In-running Fireworks at Fakenham

  • Last Updated: November 20 2012, 15:19 GMT

The 13.30 at Fakenham could well have yielded a Betfair first, in that two horses traded at 1/100 in running and lost, while the winner traded at the maximum price of 999/1.

Brendan Powell: Took the wrong course at Fakenham

But that only tells half the story of what is being labelled possibly the most extreme, and bizarre, in-running race in Betfair's history.

Betfair's Tony Calvin explained: "Benny The Swinger jumped the last clear and looked set for an easy victory.

"As you would expect, he traded at the minimum price of 1/100 on Betfair, with £35,524.24 traded at that price alone. However, he then took the wrong course on the run-in.

"Roc De Guye, who had been matched at the maximum price of 999/1 on Betfair when seemingly booked for second, was then also backed at the minimum price of 1/100 on Betfair when looking sure to take advantage of the wrong-course blunder.

"At this stage, he becomes the second horse to trade at 1/100 in the race, and £538.24 matched at the minimum price alone.

"However, Roc De Guye then stopped on the run-in and Peak Seasons got up on the post to win by a nose. The winner had traded at the maximum price of 999/1 on Betfair, with £45.92 matched.

"A further £65.88 was matched on the winner at prices upwards of 499/1.

Calvin added: "I can't readily recall a race where two horses have traded at the minimum price of 1/100 and lost, and the winner has traded at 999/1.

"And certainly not a race when a horse - in this case, the runner-up Roc de Guye - has gone from 999/1 to 1/100, in a matter of seconds, and still lost.

"And, to cap it all, the runner-up Roc De Guye even traded as the 2/5 favourite in the photo finish betting!"