Ecclestone: New Jersey GP off

  • Last Updated: October 19 2012, 10:20 BST

The inaugural New Jersey Grand Prix, scheduled for 2013, has been shelved for a year over ongoing construction delays.

  • Bernie Ecclestone: Has a vacancy to fill
  • The Manhattan skyline was to provide a backdrop to the race 

Plans were in place for the first race on the Weehawken track to take place next season, with millions of dollars being spent to transform 3.2 miles of city streets on the Hudson River waterfront.

Foundation work was due to begin in early autumn but is yet to get underway and engineering permits are still required before any work can go forward.

There are also concerns remaining over funding the project and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone said he had reached the end of the road in terms of waiting for organisers to get things sorted out at their end.

"It is not going to happen next year," Ecclestone said.

"If they came up with the contract with us and we were satisfied the question is could they carry out the work in six months? Winter in New York is not good.

"There's not a lot going on with New Jersey. They are still running around trying to get their finances sorted out. I think if suddenly they found the investors they would be okay. They are looking for investors."

Mayor of Weehawken Richard Turner admitted the delay was a logical step, saying: "I think it makes more sense to me."

The decision leaves Ecclestone with a vacancy to fill on the 2013 calendar, although there are reports that he is already in discussions over a Mexican Grand Prix.