Mountaineer 12th September 2017

Going: Fast
00:00 Race 1 - Maiden Special Weight
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2(2)328/252Pickles N GinBF108-11 T: J Baird J: Erik Barbaran
7(7)236485Country WaltzD108-11 T: Delmer Bandel J: Nicolle Disdier(7)
Pickles N Gin (4/6), Little Lies (9/2), Prime Location (5/1), Zodiac Kowboy (13/2), Dirt Road Princess (10/1), Edged In Gold (20/1), Touch Of Midas (20/1), Country Waltz (20/1)
00:22 Race 2 - Claiming
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4f 110y3yo+1st$5,733.002nd$1,820.003rd$910.004th$637.00
1(1)225441HachiD128-11 T: Ronald Newlun J: Wilkin Ortiz
2(2)6-79424Fourth TopBFD168-8 T: Donna Zook J: Brandon Whitacre
8(8)311266Robie The CatD138-8 T: Burton Sipp J: Alex Cruz
9(9)6-13217Bear's ConductorBFD158-8 T: Loren Cox J: Charle Oliveros
Everyday Dave (11/4), Bear's Conductor (3/1), Fourth Top (5/1), Shane Roars (11/2), Here Comes R J (6/1), Hachi (13/2), Robie The Cat (8/1), Ranson (10/1), Two More Jacs (50/1)
00:44 Race 3 - Claiming
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4f 110y3yo+1st$5,733.002nd$1,820.003rd$910.004th$637.00
2(2)228356Bases LoadedD98-8 T: Burton Sipp J: Alex Cruz
6(6)163134Ray's AwayD118-8 T: Justin Godsey J: Luis Quinones
7(7)17-7355FreefourbelleD138-8 T: L Cox J: Erik Barbaran
Ray's Away (11/8), Splendid Behavior (4/1), Forced Motion (9/2), Lonesome Highway (5/1), Freefourbelle (7/1), In Condition (10/1), Bases Loaded (14/1), Stormy Leaf (20/1), G F Budders (20/1)
01:06 Race 4 - Maiden Claiming
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1(1)2454-39Rayonnant108-11 T: Terry Crago J: Eddie Jurado
3(3)454433Quick Warrior88-11 T: Burton Sipp J: Alex Cruz
4(4)2772-84Star Thrower108-8 T: J Long J: Alex Gonzalez
Cactus League (10/11), Rulica (10/3), Icamefrombarry (7/2), Rayonnant (10/1), Quick Warrior (12/1), Star Thrower (22/1), Gang Boss (25/1)
01:28 Race 5 - Claiming
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Learning Curve (11/8), Horse Name Red (5/2), Amanda Marie (5/1), Brook's On Fire (6/1), Sophiatown (8/1), Lafanciulladelwest (18/1)
01:50 Race 6 - Claiming
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1m 110y3yo+1st$3,969.002nd$1,260.003rd$630.004th$442.00
1(1)22-2233Papa's PaisleyD108-11 T: Burton Sipp J: Alex Cruz
3(3)682533HarmonicBFD98-11 T: J Shilling J: Luis Quinones
4(4)43-3244Afleet PaddyD138-11 T: Richard Markham J: Wilkin Ortiz
5(5)839-433Shot Of KelaD138-11 T: Darla Ball J: Luciano Hernandez
Harmonic (11/8), Papa's Paisley (4/1), Shot Of Kela (9/2), Ideal Alluvial (6/1), Afleet Paddy (6/1), Justforgetaboutit (10/1), Precise Shot (20/1)
02:12 Race 7 - Claiming
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5(5)123548Silly Face88-8 T: Trudy Heath J: Wilkin Ortiz
Franky And Jane (4/7), Benny's Compass (11/4), Cobra Katrina (9/2), Sirius Of The Nite (6/1), Silly Face (18/1), Celestial Haze (22/1)
02:34 Race 8 - Claiming
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3(3)466577My NickyD138-8 T: Loren Cox J: Wilkin Ortiz
4(4)132565Honkeytonk ManD98-8 T: Loren Cox J: Chad Murphy
5(5)454671InvocationD128-8 T: Larry Reed J: Luis Rivera
Invocation (5/4), Saturday Sunshine (5/2), Honkeytonk Man (4/1), Brilliantbydesign (9/2), My Nicky (20/1), The Prez (40/1)
02:56 Race 9 - Claiming
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5f 110y3yo+1st$3,969.002nd$1,260.003rd$630.004th$442.00
3(3)311/226-Muntij98-8 T: Justin Godsey J: Gabriel Lagunes
4(4)234433Tiz For TatD118-8 T: Burton Sipp J: Alex Cruz
5(5)846530-If ID98-8 T: Dave Treharne J: Chad Murphy
9(9)80-2611ArroshotD88-11 T: James Barker J: Charle Oliveros
10(10)186562Haynesfield BestBFD78-6 T: Noel Sanchez J: Edgar Paucar
Fleeting Gold (13/8), Muntij (15/8), Tiz For Tat (7/1), Arroshot (9/1), Haynesfield Best (10/1), Indy Artist (10/1), Leslie's Boy (16/1), Makinville (16/1), If I (40/1), Sensei Javier (40/1)

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