Blake not as bad as feared

  • Last Updated: July 12 2014, 13:43 BST

Yohan Blake did not suffer a fresh hamstring injury in the 100 metres at the Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix on Friday night, according to his manager.

Yohan Blake: Had to be wheeled away on Friday night
Yohan Blake: Had to be wheeled away on Friday night

The Olympic silver medallist and former world champion pulled up halfway through the race at Hampden Park clutching the back of his thigh before stumbling to the ground.

It was a worrying sign for an athlete who has been plagued by fitness issues for much of the last two years.

While Jamaican compatriot Nickel Ashmeade edged out American Michael Rodgers to take the win, Blake, 24, left the track on a wheelchair.

But Cubie Seegobin, Blake's manager, said the damage was not as bad as first feared.

He said: "It seems to be initially cramp. The doctors here in Glasgow were excellent. They did an ultra-scan, and it showed no damage. Today, we will do a major scan and MRI to be certain and complete."

Blake is due to compete at the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games street athletics event in central London a week on Sunday.