Icy Musselburgh inspect

  • Last Updated: January 16 2013, 9:45 GMT

Officials at Musselburgh have been forced to call an inspection for 8am Thursday ahead of Friday's meeting.

Musselburgh have been forced to inspect

The course is currently frozen after temperatures dipped to -5C overnight with little hope of it rising above much freezing throughout the day.

The one hope is that temperatures in Thursday could reach 3C, however, snow could then move in.

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Although prospects for racing are highly unlikely at this stage, Musselburgh general manager

Bill Farnsworth feels they have to give it a chance due to an uncertain weather forecast.

He said: "The track is frozen. It was -5C last night, it will get up to +2C today but the frost won't move at all and then it will be -1C tonight. That isn't as bad but it isn't going to make it any better.

"Tomorrow it should be +3C and then there is a great deal of uncertainty about the forecast for Thursday night into Friday.

"We have high pressure over us at the moment and then we'll have a weather front coming over from the west.

"If that front doesn't get to us it will remain very cold and the track will still be frozen on Friday.

"If it does come over us, the warm air could meet the cold air about midday and we will get a big dump of snow.

"There is a chance it may move over us completely in which case we will get rain not snow and temperatures warm up a bit sooner.

"The outlook at the moment is doubtful but because of the uncertainty around the forecast for Thursday night into Friday. We are holding an inspection at 8am in the morning rather than abandon it today.

"The Met office say they cannot give us an accurate forecast but we will all have a much better idea in the morning."