Dartnall hoping for all-clear

  • Last Updated: December 5 2012, 16:03 GMT

Victor Dartnall is hoping for positive news from test results at the weekend over an outbreak of equine herpes so he can resume having runners.

Victor Dartnall: Hoping to receive boost from test results

The trainer's stable near Barnstaple in North Devon has been on lockdown since the middle of November and he must now wait for the all-clear from the British Horseracing Authority.

An update from Dartnall on his website said: "The horses have had their second blood and swab tests and we will be given the results this weekend. I'm hopeful that a decision will then be made by the BHA that we can start racing again.

"The horses are extremely well and those that were unaffected have been cantering everyday. I'm very happy with them.

"Of those that were affected, the majority are back in work and doing light hacking.

"I'm now looking at the recovery phase and how other people have dealt with this and I've been spoken to several people who have been extremely helpful in their advice.

"For example, if a horse goes down and gets up again, how long do you give that particular horse before you start riding it again.

"It's crucial we get this right so that every horse which was affected is given the best possible chance of making a full recovery and I'm very grateful for all the advice I'm being given.

"I've also taken purple top blood samples from the 12 I want to crack on with which will show the white blood cell ratios and whether the horse has been challenged."