• Ray Lewis lives to play another day
  • Even in the crowd, Ray Lewis is all over the Patriots
  • Even the officials seem against the Patriots as Brady bumps into the ref
  • Anquan Boldin catches one of his two touchdowns
  • Ed reed and Ray Lewis celebrate a huge win
  • John Harbaugh celebrates getting the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl
  • Ray Lewis celebrates in the locker room after extending his career
  • John Harbaugh is congratulated by a hooded Bill Belichick
  • Brady had never lost at home when leading at half time before, but that 60-game streak came to an end
  • Everything went wrong for Tom Brady and the Pats in the second half.
  • Joe Flacco finally silenced his critics by getting to the Super Bowl
  • Wes Welker gets smashed by the ruthless Ravens defence
  • Ray Lewis celebrates yet another bone-crunching tackle
  • Ray Rice runs away from the Patriots tacklers to score
  • Rice then shows his muscle
  • Baltimore fan Michael Phelps celebrates victory

Ravens 28 Patriots 13

Ray Lewis lives to play another day