242001Pavers PridebD59-1T: N WilsonJ: Phil Dennis(3)
9(19)906335MininggoldpD69-0T: M DodsJ: Callum Rodriguez
10(9)532922LiambaBF48-12T: D O'MearaJ: D Tudhope
11(17)80-8803Hot HannahbCD58-11T: M DodsJ: Paula Muir(5)
12(12)633220Imperial LegendbCD108-10T: A D BrownJ: T Eaves
13(14)809717RacquetCD68-9T: Mrs R CarrJ: J P Sullivan
14(15)010587Summerseat DreamD48-9T: D O'MearaJ: S H James
15(1)446853Star CrackerpCD78-6T: J S GoldieJ: David Egan
16(18)430721BrendanD68-5T: J S GoldieJ: P Mathers
18(5)79-0970Dutch Dreamp1D68-5T: Miss L A PerrattJ: S A Gray
20(7)390008House Of Cards48-4T: I JardineJ: Rhona Pindar(7)
Rasheeq (6/1), Liamba (7/1), Broken Wings (8/1), Star Cracker (8/1), Mable Lee (8/1), Mininggold (17/2), Racquet (12/1), One Boy (12/1), Sahreej (12/1), Pearl Acclaim (14/1), Hot Hannah (16/1), Danehill Desert (16/1), Brendan (20/1), Summerseat Dream (25/1), Pavers Pride (25/1), Palavicini Run (33/1), Goninodaethat (33/1), Imperial Legend (50/1), Dutch Dream (66/1), House Of Cards (80/1)
17:20 Ayrshire Cancer Support Handicap
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1m 5f 26y(Class 5)3yo+1st£4,787.002nd£1,424.003rd£712.004th£356.005th£300.006th£300.007th£300.008th£300.00
1(16)586535BuonarrotitCD89-12T: D CarrollJ: G C O'Neill(5)
2(10)4-53194QasrC59-12T: K DalgleishJ: Connor Beasley
3(4)247-327Bodacious NameBF59-11T: J J QuinnJ: Jason Hart
4(15)2189/88Hillgrove AngelWS79-10T: R M SmithJ: P Mathers
5(14)20-3347MystikanaWS69-9T: K DalgleishJ: T Eaves
9(17)5358Ishallakb1BF49-6T: R M BeckettJ: Harry Bentley
10(13)135235Sempre Presto49-2T: R A FaheyJ: T Hamilton
14(7)524555Mystical Macp48-11T: I JardineJ: Jamie Gormley(3)
16(1)135124Pammi48-6T: J S GoldieJ: David Egan
17(3)707-66Wowshamp48-2T: L SmythJ: Nathan Evans
Buonarroti (5/2), Buyer Beware (5/1), Beer With The Boys (7/1), Pammi (15/2), Bodacious Name (8/1), Braes Of Lochalsh (11/1), Palindrome (11/1), Northern Sky (12/1), Misscarlett (12/1), Qasr (14/1), Mystical Mac (20/1), Sempre Presto (25/1), Handsome Bob (33/1), Ishallak (33/1), Hillgrove Angel (50/1), Mystikana (50/1), Wowsham (80/1)

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