Booth keen to cool row

  • Last Updated: June 10 2014, 14:18 BST

Marussia team principal John Booth is confident he can resolve the row between drivers Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi following their crash in Canada.

Max Chilton: Is protesting his innocence
Max Chilton: Is protesting his innocence

Both men blamed the other for the accident that unfolded at the turn three-four chicane on lap one which resulted in Bianchi smashing into one wall, whilst Chilton hit another.

The stewards deemed Chilton at fault as he has been handed a three-place grid penalty for the next race in Austria on June 22.

Chilton, who retired from a race for the first time in his F1 career after finishing all of his previous 25, felt the television feed offered a distorted view of what transpired. Bianchi disagreed.

However, Booth does not feel there will be any lingering animosity between the pair heading to Austria.

"We've not spoken to them as yet, but then I've spent a lot of years with emotional drivers on a Sunday, so I don't do that any more," said Booth.

"The first hour when a driver gets out of a car you are wasting your time speaking to them.

"So I'll wait for things to calm down, let them sleep on it, and then we'll review it at the factory some time.

"It'll be resolved internally and quickly because we are a strong team, and when we get to Austria we'll all be the best of buddies again.

"They're both smart, intelligent kids. They'll be fine."

The worst race in Banbury-based Marussia's history came just two weeks after the euphoria experienced from scoring their first points in the sport, with Bianchi finishing ninth in Monaco.

Booth was philosophical about what transpired, adding: "It's funny, but when it happened I wasn't particularly shocked. You are always expecting that kick in the nuts.

"It's like when you play golf. You have one great swing, think you've cracked it, but the next one goes in the water.

"The shame is, after watching the race through, I felt we could have taken it to Sauber, to have raced them. The pace was not particularly exciting."

With Marussia certainly closer to the mid-field cars in qualifying at such a fast circuit as the Gilles Villeneuve, Booth insists there was further cause for optimism.

"We were much more competitive than we thought we would be at one of our much weaker circuits, particularly when we are competing against some good power-trains out there," assessed Booth.

"There were actually a lot of positives that came out of the weekend. I know people say that, but I genuinely felt that."

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