Memorable Masters quotes

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A selection of the best quotes from the Masters, including the reflections of legends such as Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus.

Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player love the Masters
Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player love the Masters

"The first time I played the Masters, I was so nervous I drank a bottle of rum before I teed off.  I shot the happiest 83 of my life." Chi Chi Rodriguez

"If the Masters offered no money at all, I would be here trying just as hard." Ben Hogan

"Because you pray after you play." Fuzzy Zoeller on how Amen Corner earned its name.

"The course is perfection and it asks perfection." Sir Nick Faldo

"You definitely use a lot more imagination on the greens here than the majority of courses we play because of the lack of rough around the greens. You can lob it up, bump it up. Do whatever you want, just get it up there somewhere."Darren Clarke on what it's like to miss a green

"I can't think of another course in the world that the more you play, the more you learn." Jim Furyk

"At my first Masters, I got the feeling that if I didn't play well, I wouldn't go to heaven." Dave Marr

"I've never been to heaven, and thinking back on my life, I probably won't get a chance to go. I guess winning the Masters is a close as I'm going to get." Fuzzy Zoeller takes Dave Marr's views a touch further

"This place always seems to have some kind of a ghost waiting around a pine tree or something for me. I remember all the places I don't want to be." Paul Azinger on the places to avoid at Augusta

"I always said if they have a golf course like this in heaven, I want to be the head pro." Gary Player

"I don't think about winning the Masters as part of the slam. You want to win the Masters because of what it means to the game." Jack Nicklaus

"Our overall aim at the Augusta National has been to provide a golf course of considerable natural beauty, enjoyable for the average golfer and at the same time testing for the expert player striving to better par." Bobby Jones at the opening of Augusta National in 1933

"We want to make bogeys easy if frankly sought, pars readily obtainable by standard good play, and birdies - except on par fives - dearly bought." Jones outlines the challenges for all

"That double-eagle wouldn't have meant a thing if I hadn't won the play-off the next day. The aspect I cherish most is that both Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones witnessed the shot." Gene Sarazen on "the shot heard round the world" - an albatross-two at the 13th in the final round of the 1935 Masters. Sarazen went on to beat Craig Wood in a 36-hole play-off

"To me, the Augusta National course has character, individuality and personality. It is one of the few courses that really presents two games on almost every hole; a game to reach the greens and another to figure the ever-challenging contours after reaching the greens." Horton Smith after winning his second Masters in 1936

"While we may not have expected it originally, we have created a tournament of such importance that we are bound to see that it continues." Augusta co-founder Clifford Roberts in 1939

"Son, you're going to be a great player." Ben Hogan to Gary Player in 1958. Player became the first international Masters champion three years later

"Some people think of me as just plain lucky. I would like to say, however, that a man might be walking around lucky and not know it unless he tries." Arnold Palmer after winning the 1964 Masters

"When a boy handed me a cup of water on the 16th tee, I could hardly hold it. I didn't know whether I was holdin' the putter or it was holdin' me." Gay Brewer on the pressures of leading the Masters in 1966

"On the fifteenth hole I started thinking how I'd look in the green jacket, the next thing I know, they're giving it to Charley Coody." Johnny Miller, who led by two with four holes to play in 1971 only for Coody to win by two shots

"The standards and quality with which he conducted the Masters are unmatched anywhere." Jack Nicklaus on Clifford Roberts, who committed suicide on the banks of the par-three course in 1977

"On a golf course Seve has got everything. I mean everything: touch, power, know-how, courage and charisma." Lee Trevino on Seve Ballesteros after the Spaniard's second Masters victory in 1983

"I don't know if I'll ever do it again or not, but frankly, I don't care!" Jack Nicklaus after his amazing sixth victory in 1986

"If I knew what was going through Jack Nicklaus's head, I would have won the Masters." Tom Weiskopf after watching Nicklaus win his sixth Masters

"I miss, I miss, I miss, I make." Seve Ballesteros on his four-putt from 15 feet on the 16th green in 1988

"I screwed up. It's all on me. I know that. But losing this Masters is not the end of the world. I let this one get away, but I still have a pretty good life. I'll wake up tomorrow, still breathing, I hope. All these hiccups I have, they must be for a reason. All this is just a test. I just don't know what the test is yet." Greg Norman after blowing a six-shot lead in the final round of the 1996 Masters

"I told Hord Hardin I was getting too old to play in the Masters, but he kept saying, Gene, they don't want to see you play, they just want to see if you're still alive." Gene Sarazen.

"The gap, it wasn't huge, but it was big enough, you know, for a ball to fit through." Phil Mickelson on his miraculous 200-yard six iron to the 13th from the pine trees in 2010, which finished 10 feet from the cup for a nailed on birdie

"I was still one shot ahead going into the 10th and then things went all pear-shaped after that." Rory McIlroy's blunt assessment of his infamous final-day meltdown in 2011

"It would've been better with my girlfriend, but that was the best we could do at the moment." Sergio Garcia on his embrace with Rory McIlroy after both put horrific front nines behind them to birdie the 12th

"That was my first double eagle ever, and to do it in a spot like Augusta, that's special." Louis Oosthuizen after becoming the first man to make an albatross at the second hole last year

"I didn't even get this far in my dreams." An emotional Bubba Watson reflects on his victory in 2012

"I was there earlier, during regulation, so I was used to it. I knew what I was facing there. I had a good lie, had a gap where I had to hook it 40 yards or something. I'm pretty good at hooking it." Watson on his miraculous approach to the 10th green in his play-off against Oosthuizen