F1 working groups revamp

  • Last Updated: November 7 2012, 10:31 GMT

FIA President Jean Todt is hopeful a restructuring of the F1's Technical and Sporting Working Groups will help the sport be more innovative and ease decision making.

Mercedes and Ferrari will be represented in new group

The groups will be replaced by a single Strategy Working Group, consisting of 18 members - Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes, Williams and the next highest team in the Constructors' Championship, six FIA representatives and six FOM representatives.

Currently decisions need a 70 per cent majority to be passed, but under the new structure a simple majority is all that will be required, preventing small groups from stopping change.

"The decision will be based on majority and no longer 70 per cent," Todt told Autosport.

"It will be a democratic and balanced organisation, which doesn't exist now. So for the FIA it is a plus.

"For me, it will be much more open to be able to change something. At the moment, with the way it is structured, you can never change anything."

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