Fog woe in Madeira

  • Last Updated: May 8 2014, 19:19 BST

Persistent fog meant the opening day of the Madeira Islands Open was abandoned on Thursday without a single shot being struck.

Some of the holes in Madeira were shrouded in fog all day
Some of the holes in Madeira were shrouded in fog all day

Play in the European Tour's 1,500th officially sanctioned event was due to get under way at 0745 but none of the 156 players made it out onto the course at Santo da Serra, which is more than 2,000 feet above sea level.

And the decision was taken at 1700 to abandon play for the day with the first round rescheduled for Friday.

Speaking shortly before the decision was made, tournament director Jose Maria Zamora said: "It is a very unusual mini ecosystem here at this venue and while many of the holes on the course further down the mountain are clear, unfortunately some are still under fog.

"At the moment there is no visibility at certain holes close to the clubhouse and so there is a large risk of lost balls. We have no choice but to wait and hope we get some consistent visibility."

Zamora later added: "We have abandoned play today because five of the holes have been unplayable all day due to the fog.

"Basically, 13 of the holes have been playable for much of the day but five of the holes higher up the mountain - one, nine, 10, 11 and 18 - have had no visibility all day.

"The decision to call it at 5:00pm was taken because the players have been sitting in the clubhouse for more than 10 hours and it looked like the fog was going to remain for the rest of the day. There is a point where the guys get tired so it's best that they get back to their hotels and start afresh tomorrow."