Blues 40 - 30 Cheetahs

Match info: Super Rugby at Eden Park, Auckland

Date: 22/03/2014 KO: 06:35

Home team/scorers Scores Away team/scorers


TriesLuatua (16) Moala (29) Li (31) Woodcock (64)ConversionsHickey (17, 30, 32, 65)PenaltiesHickey (7, 10, 28, 71)



TriesPrinsloo (19) Hendricks (59) Daniller (67)ConversionsGoosen (21) Watts (60, 68)PenaltiesGoosen (4, 8) Watts (40)

FT (ht: 0-0)

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  • Blues 40-30 Cheetahs

  • The full time score is 40-30 to the Blues here at Eden Park! The game was a little bit disrupted due to the ref loving the sound of his own whistle, especially in the first half, but the second half showcased some lovely running rugby from the Cheetahs who ran in two incredible tries! The Blues were far more clinical on the day and although looked less dangerous, were far more composed and that was the difference tonight. The 17 points scored whilst Prinsloo was off the field was the deciding factor as the Blues took full advantage and ran in 17 points and from there the visitors were playing catch up!

  • Their attack comes to nothing as possession is lost! The Blues have won this contest tonight with a bonus point! The Cheetahs leave with nothing.

  • Blues attack strongly in the Cheetahs 22m. Captain courageous, Adrian Strauss wins his side a penalty at the breakdown. The Cheetahs will have a crack at getting some points to get a bonus point of their own.

  • Cheetahs win a tighthead and go on attack! But this time Le Roux is penalized for not releasing at the breakdown!

  • De Jager spills the ball in the collision to ruin a promising play! Hugely disappointing for the visitors!

  • Labuschagne does well at the breakdown to win his side a much needed penalty. Watts finds a good touch deep inside the Blues 22m. Cheetahs must score to give them a chance!

  • de Jager dishes up his second dose of pain this evening with a big hit which wins his team the ball! Cheetahs have a scrum inside their half.

  • PENALTY, BLUES, HICKEY, 40-30. Great strike from Hickey to give his side some breathing space with 8 minutes to play.

  • Blues win an important penalty inside the Cheetahs half! Le Roux makes a bit of a mistake as he chucks a long to an isolated Hendricks. The Blues rush up on him and force the penalty.

  • CONVERSION, WATTS, 37-30. Watts makes no mistake again as they are back in striking distance!

  • TRY! CHEETAHS, DANILLER, 37-28. Cheetahs magic again! Sadie shows and goes straight through! He finds Hendricks in support who offloads to Daniller on the inside who goes in over under the poles! Great rugby!

  • CONVERSION, HICKEY, 37-23. Blues extend their lead!

  • TRY! BLUES, WOODCOCK, 35-23. Saili runs strongly from the back of the scrum! Woodcock picks and goes and goes over for a 5-pointer!

  • The Blues attack strongly off the reset and come close. They've won a scrum just outside the Cheetahs try line!

  • CONVERSION, WATTS, 30-23. Cheetahs are back in this one now!

  • TRY!!! CHEETAHS, HENDRICKS, 30-21. Cheetahs magic! That deserved several exclamation marks! Le Roux joins the back line at second receiver off the scrum, dummy runners everywhere, Willie throws a flat one and Hendricks comes sauntering through at pace! He steps the last line line of defense and goes over for one of the tries of the season!

  • Apparently Goosen's injury may be more serious than first presumed and has been taken to hospital for x-rays.

  • Cracking play from the Cheetahs! Le Roux makes a half break from his own half and pops to Benjamin! Benjamin throws a lovely long pass to Hendricks on the wing but the pass has been called forward! Not sure about that one. I''m sure the hands went back there and the momentum carried the ball forward.

  • The Cheetahs attack strongly with de Jager dishing out some pain to Jackson Willison! They go wide and spill the ball again on the front foot. Ooooef, in slow motion the hit on Willison looks epic!


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