Clever Cats Like Felix

  • Last Updated: August 7 2012, 21:33 BST

Many have tried, but nobody has succeeded in taking his crown. The inimitable Cheeky Punt takes you through his weekly betting lows and highs with the original punting blog.

Felix Sanchez lands a right touch for Cheeky

Let's have it right. Last Saturday, 'Super Saturday', at the Olympics definitely deserves it's own place in the annals of British sporting greatness.

The start for me was anything but 'Super' however. I awoke in the spare room (always a bad sign) with a cartoon hangover and a yellow post-it note on the bathroom mirror from 'er indoors which read '5:15am??? CLOWN'.

I frantically tried to retrace my steps. I remember drinking gin and orange at home at tea-time on the Friday with 'The Sugarman', once of my oldest and most machiavellian friends.

From there I remember getting a taxi to The Whitehouse, one of Hartlepool's more salubrious peeving points and a drinking tavern where I hold the all-comers record for 'most service refusals due to condition'.

They were serving us on Friday night alright as I managed to wax £74 in there on my debit card. Alas the rest of the night is a blur, but I'm surmising from the post-it note that I didn't head straight home after 'The Whitey'.

Water, Haribos and McDonald's could not shift my hangover, but Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Jessica Ennis certainly could and after Farah produced that final lap to clinch gold and cap a truly mental 45 minutes of action for the hosts, I was up shadow boxing in my Team GB pork pie hat and all seemed right with the world again.

As a gambler there is nothing quite as enticing as watching a once great sportsman rolling back the years and going to the well one last time.

Be it Alex Higgins (on crutches) winning the 1989 Irish Open as a 33/1 shot, or Eric Bristow defying odds of 125/1 and reaching the final of the 1997 World Championships, there is something quite magical about seeing a legend produce a performance from memory.

However watching Felix Sanchez in the 400m hurdles on Monday night, eight years after his last Olympic triumph, had extra resonance.

The reason? I had £30 on him at 25/1. Now 'Super Felix' owes me precisely zero after winning me over 600 banjero's in Athens back in the dizzle.

He came into this event in poor form but I thought 25/1 quotes were an insult to a man who once went 43 races unbeaten at world level.

And so it proved. Indeed he ensured he would forever be remembered as my favourite ever Dominican after running 47:63, the exact same time he ran in when striking gold in Athens eight years ago.

Some called it karma. I called it 750 bangers courtesy of Billy Hill. Senor Sanchez, I salute thee.

Feeling imperious and not a little invincible after my Sanchez touch, I decided to treat myself on Tuesday with a nice £200 on Mexico to beat Japan at 6/4.

Hand on heart, I have not been feeling the football at the Olympics at all. Whether you think D Beckham should have been playing for Team GB or not, in my opinion it's all been a bit 'meh'.

However I defy a man not to get into a game when the financial swing is half a grand. It didn't start too well when Japan took the lead but Marco Fabian and Oribe Peralta gave the Mexicans a 2-1 lead.

I endured a nervy finish but justice was served when substitute Javier Cortes settled it in injury-time to put old Mey-He-Ho into the gold medal match and create a bit of history on two counts.

It was history for Mexico (their first ever Olympic final) and history for Cheeky (the first time I have ever done a somersault while sober in my garden while pretending to be Hugo Sanchez).

Cheeky's Punt of the Week: Andreas Thorkildsen to win men's javelin at 5/2 (Stan James)