The Open Championship

  • Royal Liverpool July 17th - July 20th
  • Par: 72


Round 4 Concluded

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Open: Hole-by-hole guide

  • Last Updated: July 16 2014, 20:48 BST

We bring you a hole-by-hole guide for the Open Championship being played at Royal Liverpool.

The green at the 18th hole
The green at the 18th hole

Holes ranked from 1 (most difficult) to 18 (least difficult) based on how the course played in 2006.

1st (Royal), 458 yards, par four: A testing hole to start the round and one on which most competitors will be happy to secure a par. The tee shot has to be threaded between bunkers and the approach hit to a heavily contoured green which is 40 yards long and protected by a group of new bunkers. The hole is named after the Royal Hotel which housed Royal Liverpool's first clubhouse back in 1869.

2006: Rank 7

2nd (Stand), 454 yards, par four: A new tee has been built for this year's Open which adds 18 yards to the length of the hole. Four bunkers have been removed from the landing area but an accurate tee shot is still required to give the best approach to another heavily-guarded green.

2006: Rank 3

3rd (Course), 426 yards, par four: Usually the opening hole for the members, which must have wrecked many a card in the monthly medal. A daunting tee shot has out-of-bounds running all the way down the right-hand side of the fairway, which also comes into play on the second shot as the hole takes a 90-degree turn to the right. The swale to the left of the green has also been deepened.

2006: Rank 8

4th (Road), 372 yards, par four: A welcome respite after the trials of the previous hole, the fourth is the shortest par four on the course and presents a good birdie opportunity. The out-of-bounds to the back and left of the green is unlikely to come into play for competitors attacking the pin with a short iron.

2006: Rank 11

5th (Long), 528 yards, par five: Another good birdie chance presents itself on the only par five on the front nine. A good tee shot to the corner of the dog-leg will allow players to go for the green in two, although a new bunker some 310 yards off the tee lies in wait. A total of 205 birdies and 23 eagles were recorded here in 2006.

2006: Rank 16

6th (New), 201 yards, par three: The first par three requires an accurate tee shot to a long and narrow green which slopes from back to front and is guarded by bunkers on both sides. The deep bunkers to the left of the green must be avoided when the hole is cut on that side.

2006: Rank 6

7th (Telegraph), 480 yards, par four: The biggest change in terms of yardage since 2006 comes on the seventh, where a new tee adds 27 yards. The best tee shot is down the right of the fairway, but that also brings heavy rough and heather into play. Par will be a welcome score here.

2006: Rank 5

8th (Briars), 431 yards, par four: Picking the line for the blind tee shot will be crucial, with the fairway protected by gorse on the left and a bunker on the right. The green is surrounded by four bunkers but is a large target which could offer a good birdie chance.

2006: Rank 13

9th (Dowie), 197 yards, par three: A second difficult par three on the front nine, even though the bunker on the right of the green has been reduced in size. There is no bail-out on the left of the green either, with a gully waiting to catch errant tee shots and leaving a treacherous chip.

2006: Rank 12

10th (Far), 532 yards, par five: The back nine opens with a par five which was the second easiest hole in 2006 and will offer a good birdie chance, especially when played downwind to ensure the green is within reach in two. The cavernous bunker to the right of the green will be the place to avoid.

2006: Rank 17

11th (Punch Bowl), 391 yards, par four: A short par four which starts the stretch of holes which run alongside the Dee Estuary. The best approach is from the left-land side of the fairway to a green which has seen a bunker removed from the back but the ones at the front repositioned to encroach more on the putting surface. Tiger Woods made three birdies and one par here on his way to victory in 2006.

2006: Rank 10

12th (Dee), 447 yards, par four: The hardest hole on the course in 2006 produced 138 bogeys and 15 double bogeys. The bunkers on the corner of the dog-leg are likely to see a lot of traffic, leaving a difficult approach to the raised green which slopes markedly from back to front.

2006: Rank 1

13th (Alps), 194 yards, par three: The narrow green is set at an angle to the tee and requires an accurate tee shot, particularly to the back-left hole location. The only bunker on the hole is very deep and will cause problems when the pin is on the front of the green. Australia's John Senden made a hole-in-one here in 2006.

2006: Rank 9

14th (Hilbre), 454 yards, par four: A similar hole to the 12th and no surprise that it ranked the second most difficult in 2006. A new fairway bunker has been added to the right of the fairway and the approach has to be hit to a narrow green which sits at a slight angle to the fairway. Tiger Woods holed out with a four iron for an eagle two in the second round in 2006.

2006: Rank 2

15th (Rushes), 161 yards, par three: The final, and shortest, par three offers a good birdie chance, even though the green is protected by a total of five bunkers. South Africa's Richard Sterne carded a hole-in-one here during the second round eight years ago.

2006: Rank 14

16th (Field), 577 yards, par five: The longest hole on the course also played the easiest in 2006, yielding 27 eagles and 252 birdies. Three bunkers on the left must be avoided off the tee, while the approach has to avoid another three bunkers left of the green. Picking up shots here could be vital in the closing stages.

2006: Rank 18

17th (Lake), 458 yards, par four: A challenging long par four, particularly if played into the prevailing wind. Bunkers on either side of the fairway frame the landing area and more sand beside the long and undulating green makes for a difficult approach.

2006: Rank 4

18th (Dun), 551 yards, par five: The closing hole at Hoylake could produce a decisive swing in the outcome, with out-of-bounds all the way down the right-hand side of the sharp dog-leg. Bailing out to the left will leave a much longer approach to a green protected by five bunkers, while a new swale at the back left of the green has been created. The 'horseshoe' of stands around the green should create a superb atmosphere.

2006: Rank 15