Davis Cup draw and results



Final (to be played November 21-23):

France v Switzerland (France, indoor clay)


France beat Czech Republic 4-1 (Paris, outdoor clay)

Switzerland beat Italy 3-2 (Geneva, indoor hard)


Japan lost to Czech Republic 0-5 (Tokyo, indoor hard)

France beat Germany 3-2 (Nancy, indoor hard)

Italy beat Great Britain 3-2 (Naples, outdoor clay)

Switzerland beat Kazakhstan 3-2 (Geneva, indoor hard)

First round:

Czech Republic beat Netherlands 3-2 (Ostrava, indoor hard)

Japan beat Canada 4-1 (Tokyo, indoor hard)

Germany beat Spain 4-1 (Frankfurt, indoor hard)

France beat Australia 5-0 (Mouilleron-le-Captif, indoor clay)

USA lost to Great Britain 1-3 (San Diego, outdoor clay)

Argentina lost to Italy 1-3 (Mar del Plata, outdoor clay)

Kazakhstan beat Belgium 3-2 (Astana, indoor hard)

Serbia lost to Switzerland 2-3 (Novi Sad, indoor hard)


India v Serbia (Bangalore, outdoor hard)

Brazil beat Spain (Sao Paulo, indoor clay)

Israel lost to Argentina 2-3 (Sunrise, USA, outdoor hard)

Canada beat Colombia (Halifax, indoor hard)

USA beat Slovak Republic 5-0 (Chicago, indoor hard)

Australia beat Uzbekistan 5-0 (Perth, outdoor grass)

Netherlands lost to Croatia 2-3 (Amsterdam, indoor clay)

Ukraine lost to Belgium 2-3 (Tallinn, Estonia, indoor hard)



First round (to be played March 6-8):

Germany v France

Great Britain v USA

Czech Republic v Australia

Kazakhstan v Italy

Argentina v Brazil

Serbia v Croatia

Canada v Japan

Belgium v Switzerland

  • Quarter-finals: July 17-19; Semi-finals/play-offs: September 18-20; Final: November 27-29.