Turffontein 3rd March 2018

Going: Good
10:05 Welcome To The Gin And Craft Beer Fest Maiden Plate (F & M)
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5f 169y3yo+1stR65,626.002ndR21,000.003rdR10,500.004thR5,250.005thR2,625.00
2(11)008-896Giannab59-6T: Roy MagnerJ: R Danielson
11(9)22-TiaBF59-6T: Johan J VuurenJ: G Lerena
Tia (3/10), Generous Notion (10/3), Rain Blossom (13/2), Mill Creek (14/1), Await The Sunset (25/1), Exclusive (33/1), Andiamo (33/1), Gianna (40/1), Queen Rachel (50/1), Possibly Not (66/1), Twentyfourkmagic (100/1), Atomic Kitten (100/1)
10:35 Classic Cars And Joburg Prawn Festival 7 April Maiden Plate
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5f 169y3yo+1stR65,626.002ndR21,000.003rdR10,500.004thR5,250.005thR2,625.00
16(14)53226-3Forgimme59-1T: Johan J VuurenJ: G Lerena
Forgimme (3/1), Shining Blade (4/1), Proposition (9/2), Alphamikefoxtrot (7/1), Certifiable (15/2), King Of The Bay (9/1), King Of The Delta (10/1), Twice The Man (10/1), Autumn Rain (14/1), Sharp Gitano (20/1), Pius Oil (20/1), The Turf King (28/1), Lucky Deal (80/1), Breach Of Trust (80/1), Enter The Dragon (100/1), Dylan's World (100/1)
11:05 Classic Day Tickets At Webticket Maiden Plate
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1m 1f 208y3yo+1stR65,626.002ndR21,000.003rdR10,500.004thR5,250.005thR2,625.00
1(5)0822-24Mario LanzabBF59-6T: Roy MagnerJ: Fanie Chambers
3(13)853-85Belfryb59-6T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
9(12)078-06King Javelineb159-6T: Joey SomaJ: J V'd Merwe
10(1)050-966Ali Pasha69-6T: Stephen LerenaJ: Dylan Lerena(9)
Mario Lanza (11/4), Wolves Among Sheep (3/1), Belfry (11/2), Brand New Cadillac (13/2), Hokanui (7/1), Sucha Charmer (10/1), Whatsitallabout (10/1), Festive Linngari (16/1), Harington Port (16/1), Mambonumberfive (33/1), Brave Gitano (33/1), King Javeline (33/1), Ali Pasha (80/1), One Wall Street (80/1)
11:40 Pick 6 Time Maiden Plate
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7f 210y3yo+1stR65,626.002ndR21,000.003rdR10,500.004thR5,250.005thR2,625.00
1(5)023-82Corrido59-6T: Paul PeterJ: Calvin Habib
6(10)0000-96Hurleyb59-6T: Dorrie ShamJ: J V'd Merwe
Prince Swarovski (3/1), Corrido (10/3), Ghost Rider (4/1), The Bee Eff Gee (9/2), Tommy The Builder (5/1), Stop And Stare (7/1), Limestone Mass (8/1), Shadow Man (14/1), Hurley (28/1), African Magic (40/1)
12:15 Citizen Pinnacle Stakes
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1m 209y3yo+1stR81,242.002ndR26,000.003rdR13,008.004thR6,504.005thR3,244.00
1(11)9010-05BrazucaC79-6T: Johan J VuurenJ: W C Marwing
2(4)97112-0UnagiCD69-6T: Gary AlexanderJ: G Lerena
4(9)6034-00PagodabBFCD69-3T: Geoff WoodruffJ: R Danielson
5(10)071252-Fort EmberC79-2T: Paul PeterJ: G Wrogemann
10(7)15446-0Orchid Islandb1CD68-9T: M F De KockJ: A Delpech
11(6)15810-8Wind ChillC68-9T: Joey SomaJ: M Yeni
Orchid Island (4/1), Fort Ember (4/1), Girl On The Run (4/1), Go Direct (9/2), Unagi (8/1), Brazuca (9/1), Wind Chill (9/1), Pagoda (14/1), Samurai Blade (14/1), Romany Prince (20/1), Dawn Assault (20/1)
12:50 Hawaii Stakes (Grade 2)
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6f 211y3yo+1stR249,997.002ndR80,005.003rdR39,994.004thR19,997.005thR9,999.00
1(9)7001-45Kangaroo JackBFCD79-6T: Gary AlexanderJ: P Strydom
3(11)1644-21Captain AldobCD99-4T: D Gray St JohnJ: G Wrogemann
4(4)11/410-0Graduation DayC99-4T: Joey SomaJ: C Maujean
6(5)71036-1Amazing StrikebCD89-4T: Alec LairdJ: A Delpech
7(2)1823-30Coral FeverbCD79-4T: Robbie SageJ: M Yeni
9(10)32934-1She's A GiverCD68-13T: Johan J VuurenJ: R Simons
10(6)12410-2Sir David BairdC58-11T: M F De KockJ: G Lerena
11(1)2304-71Full MastbD58-11T: Mike/adam AzzieJ: W C Marwing
Sir David Baird (4/1), Will Pays (9/2), Africa Rising (9/2), Kangaroo Jack (5/1), Amazing Strike (11/2), Full Mast (10/1), She's A Giver (10/1), Coral Fever (11/1), Captain Aldo (14/1), Matador Man (18/1), Graduation Day (25/1)
13:25 Acacia Handicap (Grade 3) (F & M)
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7f 210y3yo+1stR156,248.002ndR49,993.003rdR24,996.004thR12,507.005thR6,253.00
1(7)66332-8Bi PotCD69-6T: Geoff WoodruffJ: G Wrogemann
2(4)2910-33KilaueaCD79-1T: Johan J VuurenJ: G Lerena
4(3)161781-Simply RoyalC68-10T: Sean TarryJ: R Danielson
6(1)66222-2Redberry LanebBFD68-6T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
8(2)1164-15Sabina's DynastyBFCD68-5T: Paul PeterJ: M Yeni
9(9)0311-13Emily JaybBFCD68-4T: Brian WiidJ: Jarryd Penny
11(10)0453-14AlileoC68-3T: M F De KockJ: Ryan Munger
Kilauea (7/2), Redberry Lane (9/2), Simply Royal (5/1), Shatoosh (13/2), Sabina's Dynasty (7/1), Sylvan On Fire (8/1), Emily Jay (9/1), Bi Pot (10/1), Al Danza (12/1), Alileo (14/1), Banking April (28/1)
14:00 Wilgerbosdrift Gauteng Fillies Guineas (Grade 2) (3yo Fillies)
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7f 210y3yo1stR312,497.002ndR100,002.003rdR49,993.004thR24,996.005thR12,507.00
1(11)111321-Folk DanceCD59-6T: Paul PeterJ: G Lerena
2(9)12941-1Fish RiverC59-6T: M F De KockJ: A Delpech
5(13)3113-Cashel PalaceCD59-6T: Alec LairdJ: R Simons
6(12)3082-23Dame KellyCD59-6T: Ormond FerrarisJ: S Brown
10(4)666-265Green Topb1C59-6T: Alec LairdJ: M Yeni
11(10)5-11AwfaaCD59-6T: M F De KockJ: Craig Zackey
12(1)21-31Pale LilacD59-6T: Alec LairdJ: J V'd Merwe
Folk Dance (5/2), Fish River (5/2), Radiant Splendour (9/2), Silver Thursday (14/1), Takingthepeace (14/1), Awfaa (16/1), Cashel Palace (16/1), Aurelia Cotta (16/1), Rockin Russian (16/1), Dame Kelly (20/1), Pearl Of Bahrain (25/1), Pale Lilac (28/1), Green Top (33/1)
14:35 Gauteng Guineas (Grade 2) (3 Year-Olds)
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7f 210y3yo1stR624,994.002ndR200,005.003rdR100,002.004thR49,993.005thR24,996.00
1(7)34331-1Monks HoodCD59-6T: Alistair GordonJ: A Delpech
8(1)3161-2Royal Crusadeb1D59-6T: M F De KockJ: A Marcus
9(10)63113-0VacqueroC59-6T: Robbie SageJ: M Yeni
10(15)31117-Big BearBFC59-6T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
11(3)01960-3Puget SoundC59-6T: M F De KockJ: G Lerena
12(5)13381-1Cash TimeCD59-6T: Gary AlexanderJ: Ryan Munger
14(4)050-617Silver GodCD59-6T: Sean TarryJ: R Danielson
16(13)104-229AlssakhraBFCD59-6T: Paul PeterJ: Calvin Habib
Majestic Mambo (11/4), Yulong Prince (7/2), Noble Secret (6/1), Monks Hood (13/2), Greek Fire (13/2), Big Bear (10/1), Royal Crusade (11/1), Puget Sound (22/1), Wonderwall (22/1), Vacquero (25/1), Pietro Mascagni (28/1), Ideal Secret (28/1), Cash Time (50/1), Silver God (50/1), State Trooper (66/1), Alssakhra (80/1)
15:10 Aquanaut Handicap (Listed)
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1m 3f 205y3yo+1stR93,749.002ndR29,996.003rdR14,998.004thR7,507.005thR3,745.00
3(4)1347-21KilrainCD89-4T: M F De KockJ: A Delpech
4(2)9136-42TambalangC69-1T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
6(6)9657-09Royal HonourbCD68-9T: Paul MatchettJ: Mpumelelo Mjoka(3)
9(8)1411-18DromedarisbCD68-3T: Robbie SageJ: M Yeni
Kilrain (9/4), Sheet Weaver (11/4), Kitty's Destiny (11/2), Dromedaris (13/2), Witchcraft (7/1), Tambalang (17/2), Ilitshe (9/1), Lions Emblem (10/1), The Elmo Effect (16/1), Royal Honour (25/1)
15:40 Tab Pays The Full Dividend, No Limits Mr 93 Divided Handicap
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5f 169y3yo+1stR70,007.002ndR22,405.003rdR11,202.004thR5,601.005thR2,792.00
2(5)3140-32Pera PalaceC59-4T: Paul PeterJ: G Wrogemann
3(8)16372-6HakeemBF59-0T: M F De KockJ: A Delpech
5(10)5814-56Whorly WhorlyCD58-13T: Clinton BindaJ: P Strydom
7(11)1104-AlwahshCD58-11T: M F De KockJ: Callan Murray
8(3)3113-45Torre Del OroBFCD68-11T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
9(2)32-6669Golden ManbCD88-6T: Grant MarounJ: M Yeni
10(7)211-086CumberlandbCD88-4T: Stephen LerenaJ: Dennis Schwarz(3)
Torre Del Oro (4/1), Pera Palace (9/2), Zouaves (9/2), Hakeem (5/1), Just As I Said (15/2), Whorly Whorly (15/2), Alwahsh (17/2), Sporting Monarch (10/1), Golden Man (14/1), Bold Coast (18/1), Cumberland (40/1)
16:10 Thank You For Racing With Us Mr 72 Divided Handicap
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5f 169y3yo+1stR54,992.002ndR17,606.003rdR8,795.004thR4,397.005thR2,207.00
1(7)4472-40Well ConnectedbD59-6T: M F De KockJ: A Delpech
8(17)440-738FidelioBFC78-11T: Erico VerdoneseJ: Craig Zackey
10(8)308-058Silver KingbD68-9T: Sean TarryJ: Lyle Hewitson
13(12)103-000Bubbly ReplybC78-3T: Grant MarounJ: Jarryd Penny
14(16)943-231Prince Of WarbD68-3T: Grant MarounJ: M Yeni
16(13)3976-09The ShredderD68-3T: Paul MatchettJ: J V'd Merwe
17(6)00-6085QuattrobCD78-3T: Grant MarounJ: C Maujean
Well Connected (6/1), Master Boulder (6/1), Lauren Of Rochelle (6/1), Barbel Run (6/1), King Of Mani (6/1), Silver King (9/1), Timeofthevikings (12/1), Led Zeppelin (14/1), Changing Seasons (14/1), Rambo (14/1), Fidelio (16/1), The Shredder (18/1), Little Magician (18/1), Prince Of War (20/1), Torio Lake (25/1), Quattro (33/1), Bubbly Reply (40/1)

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