Wetherby 13th July 2015

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14:15 British Stallion Studs EBF Median Auction Maiden Stakes
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7f(Class 5)2yo+
1(5)0-48237A Boy Named Sue79-5 T: P D Niven J: P Mathers
2(11)2536-04Lagenda79-5 T: K A Ryan J: T Eaves
10(9)930047Moi Aussie79-0 T: E S McMahon J: R Ffrench
Tawakkol (4/7), Rioca (IRE) (3/1), Prince Of Arran (10/1), Teba Mateba (10/1), Isla Rose (20/1), Mister Zoff (FR) (25/1), Lagenda (33/1), Lord Mcguffy (IRE) (33/1), Mustatrif (33/1), A Boy Named Sue (100/1), Moi Aussie (100/1)
14:45 Wetherby Racecourse & Conference Centre Handicap (Div 1)
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1m(Class 6)3yo+
2(2)128000-Charava89-7 T: P Holmes J: Neil Farley
5(12)Gypsy Major89-5 T: G Moss J: D Allan
11(9)18230-0Miningrocks88-10 T: Mrs R Carr J: T Eaves
Mon Gris (IRE) (3/1), Proud Of You (IRE) (9/2), Bahamian Desert (9/2), Western Playboy (IRE) (7/1), Straight Arrow (8/1), Wisteria (10/1), Charava (12/1), Machiavelian Storm (14/1), Rosie Crowe (14/1), Miningrocks (20/1), Gypsy Major (20/1), Sekuras Girl (IRE) (33/1)
15:15 Go Racing In Yorkshire Summer Festival Handicap
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5f 110y(Class 4)3yo+
1(4)60-1058Handsome Dude89-7 T: T D Barron J: Rob Hornby
2(3)3414-86Landing Night89-6 T: Mrs A Duffield J: G Lee
4(8)01302-9Stanghow89-4 T: A Brittain J: D Allan
5(7)72342-2Straightothepoint89-2 T: B Smart J: P Hanagan
7(5)Uptight88-12 T: K A Ryan J: T Eaves
8(6)5693-22Henley88-6 T: W Jarvis J: David Probert
Handsome Dude (11/4), Straightothepoint (4/1), Savannah Beau (4/1), Landing Night (11/2), Stanghow (6/1), Clouds Rest (10/1), Uptight (14/1), Henley (20/1)
15:45 Racing UK Anywhere Handicap
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1m 1f(Class 5)4yo+
3(6)3100-07Lord Franklin119-7 T: E J Alston J: Neil Farley
5(10)69/0500-Mayfield Boy99-6 T: A Brittain J: D Fentiman
6(2)440365-Hot Mustard109-5 T: W R Muir J: S Hitchcott
13(4)453756Outlaw Torn118-12 T: R C Guest J: Rob Hornby
Hot Mustard (9/2), Lord Franklin (5/1), Calrissian (IRE) (6/1), Swordbearer (6/1), Steel Stockholder (8/1), Outlaw Torn (8/1), Gala Casino Star (IRE) (10/1), Cape Wrath (12/1), Leonard Thomas (14/1), Gabrial's Hope (16/1), Mayfield Boy (20/1), Bold Captain (IRE) (25/1), Green Zone (25/1), Raging Bear (USA) (33/1), Flawless Filly (IRE) (50/1)
16:20 DM Keith SEAT & Skoda Handicap
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1m 2f(Class 4)4yo+
1(8)850570Altharoos109-7 T: Miss S E Hall J: T Hamilton
3(1)7407-11Corton Lad109-6 T: K Dalgleish J: G Lee
4(2)24267-7Next Edition129-4 T: P A Kirby J: T P Queally
Smiling Stranger (IRE) (10/11), Corton Lad (4/1), Altharoos (11/2), Hydrant (15/2), Big Storm Coming (12/1), Next Edition (14/1), Scoppio Del Carro (14/1), Sacred Square (GER) (20/1)
16:50 Watch Racing UK On 3 Devices Median Auction Maiden Stakes
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1m(Class 6)3yo to 4yo
1(2)6/3230-9Competent89-5 T: Kristin Stubbs J: T Hamilton
3(6)12426-2Sinfonietta89-5 T: D Menuisier J: D Nolan
Hala Madrid (1/2), Sinfonietta (3/1), American Hustle (9/2), Competent (12/1), Henry Smith (33/1), Madam Mai Tai (33/1), Tequila Slammer (IRE) (50/1), Sun In His Eyes (100/1)
17:25 Wetherby Racecourse & Conference Centre Handicap (Div 2)
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1m(Class 6)3yo+
2(12)704560Kopassus89-7 T: L A Mullaney J: Jordan Nason
7(10)Granola9-2 T: D H Brown J: T Eaves
8(4)09500/8-Southview Lady89-1 T: M Walford J: D Fentiman
Kopassus (5/2), Pyla (4/1), War Paint (IRE) (4/1), Rose Acclaim (IRE) (6/1), Call Me Crockett (IRE) (7/1), Baron Spikey (IRE) (8/1), Donetsk (10/1), The Fulwell End (12/1), Go Grazeon (14/1), Not Again (14/1), Granola (14/1), Orobas (16/1), Southview Lady (16/1)
17:55 Racing UK Handicap
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1m 6f(Class 6)4yo+
10(10)32488-2Fillydelphia99-0 T: P Holmes J: Neil Farley
16(9)3-33843Thackeray138-10 T: C W Fairhurst J: M Stainton
Slipper Satin (4/1), Different Scenario (6/1), Frosty The Snowman (IRE) (6/1), Exclusive Contract (IRE) (7/1), Cool Baranca (10/1), Rayadour (IRE) (10/1), Prostate Awareness (IRE) (10/1), Kathlatino (12/1), Harrison's Cave (12/1), Thackeray (12/1), Mixed Message (IRE) (14/1), Easydoesit (IRE) (14/1), Snow Dancer (IRE) (14/1), Fillydelphia (16/1), Teenage Dream (IRE) (16/1), Izbushka (IRE) (16/1)

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