Fed Cup draw and results



Semi-finals (to be played April 19-20):

Czech Republic v Italy (indoor hard, Ostrava)

Australia v Germany (outdoor hard, Brisbane)

First round:

USA lost to Italy 1-3 (indoor hard, Cleveland)

Spain lost to Czech Republic 2-3 (outdoor clay, Seville)

Slovak Republic lost to Germany 1-3 (indoor hard, Bratislava)

Australia beat Russia 4-0 (outdoor hard, Hobart)

Play-offs (to be played April 19-20):

Russia v Argentina (indoor clay, Sochi)

Canada v Slovakia (indoor hard, Quebec City)

USA v France (indoor hard, St Louis)

Spain v Poland (outdoor clay, Barcelona)


First round:

Canada beat Serbia 3-1 (indoor hard, Montreal)

Sweden lost to Poland 2-3 (indoor hard, Boras)

France beat Switzerland 3-2 (indoor hard, Paris)

Argentina beat Japan 3-1 (outdoor clay, Buenos Aires)

Play-offs (to be played April 19-20):

Romania v Serbia (outdoor clay, Bucharest)

Netherlands v Japan (indoor clay, 's-Hertogenbosch)

Sweden v Thailand (indoor hard, Lidkoping)

Brazil v Switzerland (outdoor clay, Catanduva)

  • Final: November 8-9.